#BlogBattle: Shield


#BlogBattle is a weekly short story/flash fiction challenge using a single word for inspiration.



One small boy, a busy road

His father runs,

throwing himself in front of his son

This is the great shield

Greater than Knights of old,

or Templars bold.

There are many ways

to shield that which is precious

Can there be one greater

Than to lay down your life for another?

I think not…

©Anita Dawes


#Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge…

Colleen’s 2019 #Tanka Tuesday #Poet of the Week & Honorable Mention(s), No. 142, “Character & Wild,” #SynonymsOnly


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Toy box


Hidden treasures

hands no longer play

Time trapped in an old chest

Why do we keep these old things?

When we have no time left to play

Too often life takes joy from our hands

Why is it so painful to throw away?

©Anita Dawes



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#Jaye’s Journal ~ Week 36


Jaye's Journal x12


What exactly is a coincidence?

“A coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection…”

“A coincidence is something that is not planned or arranged but seems like it is. Technically, a coincidence is an occurrence of events that happen at the same time by total accident.”


It doesn’t seem to matter what we talk about in our house, it can be on any subject but within a very short time we will hear or see a reference to it.

It could be an image we see on TV, or on a passing truck. Sometimes, someone will quote our words back to us while we watch a programme. I even find some of the key words of our discussion as answers or clues in my crossword puzzles.

It’s as if the Universe has joined in our conversation somehow…

Yesterday was the best yet.

We were working on Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge and the image prompt was a discarded bottle in the desert with what looked like a letter inside.  I had printed out the image so we could discuss the best way forward.

Literally, within seconds, Eamonn Holmes on the This Morning programme on ITV, started saying that the genie was out of the bottle!

We are quite used to these coincidences, but this one had our jaws dropping!

There are times when whatever this is, seems to go crazy, firing coincidences at us repeatedly. It usually involves a subject we would love to know more about and creates an avalanche where we will see and hear references to it for several days.

We have heard that synchronicity, a term originally coined by Carl Jung, is supposed to mean a meaningful coincidence that can only be explained by a phenomenon of energy, but what does it really mean?

Are these happenings really signs from the universe, confirming we are on the right track, but which track and what are we supposed to do about it?

Can it really contribute anything to the way we live our lives?


©Jaye Marie

Hidden box… #Poetry




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In a box hidden from sight

My mothers love letters

Have come to light

Written in 1944

A soldier’s heart she craved

Soft word written with

Such passion

Tear stained aged paper

Belies the woman who

Stands before me

Was it this lost love that turned

her heart to stone?


A Baby’s Cry… #Poetry




The sound of a new-born baby’s cry

Shakes the foundations of heaven

Angels bend the knee in wonder

Of this new creation, yet no wings I see

Why are we not replenished?

Like the children of earth

Why do our numbers disappear like dying stars?

Has God forgotten his first love?

Have these wingless creatures stolen His heart?

Hiding it far into the universe.

Does the cosmic joker tease His mind?

Like the snake in the garden of Eden

Into thinking He must make a new world

His temper having destroyed the first one

When the children of earth forgot to remember Him

In soft whispered words of prayer

Let them sing hallelujah to the new dawn

We will still be here, His forgotten love…

©Anita Dawes

The Road Ahead…




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This life holds the key to your next

Everything you think, say, do

Draws the new blueprint

Thing is, there is no way of knowing

What you are drawing

Are you dragging the past?

Like old baggage?

If so, let it go

Think differently, in order

To find that yellow brick road

Where you meet the dreams

You wanted in the first place…