Silent Sunday… First Day of Autumn…

Image by Jimmy Lau from Pixabay

A peaceful, quiet Sunday on this first day of October…

Thankful Thursday… #Patience

Thankful Thursday…

First thing this morning, I thought I would post a Thankful Thursday post today, for despite appearances (lol), I do have quite a lot to be thankful for.

Sometimes I wish there were a few more, but I am grateful, nonetheless.

The Veterinary nurse telephoned just after breakfast to report that Milo had a reasonably peaceful night and had managed to eat a little food. His temperature had come down a bit but was still considered too high. Because he was badly dehydrated, the blood test was inconclusive, and he hadn’t spent a penny yet, so they couldn’t test his urine. She reported that he seemed fretful and that they were hoped to send him home sooner rather than later.

No surprise there then, for as well as being a crazy cat, he could be stroppy too, so I imagine he hated everyone right now. Poor Milo, locked in a cage with a drip feed in his leg.

They still have no idea what is causing all of this, so I hope they make some headway before sending him home.

I began the usual morning sweep, website, emails, Twitter etc. Everything was fine until I reached Twitter. I refuse to call it X. It was as if I was in someone else’s account. Everything had changed, and I couldn’t find anything I recognised. I probably should delete it and find somewhere else, but nothing takes my fancy. Mastodon doesn’t appeal, and some of the others are linked to sites I don’t use. I quite like the sound of Threads, which links to Instagram, but when I tried to log in, they said my password was wrong. Not according to Instagram, it isn’t…

I moved on to Facebook, only to be met with the same problem. Wrong email address and password.

Now, I have a fair amount of patience, which, to be honest, is sorely needed when dealing with the internet, but this morning what little I had left, took to the hills and hasn’t been seen since…

So, what exactly am I grateful for?

Not Social Media, that’s for sure. But when I have exhausted my patience, I know I can walk out of my office and join my family in the living room.

Or I can switch off the computer and curl up with my book.

I can also walk out of my back door and stroll around my jungle of a garden; what more could I ask for?