Lives On…




Lives On…

The echo we leave behind

Lives on like background noise

There are those who hear the whisper

Against the silence of centuries

Like a thunderstorm, the crackle of lightning

Illuminating old life

Small details walking through fog

That unexpected footstep behind you

When no one is there

A returning moment we cannot explain

Conversation heard before

That strange Déjà Vu moment

Thoughts you know are not part of your thinking

That is the echo that never dies…

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Trapped… #Poetry




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Trapped under the ice

No one can hear you scream.

The sound you made, held

as if between two sheets of glass.

Melt waters carry it far away

To be heard as a distant echo

From a lost time.

A repeating pattern of cosmic design

Nothing is lost, nothing goes to waste

All held within the ticking arms of a clock.

We return, newly made to walk in the

same footsteps we made long ago.

Nothing escapes Earth’s gravity

It merely changes…

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