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Thursday photo prompt: Serenity #writephoto

Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a blue-lit landscape, land and calm water mirroring the cloudy, silver-lit sky.

Was it like this in the beginning?
When God said let there be light
And the light was good
So smooth, so full of wonder
As above so below
Let the magic keep flowing
Let the world be bathed
In beauty, peace, and harmony
Let each living thing rejoice
In its own way
Let serenity be the air
That we breathe…

©anitadawes 2020

Anita should be coming home from the hospital today… Yay!

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Keep it alive

What do you see # 45 – 31 August 2020

Ian Dooley- Unsplash

( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a sky full of hot air balloons in various colors. The nearest one shows a couple in the basket with an operator)

Some people say I have enough hot air
I don’t need the balloon part
To be up and away
How I wish that were true
I would fly home
Flip in through the open window
Like Peter Pan
Let a hundred hot air balloons
Sail on by
I am home, I am safe,
I am where I belong…

©anitadawes 2020

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge… #Etheree


This post for Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge was dictated to me from Anita’s hospital bed!

Image by JW A from Pixabay

Same walls
Days on end
Peace has vanished
The same sounds, low moans
no regard for the hour
seagulls cry outside my window
they cry for all the souls lost at sea
I hope I’m home before they cry for me…

©anitadawes 2020