The Other Love in my Life…


This is the first of many posts (I hope!) about the other part of my life that I love.


This particular tree is not one of mine but I wish it was. A gingko, one of the oldest trees in living memory and might have been here when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

As you can tell from the trunk, it is very old in this picture too. It can take a many human lifetime for any tree to end up with a such a trunk as this. The leaves too, normally quite large, have become smaller and match the proportions of the tree very well.

Someone has cherished and cared for this beautiful tree for a very long time and I would love to know just how old it really is. Probably worth a small fortune too, which rules me out of ever owning such a specimen.

In the coming weeks I would like to introduce you to other lovely trees, some of them my own. And also just what owning a bonsai really means…

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Silver Light… #Poetry



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My silver lady hangs safely among the stars,

Swimming through the firmament on her 28-day cycle.

Shedding her light upon the earth

Often she sits in the pale blue sky during the day

On dark nights, she brings romance and mystery

Often time’s shady dealings are done beneath her gaze

Yet for me, she is my lady bringing magic

A time of spells, for love and luck

She is known for inspiration, which all writers need

A friend since early childhood and remains so to this day

At 72, the years have been long. I whisper my thoughts to her

On nights when I cannot see her, still I whisper

As I know she is out there somewhere in the world

I believe she has stopped me losing my marbles

My mind as sharp as it was years ago

My friend ever watching me, my white ghost,

one I can never be afraid of.

If I have a problem or a question,

She will often answer with a solution.

In my teens, I would walk the streets late at night just to be with her

While she watches over me I feel safe. I know nothing can harm me

I know that it is said that the full moon brings madness

For me, her beautiful white light brings only joy

A feeling of someone who loves me, cares enough to send comfort.

Whenever the moon is missing from my night sky

I feel jealous of other continents where she shines

As if a lover has been taken from me, I await her return

When she arrives, I lie in my garden when the moon is full

I watch the clouds slide across her face as if powdering her cheeks

The coloured halo as she shines through a cloud

What secrets she could tell of days long gone

When Adam and Eve first made love, her light upon them

God turned his face away, sending them from the garden.

She was there when Noah built the Ark and when the pyramids were built

When Arthur drew the sword from the stone

What secrets she could tell of Stonehenge

Of Merlin, his wand pulling lightning from the sky to build Camelot

To summon Arthurs Knights to sit at the round table

She was there at my birth and seeped into my soul

Lovers swear undying love beneath her light

Artists and poets need her to lay colour on canvas, words on paper

Those who are lost find their way home

Her light shining a path beneath their feet

No need to feel lost or lonely, speak to her

I do, she holds all my secrets close and

Like Pandora’s Box, never lets them out again

They are secrets after all.

Some believe her to be nothing but a lump of hollow rock

I say they have lost their soul.

Scientists try to tell us she is nothing but a satellite

That appeared from nowhere, placing herself in perfect position.

They tell us of a time when the earth had no moon

Still, I say they are soulless, empty

They speak of the dark side of the moon as if there is evil there

I know there are dark and dangerous things in our universe

The moon is not one of them

There are many great wonders in our universe

Many more moons

Jupiter has so many I cannot count them

I feel the splendour, yet cannot fall in love at their sight

Saturn, with its beautiful rings, the stars

All fade beside our own moon

The new moon, fingernail moon, Hunter’s moon, blood moon

These are her many faces.

Those of us who have found a soulmate beneath the full moon

Will tell you nothing can compare with the magic she shines on us

For she is the Holy Grail, the Philosophers Stone

All the things people have searched for over a million years

Our moon puts old magic and new into the air.

I know there are those who use her power for the dark arts

The weak minded that have held onto life’s pain

Trying to get even with some poor soul with spells of darkness

There are those who would remind you

The moon has no light of her own, that she steals it from the sun

I say it matters not where she gets it from.

The light was the first thing brought into the Universe

Therefore it is good.

Where would we be without it?

Would you want to go back to a time when the world was dark

Hiding in caves, crawling around and jumping at shadows?

I for one would rather stand in the light of the moon a while longer

I know we would not be where we are without the sun

Everything is linked, the moon the shiniest of these links

She turns the tides, not only of the seas

She turns man’s fortunes, bringing fame and fortune

Prestige and position to those who seek it

I don’t care that the moon has to steal her light

To shine her magic on all of us.

Take a walk in the woods late at night, beneath a full moon

I dare you to tell me you feel nothing, no love, no magic

It is there. Wake up to it. Keep it with you when you leave the woods

It will help you face life’s troubles and find your own magic

Let it be the voice that whispers when you need it

Share it with others if you can, it will come back double

And be with you always

I found my magic when I was ten years old

Each night when the moon shines above me

I thank her for being there to watch over me and my family

I hope and pray that you find that one love to get you through this life

If I could, I would have the full moon shining outside my bedroom window every night

I bless the day I found her…


Ocean Light…




My bones lie beneath the light that touches the ocean

My soul trapped by the chains that bind my mortal form

Dead, yet not gone to rest, bound by chains to my weakened mind

I count stars at night, watch great ocean liners cross above me

I hear laughter from those on their journey

The occasion wreath thrown overboard, ashes float on the surface

Sun kissed flashing patterns, painted by fingers of sunlight

Why did I not notice these small wonders before?

Do flowers thrown overboard lead the dead souls onward

If so, somehow, I pray for someone to remember me

Someday throw a petal or two from passing ship to help me.

One single flower might show the way…


A Very Special Moment…




Merlin has been sitting on the desk with me a lot lately, so when he turned up again this morning, I simply stroked his head and went back to what I was doing on the computer.

He moved a little closer and I began to wonder if something was wrong. I studied him for a while, then gently put my hand on his head. He looked bright enough and his head and ears felt cool, so I let my hand slide slowly down his back. He looked up at me with so much wisdom and intelligence in his amber eyes and at that moment, I experienced a deep communication between us as our eyes met.

It is usually difficult to see Merlin’s eyes properly, as they seem to vanish in his black face, but for once I could clearly see him looking at me.

He stretched his head towards me until our heads were almost touching. I was sure he had something to tell me, but all I felt was such overwhelming sadness. Was it just his sorrow, or my own somehow joining together?

“You okay, Merlin?”

I had the strongest feeling he wasn’t, as I knew old age was creeping up on him too. I had seen how many times he missed the couch when a jump failed, and how he often stumbled as he walked around. I found myself wondering if he ever thought about how much time he had left, as I often did. The thought that neither of us might not last much longer brought tears to my eyes.

He stayed with me for a while and I with him, sharing something very special.

Two old souls, emotionally communicating on some deeper level.

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A Slip in Time… #Poetry




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I find myself lost in a wonderland and time

Wrapped in old magic, a kiss to the mind

To be lost in such a world is like being reborn

My heart knew this world to be free of darkness

Washed with strange things, the eyes seek to find more

Every fruit you have ever eaten, grown on one large tree

Rivers run with ever changing rainbow colours

Feathered friends whistle by, their metallic colours flashing

Flowers bow their heads in morning greeting

Rain falls around you, watering the ground

Nurturing this strange place

I see a house beyond the woods with diamond glow

Dare I knock, find who lives here?

My heart beats so hard,

I thought the occupant heard my approach

The golden feathered knocker lifted, banged down once

Before I could reach my hand to it

For a moment I believed the door opened by itself

For I saw only a bright light

I closed my eyes in silent prayer

Please let there be a friend standing there

On opening my eyes, my mouth flew wide

Her hair of gold like a summer corn field

Grew to her waist, her eyes a mixture of blue and green

Her smile welcoming, her beauty would wear no words

I seem to be lost, I said in a voice I hardly recognized

“You are exactly where you need to be.

Welcome, you are in time for tea.”

Would food be as I remembered?

I stepped inside and it feels like home…



#Writephoto ~ Choices #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Choices #writephoto



So small do I stand of soft grey waves

The gentle whisper of many voices as it reaches the shore

Choices I made washed out to sea

On my walk through to town I see



A strange gargoyle, face hidden by fingers of stone

Small brood of ladybirds paint empty eye sockets red

A gift of life to see through rose-coloured hues

I move to walk away, is that a smile I see?



To grey forest I walk to find one large ring doughnut tree

A small opening where I can see

Far more than lies beyond its shape

Tiny creatures dance with lanterns lit

Bird song joins in peals of laughter

I walk away as if from Celtic dream


Old snapshot found when I reach home

Blue sea mountains, lush green valleys

Pastures new, where I might roam…