‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge’ Week #25 Entry Part 4) #IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingPrompts #WritingCommunity

“Fiction in A Flash Challenge!”

by Suzanne Burke


Grandpa’s estate revealed a hidden room
Behind rows of ancient stories
Many of which I had read over the years
I wish I had discovered the hidden room
When I had spent time at grandpa’s
Now I cannot ask him about it
Why he kept first editions there I understand
The box of family secrets have left me feeling sad
Now I understand the strange hollow feeling
I have lived with for years
I have a family I never knew about
Their love and warmth
would have filled that hollow space
Why were they kept hidden?
Are any of them still living?
This is my task, to find someone
who belongs to me
that connects me to life to my grandpa
To find out if I belong here…

© anita dawes 2020

#Jaye’s Week …

Anita came home from the hospital after having the pacemaker fitted with a digital monitor, something that will be plugged in next to her bed to record her heart activity while she sleeps. This amazing gadget is linked to the hospital and can alert them and us in the event of another heart attack. It will also record if it has been called upon to restart or shock Anita’s heart back to a normal rhythm.

Knowing what to do when or if this ever happens, is extremely complicated, so the next home visit from the heart failure nurse will be full of questions.

And speaking of questions, there seems to be far too many answers now, none of which are helping us to know what is really going on at any one time.

In fact, we are more confused than ever as each doctor/person we speak to, seems to have a different explanation of what’s going on.

Anita is progressing, albeit slowly and that’s what really counts, isn’t it?

Ten days later, Anita began to have trouble breathing again, so it was back to the hospital to have her checked out.

It all seemed like the worst kind of Déjà vu.

Before the pacemaker was fitted, Anita was getting on well, doing small jobs around the house and even walking to town almost every day.

This simple procedure seems to have sent her back to how she was in the beginning, something she is not happy about!

They were very thorough with their checks, and everything was deemed normal apart from the fluid in her lungs, but no explanation as to why.

As the next lockdown starts, I am hoping to knuckle down and finally get cracking with the writing as my muse is getting so tired of waiting for me. 

I just wish she could learn to type!

Good luck to those of you who are taking part in NaNo this year!

Fiction in a Flash Challenge… @pursoot #IARTG

‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge’ Week #23 Entry Part 3)

Late October, tracking through Cornwall,
we found this beautiful gorge
It felt like walking through a rainbow
of orange, yellow and green
A magic lantern of colour.
Making our way to the bottom, in need of lunch
We discovered a hitchhiker two yards behind
A young girl, following us who sat when we did
we asked her to join us as she must be hungry
I waved my hands to call her over with no response
Leaving her to sit alone, I wondered about her story.
With the light fading,
we decided to make our way to the B & B
Reminding my partner
it was the second full moon of the month
Making it a blue moon for good luck.
Mike said it was warm enough
to sit outside beneath it and enjoy our supper
Picking up our bits and pieces we made to move
The scream behind us stopped our feet
The ground in front of us had crumbled away
We would have fallen to our death
Had the scream not stopped us
Turning, to thank the young girl for warning us
I could see nothing but the glow of evening coming in
Making our way safe to the B & B
I wondered about the young girl behind us…

©anitadawes 2020

#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community

It was my turn to tell a Halloween story
as we sat around the campfire
The stories before mine had been tame
And most were ready to call it a night
I picked up my knitting and smiled
Thinking of my story and how boredom
Would be the least of their worries
With each row of knitting, the tension grew
Made unbearable by the mysterious sounds
Of rustling coming from the trees behind us
When the screaming began, my story lost listeners
I cut the yarn, leaving the old branch it was tied to
To rot in the woods…

© Jaye Marie 2020

The South Downs… ~ #Poetry

The South Downs ~ Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay

As I walked across the South Downs
The moon walked with me
Later, much later, when the world turned dark
Moonlight kissed my face.
I felt some part of me lost to the light
The old silver light, sliding across small hills
Through trees, painting as Salvador Dali had done
A melting landscape, alive with shadows dancing
The land kissed with old magic
I felt it against my skin
The touch of an old friend
Whispering, come walk a while longer
Let me take you back
To a time you loved the best…

The South Downs ~ Image by Jonathan Hall from Pixabay

©anitadawes 2020

Chasing Clouds… #Poetry

Image by giografiche from Pixabay

This morning I was chasing clouds
Now I am watching them
dancing naked by candlelight
Six beautiful nymphs with golden locks
Soft music spreading through my mind
As large willows brush the water’s edge
Should I be spying on a scene from a fairy-tale?
Moving slowly, my bare feet touching water
Looking down, I could not see my reflection
The water clean, clear
Reflecting willow fronds, flickering lights
Dancing nymphs
Where am I?

©anitadawes 2020

Around the next corner… ~ #Poetry

Image by Genty from Pixabay

By the light of day if the truth be told
I fell through a wormhole into a strange land
Where a collector’s paradise I found.
Odin’s eight-legged horse, Sleipnir
Ready to let me ride upon his back
Old power shot through the reins
Images of a long-forgotten time
Lodged in my mind, a story to tell later
Arthur’s sword, buried in the stone
Dare I touch the hilt
Feel the magic of the fifth century
Run through my arm
Words cannot describe how this felt
Taking my mind on a journey
Where Lancelot kissed Guinevere
Destroying the peace of Camelot
The Round Table broken; the Knights scattered
Guinevere imprisoned in a Nunnery.
Laying my hands on the Holy Grail
sent my mind spinning
my body back to where I belong
2020 with more yet to tell…

©anitadawes 2020

Flying… another glorious poem from Anita…

Image by Pixabay.com


I run into a golden orb as the world holds its breath
Inside feels solid, ancient.
Despite my awkwardness, I move as one with the orb
Across fields, the roads with traffic flowing to and fro
I felt a strange comfort as we glide across the countryside
I no longer feel as if I am drifting alone
I am in the company of an old friend
The world outside sounds clear
I hear the wind alive with its own purpose
Colours vibrant, translucent, delicate as a butterfly’s wing
Birds flying by nod in some strange acknowledgement
Dipping their wings to one side
The way old fighter pilots used to do
How long I flew with my new companion
Was hard to tell, light outside still glowing
I felt a sudden sadness, my journey was about to end
I drop from the orb gently landing in a field of barley
I felt newly born into a world that has changed
My sadness came from the desire
 To have travelled through the night
To see the stars, how they might have changed
Maybe I can catch a ride tomorrow
Fly to the milky way and beyond
Who knows what magic lies around the next corner…?

©anitadawes 2020

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