Help around the Office?

Milo, choosing a pen. I hope it isn’t a red one!

Yesterday was Milo’s first trip to the vet.

We couldn’t have chosen the worst day for it as the outside temperature was – 4. The car looked as though it had been frosted, very pretty, but the doors were all frozen shut!

When we drove into the vet’s car park, we suddenly remembered the last time we had been there. I wanted to turn around and go home, but the memories flooded my mind and cancelled out all coherent thoughts.

Remember Merlin?

When our 18-year-old black and white fur baby took ill early last year, we brought him to this vet, hoping for the best. Sadly, this wasn’t to be, and we lost him that day.

The pain tried to come flooding back as we relived that terrible moment all over again, but we held on to our emotions, parked the car and walked into the surgery, aware that our tiny new arrival relied on us to do our best for him.

Yesterday was the perfect reminder of why we haven’t looked for another fur baby before, but in a way, we didn’t choose Milo. We think he chose us…

#Silent Sunday… A Time of Melting…

Image by experimentMR from Pixabay 

I am feeling much like this poor rose.
The relentless frost has wilted me too
I am having trouble keeping warm
I have watched the flowers and plants
in my garden end up like this
melting, like ice cream
on a summer's day


Mindlovemisery Menagerie #299 ~ #Challenge #Poetry

Feeling under pressure to adopt
Temporarily, a family from Ukraine
To offer warmth, heartfelt cuddles
To appreciate the pain and loss they are going through
To be thoughtful, when speaking about their homeland
I became a defender of the blue and yellow flag
A symbol of freedom
The right to live on the land their forefathers trod
I filled my house with rosemary, for remembrance...


Image by jhenning from Pixabay 

The Queen… #AcrosticPoetry

Queen Elizabeth II

Quick and light, she walked through our lives
Under dark skies she became our beacon of hope
Every ready to do what must be done
Ever a smile, a word of wisdom when needed
Never judging her subjects
Elizabeth, our queen, ready to do her duty worldwide
Little did she ask in return
Inside each petalled flower, love smiles back
Zephyr, a soft spirit wind that will blow 
             through our memories forever
After a while, we will greet our new king
Best monarch for over seventy years
Elizabeth, our queen has died, long live the King
Together, with his mother's hand at his back, he will rule
Holding all her values, all her thoughts in mind…


June BlogBattle: Scar ~ #Poetry

June 2022 Blog Battle

Ocean Deep

The scar I carry is not visible
so many years later it hurts
like carrying a suitcase full of rocks
It started with name calling
Then my chair pulled away as I sat
They threw things at me, homework got torn
Things got worse, the older we grew
too many things
I try not to remember,
The rocks on my back are enough
Over the years, 
some of the rocks have fallen away
Memory plays its part
Yet the scar is deep, like the ocean dark
I heard someone say, we adopt memories
If that’s the case, I wish I could give them back
To swim in a clear ocean
It took too many years hiding
Not until the day I met him, did I learn to smile
Some of the rocks fell away from my back
When children came along, 
the suitcase grew a great deal lighter
I keep one rock on the kitchen window sill
To remember every scar is not visible
I pray that my children grow up scar free
If not, I hope they learn 
to carry their wounds better than I did
I look in the mirror at years past
I see the rock that holds me to family
Life is good…


Broken Fields… #FlashFiction

I left my love in a broken field where no flowers grow.
This, written on a card with a red rose lying on top, I found on my doorstep.
Who left it or why means nothing to me.
I popped the rose in a small vase, dropping the card in my pocket.
I left for work and the who drove me mad all morning.
There are so many fields where no flowers grow.
The unknown author must have a place in mind.
Over lunch, the word ‘broken’ struck me, lodging itself in my mind,
until I came up with the graveyard.
That is the broken field where no flowers grow.
I am the ghost the rose belongs to…

© Anita Dawes 2021

#Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry

April 1: Flash Fiction Challenge

April 1 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a swift passage. You can take inspiration from any source. Who is going where and why. What makes it swift? Go where the prompt leads!

The red flame of life, love, spirituality,

the journey taken with friends

Has too swiftly been blown out.

The echoes remain, words, wisdom, and kindness.

They stay, like a pic and mix

Sending that strange thought to mind

Words written, that meant so much more,

Because of the space between

Reading the white space between her words

Feels like the sudden scent of a bowl of potpourri

Letting you know she doesn’t forget

The time spent with family, friends.

The journey forward may be swift

Her zest for life, too strong to prevent her

Returning for one more go…

© Anita Dawes 2021