Wednesday… #Poetry

I thought I would add a little normality before toddling off, so here is one of Anita’s acrostic poems!

Walking around in circles
Ending where you began
Deeper into madness
Nearer the dark side
Enduring the weight of
Sunday sinners calling, faces lit
Dark is the new light, welcome
Away now all fears, enter here
Young ones fool the hand that is offered...


Can I Have a Quiet Day?

Today, I thought we would try to have a quiet day. No dramas, no problems and definitely no worries.

I should be able to keep most of them at bay for just a few hours, don’t you think?

Start as you mean to go on, they say… so here is one of Anita’s lovely poems…

Milo just popped in the window to say hello, he still looks a little sad, don’t you think?

Still Silent… #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry #Rainbow #Memories

Image by Kanenori from Pixabay ~ Poetry by A Dawes

#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 336, 9/5/23: Synonyms Only ~ Quiet & Seek

A Little Bit of Fun…

Today, we are posting a little bit of fun from my sister. She gets these interesting ideas from time to time, usually hand in hand with her poetry.

Image and poem by ©AnitaDawes2023

Don't say a word
The Universe is listening
Traps will be put in your way
Keep your desires inside
Pit falls you will avoid
Don't speak your thoughts
People will get in your way...

The Creator… #Poetry

Image by Kanenori from Pixabay

The Creator

As I sail through the river of life
I see stars reflected
I wonder at the hand of the Creator
I see the wonder of the universe
written on the head of a pin
I wonder at the hand of the Creator
I see our world multiplied
each of us in our own universe
At times I see worlds brush 
one against the other
stories told, déjà vu spoken on the lips of man
something known that should not have been,
a helpful push by the hand of the Creator…