Time and Place… #Poetry



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Time and Place

I grew in darkness, forced into the light.

I did not choose these people

I hold my breath, hoping to go back.

They wait for my scream

to let them know I am truly here.

My body is fresh born, my mind older

than my parents from the nine months

spent with this woman.

I know she has lost all memory of her time before

Information that would be helpful to her life now.

She would not have allowed herself to become pregnant

She would have remembered.

I will leave before the age of seven

When my memory of past time will be lost to me.

I must continue my search for the woman who remembers

She will become my mother.

Her guidance will give my life true meaning

I will finish this life in a swimming accident.

My mother will grieve

She will have another child who will stay.

My mother knows I am coming

She waits. When next I leap

 It will not be out of time…


#Wordle 404




Hope is an invisible thread to nowhere

like walking through life with lead-lined boots.

There is no song to lift my spirits

my foundations are weak.

The cement is mixed wrong, it’s dry, ready to crumble

I don’t believe in tomorrow

there is no surprise waiting around the corner.

The gate is closed firmly behind me

there is no turning back.

I let the trials break my life, and I have nothing left.

My heart is too soft, I let myself be walked on.

I step inside a gipsy booth, reason escapes me

I am walking blind. I placed a silver dollar on her table

her voice is soft. Cards laid out, a mystery to me

I listen as she speaks. You have let too many people

take pieces of your life.

Your revenge was not sweet, it left your heart empty,

a river running dry.

There is time to show mercy, so you too can receive.

Start your life over, let hope carry you forward



#FlashFiction 99 word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry


May 16, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that goes in search of trees. It can be one particular tree, a grove, woods, or forest. What makes the tree worth seeking? Go where the prompt leads!


I don’t have to go too far to find a great tree.

It is in my garden, my beautiful gum tree.

Tall and magnificent, a small amount of wind

sets it swaying like a row of flamenco dancers

I can almost hear the roots tapping away

in time with the rhythm above.

Soothing and calming my mind.

I sit there often unburdening the misery

I have accrued over the last few days.

I know it listens, never judging.

The soft sway of its leaves above my head,

A blessing, a benediction.

Gentle giants, they are the air we breathe…


Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge… #Etheree


Colleen is still not back from her housing adventure, so this weeks poetry challenge will wing its way to her by magic!


have one


to remember

Sweet summer kisses

Running from sudden storm

Cave we found out of the rain

Emerald walls on Cornwall beach

Where salty kisses are still the best

How long will I remember yesterday…


#Writephoto ~ Wicker

Thursday photo prompt: Wicker #writephoto


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Twisted sisters

From willow branches, we three are made

Step inside our sweet embrace

We will take you to the gates of hell

Knock three times, receive what is offered

If you have not wet your pants by then

We will grant the wish that is in your hand

That is if you dare to let us see

Thinking nothing good ever comes from hell

On our return, remember this

The third one is the charm

That is me. No, it is me,

I told you, it is me. Now make your choice

Which one of us will free the wish you hold?

Only one can grant it well

The wrong choice will take you back to hell

Do not linger too long in our embrace…


May 9: Flash Fiction Challenge ~ Growing Old… #Poetry


May 9, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about growing older. It can be humorous, dark or poignant. It can be true or total fiction. It can be fine wine or an old fossil. Go where the prompt leads!



I don’t look in the mirror these days, because there is a road map where my face used to be.

Time makes strange marks on all of us, some you cannot see.

From my window, I have watched my neighbours grow old. Two that used to walk to town, now in wheelchairs. One used to pedal his bike everywhere, now uses a stroller.

We are shrinking back to childhood.

Others I have watched through nine months, waiting to produce new life. Now that same child walks beside her mother on her way to school.

 I watch life go by…


What Remains…




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What Remains

This once beautiful Abbey

stands lost, forgotten

Time no longer remembers

One lonely branch from the tree

reaches forward, touches the ancient stones

seeking remembered blessings

Forgotten souls lie in testament to footfall

that walked there long ago.

Unvisited headstones, their names faded

lost to the winds of time

Why do we not keep what is beautiful

built by those who went before us?

I would turn back time to see it

once more in its full glory

Coloured windows, sunlit,

throwing rainbows across the lawn

A sign, a promise long forgotten…


Helene Vaillant ~ Willow Poetry # Clear Sight…




Willow Poetry
Hélène Vaillant


This week, for the first time, we are writing a post for Helene Vaillant from Willow Poetry.  This amazing prompt insisted on being written about!



Clear Sight by Willow Poetry



Time Again

Tommy waits, half hidden from the world

As he has done for a hundred years

The river runs calm behind him singing

Of the ache in his heart to be seen

Find a family to bring him into being

One special pair of eyes to see beyond time

Past the tree, that hides what will be

Tommy has been lost for too long

His face cannot be seen

His tears flow like the river ever onwards

Today, for a moment, the river stills its wandering

As Annie, picnicking with her family, spies Tommy

Her mother watches as she stands speaking to the tree

Gently, she asks why. ‘I am playing with my friend.’

Annie’s mother could see only the tree

Thinking her daughter had found an imaginary friend

She was happy to let it be.

As Annie said goodbye, she had a funny feeling

Five years old, she tried to tell her mother

that her wish for a brother would come true

Annie’s eyes were the ones Tommy had been waiting for

There will be no need for Tommy’s tears now

Climbing into her father’s car, Annie turned

to wave to her friend who was no longer there

Time would tell Annie’s wish…