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It is the late 1800s. A young child is kidnapped by her tutor and secreted into seclusion, muted by terror. Will she find sanctuary, and her voice, before it is too late and she is silenced forever? Can anyone she risks to trust, truly protect her? What if safety is only an illusion and nightmares come alive?

As the child’s trail goes cold, Mark Monsey, police officer, remains haunted by it. In spite of little departmental support, he doggedly follows what clues he has. Crisscrossing the county from isolated lighthouses, estates, and groundskeeper’s cottages, to limestone caves, spooky cellars and dreary train stations, he becomes increasingly aware things are not what they seem and he is being deceived.

Can he find the truth, and will it matter when storm clouds and death spread faster than any of them can foresee?


Our Review

We first meet KayAnne Brisbane travelling on a train with Emilia, a delicate five-year-old child, a most mysterious beginning. How they came to be on this train is brought to us slowly by revealing flashbacks that explain KayAnne’s motives. She had been employed as a tutor for the child, but after six weeks, she was informed that her services were no longer required, as the child would be going to boarding school.

Unable to bear the thought of her fragile charge being subjected to this, she runs away with the child. But where were they going and what did she hope to find when they got there?

This book is written in an atmospheric style, reminding me very much of a hauntingly illustrated copy of Jane Eyre that I read years ago. Reading this story will break your heart, a compelling story of fear and pain, abuse and nightmare.

The horrifying suspense is there from the first page, turning like a corkscrew with your emotions. The harsh subject matter is somehow made worse by the powerful description and settings, but there is healing there too. You feel it slowly working its magic as you read on, all the way to the nail-biting conclusion…



She took a deep breath. She looked down at Emilia, who seemed fit to fall over with exhaustion. “We’ll be on the train soon,” KayAnne said, “and then you can rest some more, okay?” Emilia hung big eyes on her and said nothing, not even in a nod. She knew the child could use some reassurance.

She should tell Emilia where they were going, or at least tell her that all would be well … but she didn’t know if it will all be well, and felt unable to promise what might unravel. She could only put one foot in front of the other and hope beyond reason even as she dragged this poor child all this distance. What if what Emilia needed—what they both were desperate for—wasn’t there? Bereft of reassuring things to say, KayAnne just squeezed Emilia’s hand and prayed her own fear didn’t get communicated anyway…


About the Author

Na’ama Yehuda was born and raised in Israel, lived in Africa as a young child, and currently resides in New York City. A Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist with over 25 years’ experience, she works with children of all ages, teaches internationally, consults, writes, trains professionals, and loves it all. Writing is in Na’ama’s soul and children are her passion, as she aims to spotlight connection, communication, and attachment in development. She also thoroughly enjoys a good story, a good laugh, and a goodly bit of playfulness. One of seven sisters, and aunt (and grand-aunt) to many nieces and nephews, Na’ama is blessed with an amazing family. Goats and beaches never fail to make her happy, and she adores life, words, and the grace of connection. Author of both fiction and professional titles, she is always writing at least two things simultaneously (Yes, a sequel to “Outlawed Hope” is in the works, as is a book for young adults, and more). Visit her at: naamayehuda.com






Rosie’s #BookReviewTeam #RBRT Murder Undone by Robin Storey @RobinStorey1 #PsychologicalFiction



A husband murdered. Twenty years of guilt. A chance to undo her crime.

Wealthy socialite Eva Dennehy murdered her first husband Charlie because he was planning to leave her for his mistress. Even her marriage to kind-hearted Edgar can’t blot out her remorse or fill the gap Charlie has left in her life.

When Eva is offered the opportunity to travel back in time and undo her crime as penance, she accepts – what does she have to lose? Back in her old life with Charlie, her passion for him surpassed only by her torment at his infidelity, she is more determined than ever to prevent him from leaving her.

But Eva discovers a sinister side to Charlie she never knew before, and her plan plunges her into a world of crime and depravity. She soon realizes she has even more to lose this time around.

If you love complex, flawed characters, simmering tension and suspense with a twist of noir, you’ll love Robin Storey’s novel of jealousy and betrayal.


Our Review

Wealthy couple Eva and Charlie Dennehy had it all and on the surface, they seemed very happy. But deep down, Eva was tortured by Charles’ addiction to other women.

Rather than suffer the agony of him leaving her, she kills him, managing to make it look like a heart attack. She moves on, remarries, but cannot forget her love for Charlie.

Given the chance to go back and change the past, she finds her life worse than before. History had repeated itself and then some.

An unusual story, mixing an element of time travel into a murder romance, altogether fascinating in its complexity. The mix is well balanced, making it an interesting read about love, guilt and redemption.

I loved the main character, Eva Dennehy, she was so real and someone you could identify with.  Someone who is totally believable, even with her flaws.

I didn’t enjoy the depravity and squalor she finds herself involved with, but that was handled with a certain amount of sensitivity.

All in all, this story is deliciously dark and psychologically riveting, just the way I like them!


Robin Storey’s Biography

After many years as a freelance writer, I’m now hooked on fiction writing and love being an indie author. I live on the picturesque Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, where we complain if the temperature drops to below 14 degrees Centigrade.

I’ve written six books so far – comedy crime How Not To Commit Murder, romantic comedy Perfect Sex, an e-book of four short stories Comedy Shorts, noir romance An Affair With Danger, memoir Making The Breast Of It and my latest publication (May 2017) suspense noir A Time For Penance.

Although I’ve written in a number of genres, crime is the common element in many of them. I derive the most enjoyment from writing dark, gritty novels against a background of crime and criminals, as in An Affair With Danger and A Time For Penance, and future books will be in the crime/suspense/noir genres.

I’d love you to come and visit my website, Storey-Lines, http://storey-lines.com, and check out my blog. If you subscribe to my readers’ group to receive my newsletter on books, reading and all things bookish, you’ll receive a FREE e-book of my novel How Not To Commit Murder.

I’d also love to connect with you on my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/RobinStoreywriter

I’m a certified book nerd (too many books, not enough time!) and am a useful team member on quiz nights for the literary questions – but not much else. I enjoy hiking and chilling out at the beach, which is five minutes’ drive from my home. My partner and I completed the Camino Frances pilgrimage across northern Spain in October 2016. A life-changing experience I would highly recommend.

I don’t have any unusual hobbies or strange pets.



#FlashFiction 99 word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry





Yesterday I visited our Farmer’s Market

where I noticed an old man wearing a sign

Beware! God is around every corner!

So from now on, I am going to walk a straight line

I have no wish to bump into God.

I’m sure he’s looking for me.

Probably has a tin full of sins with my name on.

The worst one I can think of is using His name in vain

“Oh God.”  comes out of my mouth at least a dozen times a day.

I’m not saying it’s easy to keep on a straight path.

Corners are everywhere…


#Wordle 390 #Poetry




Wordle 390.png


Shoot for that star.

The one that carries your name.

Set your mind apart from others

believe in your own heart.

Take a chance on that shy promise

made long ago

to be true to what you believe.

Give credence to your dreams

let your thoughts fly.

Let them grow wings.

Let no one mar your journey

of self discovery…


#Wordle 389 History…









A chill wind swept through the church, the candle flames flickered

I prayed to swap places with my daughter’s tormentor.

How could my mother inhabit the mind of my shy twelve-year-old?

I hear her at night, speaking fluent German, a language she knows nothing about.

How had I missed the signal, the hints my daughter dropped?

Questions like was her grandmother German

My answer had to be yes, for I never lied to her.

“Did she beg to come with you when you left Germany?”

Too many things I had never spoken to her about.

My wife died in her sleep, I believe my mother’s hatred of her

or more, had something to do with her death.

It had been a tough decision to leave with my eight-month-old daughter.

How would I manage a small bundle and make a life?

I have, and will not let old hatred take it from me.

I lit a candle, telling my mother, “She is mine, you cannot have her.”

Maybe it was speaking my mother tongue after all these years

that inhibits the spectre, but my daughter no longer speaks late at night

in a language I never again want to hear from her sweet lips…