#TuesdayBookBlog ~Life and Other Dreams by Richard Dee @RichardDockett1

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What Amazon says…

One man, two lives. Which one is the reality?

Is he Rick, living on Earth? Or is he Dan, living in another time and place? Accused of a crime in one world, he’s stuck in the other. Where do you go when you dream?

Rick lives on Earth now, with Cath. His life is boring, writing adverts for cat food and exotic holidays. When he’s asleep, he lives as Dan, spending his time with his wife Vanessa. They live six-hundred years in the future, half a galaxy away. They’re explorers, searching for valuable minerals on Ecias, an alien paradise.

When the two worlds overlap, Rick starts to question what is real. Events in his waking and sleeping lives are mirrored, similar people inhabit both and coincidences mount up. Disaster strikes in each world at the same time. Dan is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, Cath thinks that Rick’s dreams are hiding an affair and leaves him.

Is Rick going crazy, or can he be living in two places, in two times, at once?

Will one life carry on when the other is on hold?

“Sci-Fi and psychological thriller fans are in for a treat.”

“a book you think about long after it’s finished and one that truly belongs in the upper echelon of sci-fi, “


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What do you see # 14- January 27th, 2020





Image credit; Flickr


Looking at the picture I wished I were Alice

Lost in Wonderland, drinking from the bottle

To shrink me to about ten inches

so I can live beneath the red mushroom castle.

Meet friends there that I could imagine

The king and queen of the woodland

would invite me in for tea

Ask me if I would like to stay

To be the daughter they had long wished for

Who wouldn’t want to lose sixty years?

Be sixteen again, live in Wonderland

The answer was easy…


©anitadawes 2020

#Wordle ~ 440 #Poetry


I told myself I could not fix the wrong in my life

don’t stand still, start walking

A blue shimmer of light from the woods

Caught my attention. Blink and the world changes

So I kept my eyes wide. A lone fox stared back at me,

dark black eyes full of knowing,

cunning, deemed me no threat, moved on

Standing so close to this wild creature

My heart felt soothed, touched by invisible balm

That’s when I decided to turn off my ring tone

Silence the world outside

I realised the blue light was fading

Trying to hurry towards it, I could feel magic calling

I caught the last shimmer, stood staring at a small pile

of white stones. One blue crystal lay on top

As I touched them, I felt a strange pump

to the beat of my heart as if something had tried

to kick start it into a new rhythm

There was nowhere for the light to have come from

Or know who arranged the stone there

I left the woods feeling glad a strange hand

had placed them there for me to find

Somehow, I knew a part of my life had been fixed

Magic, imagination, strange gift from the woods

I don’t care which. I felt mended

Ready to turn my ringtone back on

Meet the world head on

I would start by opening an account

For the Woodland Trust, by way of thanks

Maybe next year, check into a woodland retreat

I would put the kind of magic I found there

On the National Health, if only I could…

©anitadawes 2020

Dark Water… #Poetry


Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay


Dark Water

Standing on the edge of the abyss

Dark river below

Mind questioning

Do I, don’t I jump

See what lies on the other side

For a moment it was like flying

Before the dark water cradled my body

My mind caught in a vortex

Why am I not dead?

Am I to remain trapped?

In watery darkness for eternity?

Did my soul take the leap?

Is my body standing, looking over the abyss?

Can each live on, separate

Is my body empty of all it once knew

Will my soul journey on?

Learn more than the world knows today

Will I come back to my body with new ideas?

Changing myself, the world I will then inhabit

Would it be better to remain?

in the soft womb like darkness

Free from pain, decision

If I am to know, I must fight my way back…


Coming Soon… Grinders  by  Craig Boyack @Virgilante

Announcing a new release from the master of speculative Fiction!

Over to you, Craig…


I’m here to reveal my newest cover and talk a bit about Grinders. This time, I’m tackling a cyberpunk world. It’s one of those worlds where the Internet and being connected too much controls our lives.

One of the things I like about science fiction is the ability to project current events into the future. I call this, “Poking things with a stick.”

I poked a lot of things in this book, but most of them are in passing. Some of them show up in advertisements, which are invasive in this world. Others might just be a news blurb. There are times when I dive a bit deeper, and not everything is negative. Here is a small list of things that show up in the story:

  • Global warming
  • Plastic pollution
  • Helicopter moms
  • Cyber shut-ins
  • The energy crisis
  • New ways for package thieves to operate
  • Police who can’t carry guns until they are five-year veterans
  • Homeowner associations

There are a lot more, and most of them are pretty subtle. Cyberpunk is not known for deep plots, but I wanted one anyway.

Grinders is set about a hundred years in the future, in San Francisco. The main characters are cops assigned to the Grinder Squad. This is the duty nobody wants, and you almost have to screw up to get this assignment.

Grinders exist today, but I ramped them up for this story. These are people who surgically modify themselves, or each other, in basement surgeries, beauty salons, and tattoo parlors. Real world examples are those who implant chips under their skin to allow themselves to unlock doors or start cars without a key. There has even been one who injected dye into his eyeballs in an attempt to see in the dark. In that example, it actually worked but the results were temporary.

My story involves the downside of these modifications, why they’re illegal, and most of them are a bit more extreme than the real world versions. For example, you’ll meet Brandi, who has moth-like antennae implanted into her forehead. They aren’t just cute, they allow her to taste virtually everything. She’s almost like a bloodhound, only using the sense of taste.

Grinder Squad rarely ever does anything, but the new girl on the squad, Jimi, wants to bust a grind shop in the worst way. She feels like it could be her ticket off this crap detail and on to better duty.

One of my silly goals was to release the book in time for Chinese New Year. I’m not going to make it. I still need to finish my final pass, send it to the formatter, and get my promotional posters. It’s going to need a blurb, too.

I targeted this date because in the story, it’s the Year of the Rat. An important part of the story takes place at San Francisco’s annual parade. There are even a couple of rats in the story that play a pivotal role. Aside from that, I was born in the Year of the Rat.

Readers won’t actually care about my silly target date, and it’s more important to give everything the final polish. What I did get in time was cover art. So Gong Hei Fot Choi, everyone, and enjoy the cover. The story will be available before you know it, and I’ll announce that on my blog.


We are really looking forward to this one, for the story is unbelievably imaginative. That’s always the case with Craig’s work, so I recommend keeping your eyes peeled for news of Grinders release. I know we are!


Summer Days… #Poetry


Image by Pixabay.com


Summer Days

Battersea Park

My childhood playground

Boating lake, paddling pool

Splash and laugh all day

Buy a bag of chips

On the way home

Wrapped in newspaper

that did not stain your hands

making the chips taste all the better

treasured moments now

I remember them too often

Wishing I could turn the clock back

For just one day…

©anitadawes 2020

#Memories… #Poetry




Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay



Children’s empty playground

Swings, roundabouts

Shiny metal slide to hot to slide down

Do I dare go inside?

Swing awhile, remembering

Old summer days when we had

all the time in the world before us

My long-lost school friends

Are they there beside me?

Do I see the empty swing moving?

Or is it my own vibration

that moves, ghosts remembered…

©anitadawes 2020