Silent Sunday…

Image by Peppi2017 from Pixabay

I am thinking of changing the name of these Sunday images,

for these lovely, playful horses don’t exactly say silent, do they?

Wishing everyone a very happy Sunday, whatever you want to call it…

Jaye and Anita

The End is Near…

The new me seems to have acquired a deadline.

I have recently discovered that coming to the end of writing the end of your WIP is a fascinating experience, although in some respects, quite sad too.

This is a new feeling for me and surprising, for I am writing my sixth book!

All I remember about finishing those was an immense feeling of relief. I wonder why I feel differently about this one?

But I digress…

Creating a satisfying ending for all the characters you have come to love (or not!) involves some serious decisions. Will they walk into the sunset, happy and fulfilled, or will they face a difficult ending, one they didn’t see coming?

As a writer, you end up being judge and jury as you decide their fate. I love being in charge, all the creation, the character development, the sadness and the joy.

Each story I write will be totally different to anything I have done before, even if the genre is the same.

Different people’s lives and situations, all living and breathing and all under your control.

Being a writer must be the best job in the world!

All this productivity is having a knock-on effect on everything, and although I welcome all this mental activity, I am having trouble understanding why I end up with so many more plans than those I started with. Usually, having nothing to do with what I am doing at the time. So much for not having so many irons in the fire!

Finishing one job lands me among all those ghosts of other projects I either made a mess of or have completely forgotten about.

My mind does try, bless it, to think along dual idea lines, and I have had serious talks with the muse, to stop cramming my head with so many ideas, to at least wait until I finish one!


The Weekend is here…

Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay

We have been looking forward to the weekend, regardless of the weather forecast!

Time to close the office, take several deep breaths and walk outside while the sun is still shining!

I might take a notebook with me, and I might even open it, but I might be too busy relaxing to bother…

Enjoy your weekend, peeps… and we will see you on Monday!


My Day of Freedom…

My first glimpse

They say you should be careful what you say out loud, for Fate is listening, and she is very fond of playing games.

Say how happy/well/good things are going and you can kiss goodbye to all of it!

I really enjoyed my day by the sea yesterday, but somehow, everything that came before, the progress and all that wonderful enthusiasm seems to have vanished in a puff of smoke, and I’m back to square one.

Although, after all that sunshine and glorious sea views (and ice cream) I’m not so sad about it.

Everything about yesterday was perfect. The journey down was so relaxing. I sat back and watched the world (at least this part of it) sail past the car window. I smelled the sea long before I actually saw it, and the first glimpse of all that sparkling sapphire water had my heart and soul soaring.

The family couldn’t get any response from me for ages as I just stood and stared and took it all in.

The best bit!

Speed boats crossed in front of me, and several people were sunbathing on surfboats, floating on the sea. It was early, so not many people were about, just wonderful.

They said it would be very warm, but there was a lovely cool breeze from the water, so it couldn’t have been more perfect.

We were all a bit subdued when we arrived, for I wasn’t the only one who needed this break, but by the end of the day we were laughing and joking just like old times.

One thing is for sure, we really must do this again, and soon…

All the Fun of the Fair… #Poetry

Hurry now to see the clowns
Your day has started
Popping candy, candyfloss waiting
Over the fence, under the tents
Clowns painted faces made
Happy laughter
Oversized shoes tripping up
Nearer the tunnel, the dragon waits
Dive in to the train about to start
Riding through the dark, horror touches
Inside the cobwebs stick
Arriving outside, the sun still shines
Counting down the hours
     To take the goldfish home…


No Excuses…

Image by Eveline de Bruin from Pixabay

Yesterday was my best day so far this year.

The sun was out in full force, and a gentle breeze diluted the unexpected heat. The perfect time to catch up on all those jobs that have been waiting for me…

And best of all, working with my bonsai and the new seedlings really did me good. Somehow, I stopped worrying about everything, my mind freewheeled and I relaxed, probably for the first time in ages.

Consequently, I feel decidedly odd in the office today. I keep looking out of the window, knowing where I would rather be. But, there are jobs that need me indoors and there will be family cooking later on today.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!


What a Difference a Week Makes…

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

What a difference a week makes…

Last week was full to the brim with enthusiasm, goodwill and progress of a kind not experienced in a while.

This week should have been more of the same, at least if I had anything to do with it, seeing how it was my birthday on Monday.

A glorious day, with all the family, masses of flowers and so much happiness and laughter, finishing with a Chinese feast!

Yesterday, I couldn’t get going. You would think all that good cheer would have followed me, wouldn’t you? But apparently not. I tried to go through the motions, fake it until you make it and all that, but it wasn’t happening.

I decided to clean the windows.

I am a bit weird like that. Stop me from doing what I want to do, and I am just as likely to do something completely different. Usually, something that will always welcome my attention. I don’t normally volunteer for housework, being my least favourite occupation. Things get done, eventually, with a minimum of enthusiasm.

Then the TV started playing up, refusing to allow the simplest of directions. Anita watches a lot of TV these days and needs an efficient service. Two reboots later with no noticeable improvement, it was clear something had to be done.

I picked up the phone and rang Sky.

What happened next you couldn’t make up. Our living room turned into one of those comedy sketches as we tried to follow the instructions relayed to us over the phone. These involved the landline and my mobile phone/camera. Sky needed to see what we were complaining about, what the TV wasn’t doing. I know, it sounds crazy.

At one point, I had a phone in each hand, trying to remember which one I was talking to, and which was taking the pictures. When I was asked to work the tv remote too, Anita had to step in as I had run out of hands (and a lot of my patience)

What happened next was hilarious, and I must congratulate the poor woman at the end of the line. Listening to the pair of us trying and failing most of the time, to follow her barely understood instructions, or keep the camera steady or pointing at the TV, she must have wished to be somewhere else. I couldn’t hear her laughing, but we were!

Then, I was instructed to run into the office to photograph the broadband hub. Why I couldn’t have simply pressed what I thought was the right button is anyone’s guess. For nearly an hour, we were running around like demented idiots, but what we managed to do, among all the false starts and mistaken responses, somehow worked. Huge sighs of relief all around, I couldn’t wait to put the phone (and everything else) down.

As the woman got ready to sign off, she casually mentioned that we were eligible for a FREE upgrade on our subscription as our equipment was way past its sell by date.

I listened carefully, naturally suspicious, expecting there to be a trick somewhere, but it seemed genuine. You never know when Fate decides to be kind, and God knows it doesn’t happen often, maybe this week won’t be a total waste after all…

Off to rescue the rest of the week!


Finding the Joy!

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Finding the Joy…

Every morning, without fail, I switch on the computer and systematically clear my emails, mostly spam. My day would not be right if I didn’t do this. Usually, I don’t have loads of rules, preferring to do what I like, when I want, but this one thing is a must-do job.

Then I log in to our website on WordPress.

I read and answer any comments and then turn to the Reader List. It can sometimes take me over an hour to read them all, but I love every minute. On any particular day, I can communicate with many people, new conversations or ongoing ones—so many discussions about such varied subjects from people all over the world.

When we began blogging over ten years ago, we never knew that it would grow into this huge, wonderful club where we can smile, sigh, laugh and cry, all in the space of an hour.

We marvel at the fantastic images and artwork, share in the joy of writers finally getting a break, share the sadness of losing either people, pets, or sometimes their minds (more common than you might think) and laugh at children’s antics and animals alike.

These lovely people have become our extended family, a family that shares their lives, loves, and sometimes, even their limitations.

We began blogging to help further our writing careers, but somewhere along the way, it has become so much more than that…

We have been trying hard lately to be more organised, to find ways to stop life from getting in the way of everything, but it continues to beat us or find ways to slow us down.

There are days when I wish I could say okay, you win, and crawl away like a sensible old lady. Not happening. There is still so much I want to do; in fact, the list seems to get longer every day.

I hope it’s just my imagination, but I seem to be getting slower and shock horror! I am making more mistakes than usual. There have been serious errors on the WIP, bad enough for me to want to scrap it and start over. But I didn’t.

Being stubborn usually saves me so much work in the long run, not that it helps me much these days. Now that I am a part-time carer and head cook and bottle washer, and apparently, the only one who knows where the saucepans live, time is getting a lot harder to stretch.

I will continue to stretch it until it screams, for I thoroughly enjoyed my recent weekend writing retreat. Apart from writing up a storm, the sense of calm and purpose was very welcome. I must do it again, and soon!


A Brilliant start to the Week! #Poetry

We’re back!

I managed to switch off the computer and my worry machine over the weekend. My fingers ache from all the writing I have done, but I am so happy with the results of my first writing retreat. This may be a regular thing until I finish this work in progress.

This year started crazy and has continued to challenge us all. I lost my way with writing, to be honest, I didn’t think I could turn it around.

Somehow, I found a store of better determination, and I’m delighted! I even found time to plant seeds and cut the grass!

I managed 3000 words this weekend and came up with ideas for two more books while I was at it. Not sure why this happens, but so glad it does.

We are kicking off the week with another one of Anita’s incredible yet crazy poems. She may not be up to any long walks yet, but her brain is still working properly. Yay!

This brilliant acrostic poem is actually three poems in one. You can read each font separately, or as one poem.

God V Lucifer… #Poetry


I wiped the night from my eyes

wondering about the conversation running in my mind


God was talking to Lucifer


‘I am coming to yours for that game of chess…’ he called to Lu

‘Mister G, you bring the beer, I’ll warm up the pizza oven…’

‘I’ll be right down. What shall we play for this time?

Do you need another tyrants head for your collection?’

‘That would depend on what you want if you win…’

‘I want them to find the truth about Atlantis

after you sank it. They have been looking long enough.’

‘Done, Mister G, one thing, dull down your ‘I know everything,

I have turned down the heat.’

‘I noticed, Lu. Good of you. No making up the rules as you go,

like the last time. That trick about the minotaur.’

‘You make it sound as if I have no rights about the losses you caused me…’

‘Like the islands I took the time and trouble to make

Not easy getting volcanoes to erupt.’

‘Before we start, you haven’t said what you want if you win, not that you will.’

‘Now, that’s fighting talk. I am thinking of creating a new myth.

They haven’t had one for quite some time.

You could spread the rumours for me, plant the seeds.

It might be a bit dark, right up your alley.’

‘Done,’ he said. ‘Next time, I’ll come to yours.

It will be good to visit home again for a while…’