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Losing trees, Japanese Maple

Brian VFJapanese Maple, Losing Trees May 8, 2021 1 Minute

Almost, anyway. The aggressive wiring, followed by exceptional freezing conditions in January 2020 resulted in a disastrous year for this Japanese Maple. Here it is in December, 2020, as most of the leaves have fallen:

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God’s Fingers…

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I had been walking for a while, and it seemed like a lifetime.

The woods all around me were quiet, almost brooding in the gloom. Weak sunlight struggled to find a way through the dense canopy above me.

The damp air smelled old, musty, full of life lived. Life that lingered among the trees, much like me today.

How much further had I to go?

The rambling, overgrown path seemed to indicate the way to go, but was it the right way for me. Would it lead me home?

I needed to rest awhile, more to determine my future if this path was yet again the wrong one for me, so I found a mossy bank with a friendly tree to lean against and made myself comfortable.

Did I want to leave the peaceful security of these woods, take the obvious path and take my chances?

I knew that this path was possibly the wrong choice, the last of a long list of mistakes in my life.

I looked around, hoping to see a better way, but the woods intended to keep their secrets. The filtered sunlight was making me sleepy – maybe I could postpone my decision for a while…

© Jaye Marie 2021

Another Fascinating/Unusual Bonsai Post…

Just a plain old willow leaf ficus…

Here’s an example of a little tree that you might run across easily, at a retail store or maybe your club’s raffle table. Hell, I’ve seen them at Walmart before. It’s a willow leaf ficus, Ficus salicaria (often misnamed Ficus nerifolia, F. Salicifolia, F. Subulata, et al).

This one happens to be a root cutting , meaning the “trunk” used to be a root off a larger tree that was chopped off during a repot, saving the smaller hair roots, and planted in its own pot.

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Another Nebari Bonsai lesson…

Bud pinching Japanese Maples

Brian VFDeciduous, Japanese Maple April 17, 2021 1 Minute

In the spring, with healthy Japanese maples, bud-pinching is a common technique to keep internodes short on refined trees. It is a simple procedure, and needs to be performed about daily as Japanese maples are waking up in the spring.

The earlier you can identify the 2nd node and remove it, the shorter the internode will remain. In this example, I’ve waited about a day too long, but it helps illustrate the process.

Here is the extending new shoot:

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Hawthorn winter pruning and wiring

Brian VFDeciduous April 10, 2021 3 Minutes

This hawthorn has grown rather slowly over the last few years, and I attribute it (right or wrong) to my increased use of fungicides. Regardless, over the last few years, I have let it mostly grow, and now it’s time to sort out what it’s done.

The tree has a tendency to throw upward- and downward-growing shoots at junctions. It makes the tree look more ramified than maybe it is, but time to clean it up.

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A journey with small trees with

Olive (Olea europaea, var. ‘SanFernando’)

0 Written by dkinzey

I have been working on this olive since July, 2011. To see a progression of its development from 2011 to early 2019 see

February 21, 2021:
The tree today.

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Another Interesting Bonsai Post from Nebari Bonsai…

Bending with rebar

Brian VFJunipers, Kiyozuro, Styling March 27, 2021 2 Minutes

Sometimes wrapping a branch or trunk with wire doesn’t have enough holding power, and using rebar as an anchor point for guy-wires is more effective.

This is my Kiyozuru Itoigawa, purchased from Chikugo-en in L.A…which, from all I have been able to find, is the origin of the cultivar in the US. I bought it to have the cultivar, but wasn’t enamored with the trunk. It has a nice twist at the base, but then straightens out. The yellow line is the area where things get pretty dull.

It has been container-grown and according to Gary Ishii, it was 25-30 years old when I bought it. Growing slowly in a pot means the trunk is stiff with dense wood. Therefore, wiring the straight portion isn’t really an option.

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Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Photo Challenge #359

Brooke Shaden

I have been planted deep inside Mother Earth

Hard fingered roots hold me down

Until I am ready to be born again

I am here to learn about the network

of living thoughts, we walk on each day

The ground we take for granted.

One thing I found fascinating,

Is the whispering to one another,

Their roots alive with information we will never hear.

I will not remember the things I have heard

Warnings of global disasters whisper beneath our feet

Their roots stretch far and wide

Beneath concrete pavements, under great buildings

Listening to the world above

Wishing they could do more than give us oxygen…

© Anita Dawes 2021