#writephoto — The Prodigal Son

This, That, and The Other

After Richard graduated from high school, he realized that, unless he followed in the footsteps of all the males in his family for generations, he had no prospects for employment in the small company town in West Virginia. He could not abide by the thought of working in the coal mine, the town’s only real employer for able-bodied young men.

Richard’s departure had been sudden and unexpected to all but himself. Even though he didn’t know where he would go or what he would do, he did know that he needed to embark on his journey of self-discovery. And so Richard quietly packed up his meager belongings and disappeared before dawn one morning.

He figured that no one would miss him. He was, after all, a loner. He had few friends and even his parents complained that he had been a cold, aloof child. He was never quite sure if…

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Friday – JohnKu – AKA TGIF

Fiction Favorites

“So it’s Friday Lucy. What should we do?”
“How about what we always do.”
“What’s that?”
“Run around like a couple of nut cases and then take a nap.”
“Works for me. You ready? I’ll give you to three.”

Well, here we are, starting day three of the new administration. As I float around the blogs, I see some of those who worked themselves into a frenzy regarding Trump are now writing hate-filled posts about a few in Washington who have a question about the new direction.

I have to wonder why the name-calling and vitriol on these blogs. I was personally looking forward to seeing that kind of behavior stop once Trump was gone. The continued hate-filled sentiments against anyone who is not in favor of the current administration’s expressed plan is exactly what President Biden asked us not to do. Come on, folks, Trump’s team was defeated. Give…

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#Writephoto ~ Returning ~ #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Returning #writephoto

Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a solitary figure on a rocky ledge, holding a staff and silhouetted against a pale sky.

I stand still under dusky twilight sky
That in-between moment
The breeze is soft, slow
There is magic in the air.
I feel the rocks beneath my boots
I cannot remember how long I have been walking.
I have lost track of the part or me that made me tick.
This walk, I hope,
will help me find the part that we call life, hope.
This will not be my last journey.
As I wander, I talk to myself.
It helps to smooth the sharp edges of my mind.
It prevents me from disappearing.
I wonder where she is now, my better half.
She has left footprints across each heart she touched.
A badge of friendship that time cannot erase.
When death comes softly, hold up your hand
against the moisture it leaves on the air
Let it not touch your lips to speak of ill begotten fate.
Life is a giant puzzle, some pieces slip away
Yet the beauty of time spent together remains…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ #Poetry

Wordle #223

I felt my mind link with another.
I had become two.
A strange thing from a haunted story book
The design of a mad scientist
Their thoughts embed, become irresistible.
I dive into this new being.
A chance to become someone different.
More exciting than myself alone
I am grateful for the adventures that lie ahead.
I place my new rose quart necklace around my neck.
Feeling positive that love will find me today…

© Anita Dawes 2021

MarySmith’sPlace ~ End of treatment – Cancer diary #20

Mary Smith's Place

Wednesday, 20 January: I find it quite mind-boggling it is twenty weeks since I started posting these cancer diary updates. That’s almost five months. When I posted the first one it was with the knowledge I would have maybe seven months to live if I chose not to have treatment. Without treatment I’d have maybe a couple of months left – but I don’t know how many more the treatment may have bought me. Cancer and uncertainty go hand in had.

When I posted my update last Monday I had only six more radiotherapy sessions left. Even as I crossed each one off the printed schedule the final session never seemed any closer.

Before heading off for radiotherapy last Tuesday morning, a quick look at my blog post had me in tears at the messages of support and good wishes and love from so many people from all around the…

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The days of freedom…


The days of freedom…

Yesterday was the first warm days of Spring. I opened the doors and I opened the window.  I allowed the air of Spring to re-fresh the house. I took the grandchildren to the park and I watched them run, run and run some more. I know our children are just children, just for a second. We must allow them to know the sweet days of freedom. Show them how to dance with the wind, sing songs to the sky and laugh at the disappointments.
Us mentors, grandparent, we are the mentors of the future. We must teach the children to dream a thousand dreams and to wish upon the first star of the night, teach them to be kind to each other and teach them, better to have many friends than being alone.

A beautiful Spring day, me and the grandchildren saw the first flowers of…

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