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morning libation
honey embalms the moment
for waking dreamers
caught in eternal amber
time yet drinks the wine of life

The sun rises over sea and field, winter and summer, seen and unseen behind the veil of clouds, turning all it touches to gold. I think of Midas, the king whose desire for riches caused him to kill the thing he loved most with his golden gift. When they found this tomb, there were traces of honey-wine in his feasting cups… even his drink was made of gold, but his legendary power could neither give life nor ward him from death.

The sun too can bring bounty or destruction, but here it brings only life and light. I drink in the morning, tasting sunlight and dew on my lips. That moment outside of time, poised between day and night, I live forever.

For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Anita thought our books needed a bit of an airing!

Simple is another one of Anita’s books, written in the same West Virginian theme as Bad Moon. The story of a backwoods family and the way they treat their mentally challenged son, Ethan. Or Simple, as he is called. A story of love and caring, of living with fear and brutality; and how the love of one person can make a difference.

excerpt from Simple…

Gran stormed across the clearing, bending to pick up a stick from the ground without breaking her stride.  Simple, sitting against the wood pile, was in for another of her beatings.  I yelled for him to run, but he didn’t hear me.  Lost in one of his daydreams I guessed.

I watched in silence as Gran repeatedly swung the stick hard against the side of her son’s head.  There were no words to describe Simple’s pain, or the pain of watching.  He probably didn’t even know what it was for and I hated her for making me feel all the things he couldn’t say. He didn’t move or look her in the face, not until she let the stick drop from her bony fingers did he feel safe enough to close his eyes.  He slowly put his hands to his battered head, blood pushing its way through the gaps in his dirty fingers…


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HERE ARE YOUR WINNERS! Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest (Oct 2017)

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Are you excited to see who won? You should be. It was CRAZY hard to determine the best story out of so many amazing entries.

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed 2

These were GOOD stories, gang.

Really good.

And the fact is, on a different day or in a different contest, ANY of these finalists stories could have taken the top slot.

I know you wanna get right to who won, and some of you are gonna scroll down to peek (I would), so I’ll go ahead and say the stuff that ought to be said – for when you scroll back up.

dan your humble (and very tired) host

How difficult is it to look at tons of stories and figure out which one is THE BEST?

I spent hours and hours looking over the stories, seeing which one stuck out from the crowd, which one took the #1 spot – until…

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The vindictive blog…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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When summer comes and we are all supposed to be otherwise occupied with sun, sand, sea and yet more sun, it appears that the WordPress gremlins take advantage of our absence to play. Being British, you can take ‘sun’ and ‘more sun’ out of that equation, which is probably why I have been noticing the odd little tweaks, trials and anomalies around here lately. It is either WordPress playing again or my blog has developed a vicious streak of its own.

As I am certain that after all the complaints about ‘improvements’ the Happiness Engineers would never sneak something appalling up on us behind our backs again, I can only conclude that the blog has some sort of grudge and is extracting a mean and sneaky revenge.

It started by swallowing a horde of followers. They just disappeared. Not, I hasten to add, because my content had so appalled…

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It’s A Girl!

Eliza Waters

IMG_8836The first of the monarchs (Danaus plexippus) I have been fostering on my kitchen counter this past month hatched today and it’s a female. Like any proud parent, I think she is perfect and beautiful! I feel hopeful for her future, but it will be a long road for her, fraught with obstacles. After fattening up on coneflower, Joe Pye weed, zinnias and other favorite flower nectars, she sails 2,500 miles to the Michoacan Mountains in Mexico.

Overcoming human activity such as speeding autos, loss of nectar feeding habitats, as well as excessive cold, drought and predation will be daunting. If she reaches her winter roost site in the few remaining acres of oyamel pine trees (which are cut for their valuable timber by the local people), she must safely survive possible severe cold or snowstorms, predatory birds and mice that take advantage of the bounty of millions of clustered…

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