Book Review: They Threw Us Away


Although I am posting this review well into November, They Threw Us Away, by Daniel Kraus (illustrated by Rovina Cai), was my Halloween read. A story about teddies waking up in the middle of a massive and putrid rubbish dump instead of in the warm bed of a loving child looked to be the perfect horror story for an arctophile such as myself. The tale turned out to be not quite what I had expected.

In the same way that Watership Down features rabbits but is not exactly about rabbits, so They Threw Us Away features a small group of intrepid teddy bears but is not exactly about teddies. Rather, it is an allegory about what is granted value by contemporary humans and the way we too often ignore, discard and put in danger that which should be cherished.

There are certainly horror elements in the story. A scene…

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Poetry Friday ~ Photo Prompt

The Writer Next Door | Vashti Q

It’s the third week of the month! Time for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge‘s Ekphrastic Photo Prompt!

This challenge explores Ekphrastic writing inspired by visual art (photographs). Diana Peach from last month’s challenge has provided the photo for this month’s challenge.

The Saddest Leave The Least Of Clues

Depression sneaks up when least expected

What you once had seems far above you

as you spiral into darkness

sapping your life of meaning

but you smile all the time

though you’re rarely fine

You leave no clues


is like


“Real depression is when you stop loving the things you love.”


When I saw the image chosen by Author, D. Wallace Peach it reminded me of a beautiful soul who couldn’t see her ethereal beauty in the water because she was shrouded by the darkness of depression. I have several loved ones who suffer from depression. This poem is dedicated to…

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Five Minutes to Midnight update/And after midnight…


I know I have reached about 1500 words, but I can’t give you the full word count as I don’t have the time for the math. I will get to 1667 before I go to bed, but I wanted to blog to don’t lose a day and have to start over (daily blogging).

Edit: I did manage to get to 36,844. The goal was to get to 36,674. So once again, I am just a little ahead. Hopefully, I will get more tomorrow.

What does it mean when a certain date happens and nowhere did anyone mention that today was, well, actually yesterday, technically, was November 22? I remember when Jerry Lowenstein walked into government class in eighth grade and said that President Kennedy had just been killed.

Still a sad day and sadder that 2020 had too much going on to acknowledge the beginning of the end of…

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Today is Monday 23rd November


The month is speeding away from us isn’t it, and soon every shop that is open will be playing endless tapes of old Christmas hits and driving people nuts. It was increasingly annoying at one particular store during the festive season because they only had one tape which was on a loop and every time we went in, it was like we’d never left!

I’m still in bed. Lazy me. It’s 7.55 and I’m warm and comfy. Hubby has an INR this morning and hopefully it will have settled down so he won’t have to jab himself anymore. We could go into the supermarket, but don’t really need anything other than ice cream as that is something Hubby can eat with little problem, and it is also good for soothing his throat.
We could do with a few consecutive days of good weather so that we can hire a Rug…

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Polite Request II


In August, I posted this regarding new followers.
I am repeating that request as recently I have been flooded with commercial ‘followers’, some who do not even have sites here.

I am a hobby blogger, that is I have no financial connections, business links or commercial tendencies. I do not make money from my blog, I am not interested in fashions, theatre or movies, marketing, making money, decorating, house building, web site design,  the latest apps and technology or the restaurant business to name just a few.

I am interested in my followers as people, not business, so please, if you are a commercial  or business site, don’t follow me. Read and like by all means, but I object to being used as a platform to promote YOUR business through advertising.


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Dark Gods… #Poetry

Dark Gods

There are Gods that have no light
They live in darkness
Dwell on sorrow, feed on fear
They drop nightmares like rain
We never feel them enter our minds
We never see the dark shadow
that falls across our soul
Nor hear the dark composer of our thoughts
When fear calls, we stand to attention
Dark whispers scratch the mind
Push us forward when we should turn away
How hard is it, to just say no…?

© anita dawes 2020

How To Come Terms With…Your Book Is Not Going To Write Itself 😧 #AmWriting

Lucy Mitchell

This is a tough one and can take some writers several years to come to terms with.

You have an unfinished draft novel, sat in a drawer or lounging on top of your writing desk or loitering in your writing file on your computer and the thought of finishing it gives you an uncomfortable gut sensation and you have to reach for another chocolate biscuit to make it go away.

Or, maybe you are like me and are taking part in NaNoWriMo2020 and book writing momentum has sadly left your writer body. After a day off you have fallen behind and the thought of putting in the effort to catch up makes you want to binge watch The Crown on Netflix while flipping oreo biscuits into the air and catching them in your mouth.

The thought of sitting down and ploughing on for another thirty thousand words will not be…

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