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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It is a very strange situation to be in, really. Over a week ago, I was given ‘days to weeks’ to live, with no one knowing upon which side of that particular marker the Reaper would come calling. It isn’t as if we have it scheduled in our diaries… or, if he has, he hasn’t let me know. On the one hand, this is good. I am not sitting here like Pratchett’s Windle Poons, watching the clock and waiting for a no-show. On the other hand, I am both vaguely surprised and inordinately grateful every morning when I open my eyes on a new day,

It means that having much still to do and probably too little time left, I am working like a steam strain… albeit one whose pressure is running sadly low… to complete the tasks I think that really need to, or would like to complete before…

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Jaye’s Week… The First Day

The First Day

I want someone to explain why Windows 10 doesn’t look or act the same on my replacement pc.

Nothing is how I remember it, too many things are missing, and nothing seems to want to work. Two days ago, I was blissfully (well almost) happy working away on my old pc, no problems at all, and everything worked the way it was supposed to.

I get that everything is run by apps these days, but is it too much to ask for things like Word to be the same, no matter where you access it?

I must have a different version of Word to the one I had two days ago. A paid version, I might add. I wonder if I would have any luck finding that version?

All of this only adds to the abject disappointment for all the valuable things I lost when the old pc crashed and died.

So many precious photographs have gone. Teaching me, yet again, that EVERYTHING should be backed up, either on the cloud or on USBs.

I am also annoyed that all of this happened right when I finally got my act together and started to enjoy the feeling.

Still, this too, will pass eventually. In the long run, none of it will amount to a hill of beans, will it?

The Second Day

It’s official. I am living in a nightmare…

The first time I switched this pc on, it has rattled loudly as it boots up. This noise goes on for a while, and even when it has finished, it continues to grumble all day. I could live with this, so desperate to have a pc that works. But by the second day, it was getting me down, so I rang the supplier. He assured me that this was not normal and I would need a new one.

There are no words to describe the state of me, but I am hanging on to my sanity and my temper, as I know from experience that I must be patient.

All I can say is this. God help the first person that annoys me in the next few days, as I have a lot of venom to get shot of!

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #FFFC #Poetry

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #108

The image is from Ba Tik @ Pexels.com.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a young couple sitting on a bed drinking coffee together and the young woman is whispering something young man’s ear.

On a spare bed, we made ourselves
With more cups of coffee than we need
I would freeze the moment forever
Because of her whisper that now lives in my heart
Each word a precious jewel I never thought I would hear
She loves me. Is it the beautiful bed we made
Or the sweet coffee that binds her to my side
I do not need an answer
The magic has been made…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday… #Poetry


You know
Ghosts looking back
They forgot to say
Of yesterday’s best play
Had fallen short of screaming
Looking now to send chills down spines
Beware of ghosts that see tomorrows
Fear that lives under beds, behind curtains…

© Anita Dawes 2021

One last blow for freedom

Tallis Steelyard

Wagan Tarp was one of those gentlemen you instinctively warm to. He had led, for a soldier, a largely blameless life. He had risen to the rank of sergeant, leading crossbowmen across Partann and even onto the Red Steppe. Yet somehow he also married and was a loyal husband and devoted father to three children. As he grew older, sleeping on the ground in the rain lost whatever appeal it ever had. He was lucky in that various small towns wanted watch sergeants to keep their watchmen up to the mark. Hence he was intimately familiar with many of the small towns of Partann. But finally he realised that even this was getting a bit much for him, so he drifted back into Port Naain. Given his wife had died some years earlier, he had intended to just find lodgings somewhere. At this point his youngest daughter stepped in and…

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Sue and Ani at Wayland’s Smithy #writephoto #suevincent

The Light Behind the Story

Sue & Ani

Thursdays were days when Sue Vincent would post a photograph writing promptchallenge. In honor of this ritual, I have posted one of my favorite photographs of Sue, which I took two years ago during a shared trip to Wayland’s Smithy. It’s a photograph I hold dear. Filled with memory, magic and love.

I’m not sure if Sue knew I was taking this photo, but Ani sure did. The presence of these two beings made this afternoon extra special for me. Although I can count on my two hands the number of days I have spent with Sue, they rank among the very best of my life thus far. Sometimes you are lucky in life to encounter a teacher/mentor/friend who takes you under her wings and guides you in that gentle way to open your awareness to the magic that exists, but is not always acknowledged. I…

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Writing Motivation Ideas for Using or for Laughing

Story Empire

Unsplash Image – Emma Matthews

Hi SEers, it’s John with you again. As you know from some of my past posts, I’m always trying to think of ways to suggest staying motivated as a writer. It’s not that I believe writers aren’t motivated, but sometimes our attention gets drawn to other things, and we have to get back on track. So, again today, I’m going to give a few ideas on how to get that motivation moving if it becomes stalled. I will admit some of these ideas are really “out there somewhere,” but if you just roll with it, maybe it can help. By the way, these ideas are for those times that the motivation isn’t part of a deep-seated problem but for when you just dread sitting down to write. Mostly they are played for laughs but hey, maybe if you need it, one would work.  Okay, here…

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