Eyes to See

The Silent Eye

“By virtue of Creation, and still more the Incarnation,
nothing here below is profane for those who know how to see.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I remember one hot, summer’s day as a child, laying in the long, tickly grass of the field behind my home, watching the clouds race. All around me I could hear the bees and insects buzzing away, drowning the distant traffic noise and the passing train. As I write I can smell again that particular perfume of hot earth, sweat and new mown grass, with a little tang of melting tar hovering as an afternote. I watched as a ladybird and a very strange caterpillar made their way to the tip of the burdock, neither bending the leaves, but moving lightly as if that was where they belonged.

I knew, even then, that I was lucky. I had been raised in a family where belief…

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Escaping Man’s Insanity in Nature’s Sunday Morning – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Ugly events happen in dark hours. Horrifying images assault my senses and threaten to overwhelm my mind. Disgust churns in my stomach, and I feel the blackness consuming me. Hope flees, depression rises, and I fear the future of humankind. Sleep is a hard-won escape.

Contrast rises with the sun, revealing a magical quality to early Sunday mornings. Bright red cardinals compete for fat sunflower seeds. Red-winged blackbirds, chickadees, goldfinches, and a downy woodpecker flit between the feeder and the evergreens. Squirrels chase each other through the yard, oblivious to the hawk floating in lazy circles in the crystal blue sky. It may not be Walden, but it is my slice of nature carved from a suburban landscape.  

A gentle mist rises in the chill air as the sun promises hope. A deep breath, a hot cup of coffee, and a soft breeze eases worry and clears the mind…

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Presenting My poetry ebook – Blossoms and Foliages


My poetry ebook- Blossoms and Foliages🌷🌞☘️

When you’ve always been an avid nature lover and scribbled your musings in your daily blog, It’s happiness writing. But when life throws an invincible opportunity to convert that blog into a book- your dream poetry bouquet, it’s blissful writing!!

I recently participated in the May 2020 blogchatter ebook carnival launching my ebook- a poetry bouquet- Blossoms and Foliages. Life has never been the same again. It’s an enlightening successful feeling of being published and getting accomplished. A big thank you to the blogchatter platform for this riveting success.

The central message of my book is nature and it’s paraphernalia. I echo the sentiments of Vincent Van Gogh who quoted

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty in everything “

I believe, if you stay close to nature,it will never fail you. When you walk the woods drinking through your…

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Things I’ve Learned From The Canterbury Tales Part Two

A Writer's Perspective

In the description of the the franklin, one of the pilgrims, I came across a term I’ve skimmed over in the past when I’ve encountered it. I didn’t really have much of an idea of what a knight of the shire was, but the notes of my edition of The Canterbury Tales told me that it was a member of parliament and that Chaucer had been one. So I did a bit of reading.

Two knights were chosen to represent each county at a parliament. They were supposed to be elected, but usually they were chosen by the county’s sheriff. As representatives of people in a certain location, rather than invited directly by the king, they were in the Commons. Parliaments were called by the king, usually when he needed to raise money by means of taxes. They could meet anywhere in the country, depending on where the king was…

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Corona Lock down Diaries – Tuthwedday – Renovations


When we bought this house 16 years ago we did so (or at least on my part) because it had a great garden and a wonderful cellar. Two weeks before lockdown we started a building project (which I will write about some when) to eventually turn the cellars into something usable, and the plan is to create a small gym, a TV room and put a toilet in. Oh and add a new entrance to the garden.

That work continues (with a 6 week off site in between) but inspired by the manliness of the chaps working still I thought I would have a crack at sprucing up the back door. Whilst I will willingly try my hand at DIY my track record is not great.

There was the time I tried to install a kitchen worktop and measured in centimetres but cut in inches. Took 2 weeks to get…

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Stream Of Consciousness Saturday


In answer to What Day Is It Anyway comes Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley! https://www.quaintrevival.com/

Per Linda:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “spay/splay/spray.” Use one, use two, use ’em all, it’s up to you. Have fun!

I think we live in Pet Sematary. Remember poor dead rooster? The one that the neighbor dug a grave for and buried? Yeah, rooster and his look-a-like hen were in the chicken coop this morning. They look a little worse for wear, but they are up and free-ranging, waiting for crusts of my breakfast toast. Not a lot of crowing going on. The growl wasn’t of a zombie rooster but his normal weird growl that I think is suppose to scare predators.


Anyone hearing Twilight Zone or The Walking Dead music?

Speaking of the outside menagerie, When we moved here an orange cat came…

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letter-c Day 9


Yesterday, when I shared my progress on my shawl on Facebook, I was reminded of an Irish custom to leave a mistake so my soul could escape if needed. I hadn’t heard that applied in crochet but I had in quilting. Nothing to worry about when it comes to my crocheting, I have never crocheted anything without at least one dropped stitch somewhere. Perfection, isn’t my normal. Subconsciously, I believe I’m a born objector in an ordinary world.

Dinner, last night came out exceptional. I tried a recipe shared by Crafty Morning. Three ingredients to make Orange Chicken. I’m not fond of dark meat so I don’t typically order this at Chinese restaurants but I have sampled the sauce when friends have ordered it. I realize restaurants use dark meat because of the lower cost overhead but I prefer the drier texture of white meat. In preparing the recipe, I…

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Six on Saturday; ah Honey Honey

Rambling in the Garden

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl

There is a heady fragrance in the garden today, accentuated by the gentle breeze that has taken the edge off the heat. Often the fragrance catches you unawares, and it can take a few moments to work out what is responsible. Much of it comes from the roses, which are glorious this year, but honeysuckle of various varieties is aiding and abetting the intoxication. There is native honeysuckle in the hedge but this is not flowering yet; however, when it does, it captivates your olfactory organs the moment you exit the back door, especially in the evening when the scent is at its heaviest. Our neighbour on the other side also planted a pair of honeysuckle over an arch a year ago and this has recently thrown me on my rambles, as I am not used to seeing or sensing plant…

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Kate Duff Poetry

I used to worry you would tire of the scenery

The same hills



A landscape undergoing seasons that change inexplicably

And yet remain the same

A few wildflowers in spring

Ribs showing through a lack of rain

Returning again and again

Along a gradually eroding path

Skimming an outline that is not meant to last

Yet it does

Through famine, fast, different diets, exercise regimes

Stripes, bruises, cuts, contusions

Communions with the moon

Year after year

We go on

Travelling where we have gone

So many times before

And still

Your eyes crinkle at the edges, sparkle in response

To my lifted brows and smiling dimples

Telling me


It’s simple

A man never tires

Of returning home

Where he is loved

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