Anita’s Artwork!



I am running through the universe

Skipping over rainbows, swinging from the stars

Swimming in the Milky Way.

Going around in circles in our spiral Galaxy

Where my life once began.

I am flung into the Cosmos where life is still growing

Worlds beginning anew.

Should I choose to live again,

Earth would still be my first call…


Poem and Artwork: “A Happy Accident” by Anita Dawes

Beginnings: #writephoto




In the beginning was the word

Now we have paper we can bring new worlds into being

New characters no one has ever heard of.

We can give them life, take them on great journeys

You can read about them, take a journey with them

Feel their pain and joy.

Like or not the people you find there, they are there to stay.

Each day brings a new chance that someone

Will love the story you have written.

Good luck with that name, that thought,

That might, when written become a bestseller…


Thank you to Sue Vincent for the lovely #writephoto prompt!