#Flights of Fancy: The Gift #Poetry

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The Gift

I found a pebble in my shoe today

How it got there I cannot say

A little blue pebble to call my own

I am sure it needs me to bring it home

I placed it on my windowsill

Where the sun will shine

A magic eye, my young son said.

By morning it was beside my bed

No one said they moved it there

No matter, I said. It did not move there by itself

It seems to roam where it may please

Where I place it, it stays not long.

My husband said to throw it out

I made him swear to touch it not

Magic comes by cosmic hands

It’s not for me to understand

To know it is meant for me alone

I like this magic in my home

To question why, would blow the magic out…

©Anita Dawes

Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #Etheree #Poetry

This week, Anita has excelled… not just an ordinary Etheree for Colleen’s Challenge, she has attempted a double Etheree poem! I am impressed, how about you?






Double Etheree:  TIME



Lost dark star

hands held slow dance

Love song remembered

Time flies and we grow old

Dark empty space left behind

To love lost long ago, tears shed

Slow handheld time rhythm left alone

Let no soul remain to cry at windows

As I am passing by this empty life

I stand all alone to shed my tears

Tears shed too long in fruitless pain

Vacant phantom I once said

Sunken life is depressed

Void the empty shell

I left outside




©Anita Dawes


#Flights of Fancy: Wings #Poetry

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On eagle’s wings, I fly at night

My love denied.

She sleeps below

An aged curse keeps space apart

A stone I’ll drop on waters shine

To break the spell, to make her mine…

Don’t lie beside me, cold and dead

Don’t leave those words unsaid

Don’t let love seep beneath the floor

I am the same as I was before…

©Anita Dawes


#Poetry: The Fool…



Image by Pixabay.com




Dancing fool in town today.

Stones they throw, to chase him out

A morsel of bread would take him far

On dancing legs, he would make his way.

Doors were slammed, no bread found he

Light fading to another day.

A child left out his daily slice

His dancing legs did stop

His tears the boy did see

Wondered why no one would give

The dancing fool a chance to live…

©Anita Dawes

#Flights of Fancy: Lifted…

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Beneath the crown lies his head

He blessed the world to make it new

Did we listen to the words he said?

Do we pray for those in need?

Do we let life squeeze us dry

And walk on by?

Am I my brother’s keeper

His burden should I lift?

My footsteps grow deeper

Ground depressed

My own burdens are heavy

With his, I cannot rest.

These words were spoken long ago

To one you help along the way

To you, my blessings will be sent

Your burdens lighter along life’s path

I carry it before you to light the way…

©Anita Dawes

Flights of Fancy: Dream…

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I need a dream to wrap my head around

The kind that angels bring with love and light

To let the new day in.

A dream to say you walk beside me every day

And if I fall, you will catch me

You won’t let life break me.

You are the wind that bends the trees

My shield against the rain.

I can take my life back, for with you I am whole again

I walk tall, sidestepping the rocks along the way

You are my love, I will never be alone again…

©Anita Dawes


#Wordle Puzzle 373






Locked In

My life has only just begun

Yet I am stuck between two worlds.

I have a need to forget, to alter my thoughts

This ordinary cafe where the waiters sing

Let me in, with no way out

Mother told me never to hit

“Talk, let them see you.”

She has no idea, the mood

Of those that hold me here.

I smell revenge, the air thick

With a need to spill blood, my blood

My will is weak. I have no strength to act

I need a weapon to fight for freedom

This is not my world

Whitewashed walls, pills to make me sleep

Sunlight blinds these walls of white

But my mind can see the place to be.

Outside, I see my mothers smile

She sits in shade beneath our tree

That father planted when I was five.

My world is there, by her side.

Voices tell me she is not there

I took her life when I was ten.

Can this be a dream that keeps me locked in?

I pray that fate will not charge me to live it over again…

©Anita Dawes