Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Wordle #222

She stood in the open frame of the patio door
The hem of her kimono, lifted by the warm breeze
The air felt heavy, my mind about to fray
I long to touch the slight pulse in her throat
Seconds drag by as I stood hidden
beneath the branches of the blossom tree
I stumble towards her, wanting to offer
The wild strawberries I had picked
Longing to sit, watch her eat
To watch her lips wrap around each strawberry
Knowing this simple act would un-fray my mind
All would be right with the world…

© Anita Dawes 2021

What does it say?

Doodled by Anita Dawes

Here I am, in the living room
Watching TV, reading a book
today, the book lay open on my lap
Pen and paper at my side
As a word spoken can set me off
Yesterday, it was the word destiny
Something I have just read
Rewrites itself to end up in a poem
Not today.
My mind went on its own journey
This doodling isn’t something I am known for
I wonder what it says about me.

© anita dawes 2020