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I touched the sky and found it haunted

A million souls held my hand

My mind raced through their lifetimes

The sad, the lonely, stuck between worlds

The minds of great philosophers

When I retract my hand

Will my mind retain their thoughts?

There is one above all that haunts me

Da Vinci, pleading for more life

I have more to give

His words echo in my heart

I wanted to tell him that life

Is right there waiting

to bite you in the arse

Like a junk yard dog…


#Wordle 415 #Poetry



Wordle 415

The darkest hour is just before dawn

Your life, a lonely empty shell

Where ghosts dance

in the corner of your mind

You wake to the same old scar

That itches with the onset of rain

Your face in the mirror

Telling you your life is a sham

You dream of floating

two inches above the ocean waves

sea spray hitting your chest

a feeling of darts piercing your skin

you run from the call inside your head

an old memory that will not fade

you fit neatly inside

a shell of your own making

memories choke tears from your eyes

you wrap your face in a living sheet

to hide from the dark hours

believing there is no way

to lift your dying spirit…

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Clouds shift

Changing snow peaked mountains

Into old gargoyle faces

Moving slowly above us, silent

Mostly unnoticed

What hides behind the gathered?

Roman shield of white warriors?

Their course undetermined

Their form ever changing

They pass like shy blooms

Of Spring daisies

Light and shadow

Moving as one unrooted entity

Men working the fertile fields below

Their backs burn under the mid-day sun

No olive branch offering shade

They toil on, waiting for the Spring rains…

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Magic comes in unexpected moments

Patiently waiting to blow your mind

With wonder, the beauty of lightning

Striking beside a rainbow

Two great luminaries appearing together

Was it planned by Nature, or magic?

waiting behind the scenes, giving pleasure

to those lucky enough to see it

The timing of such an event must be astronomical

I would place such a happening alongside

the seven wonders of the world

An unexpected gift from the Universe…

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Anita saw this image and promptly came up with a poem to go with it…

Blowing Bubbles

Soapy bubbles, rainbows made

By tiny wizard on water’s edge

Reflected time within the spheres

With village green

a lighthouse towers

to guide the way

People yet he must find

A string of pearls lies in his wake

Each shining soul he will make

bubbles blown with love in mind

an eco-system on the lake

no bubbles burst with magic made…

The Other Love in my Life…


This is the first of many posts (I hope!) about the other part of my life that I love.


This particular tree is not one of mine but I wish it was. A gingko, one of the oldest trees in living memory and might have been here when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

As you can tell from the trunk, it is very old in this picture too. It can take a many human lifetime for any tree to end up with a such a trunk as this. The leaves too, normally quite large, have become smaller and match the proportions of the tree very well.

Someone has cherished and cared for this beautiful tree for a very long time and I would love to know just how old it really is. Probably worth a small fortune too, which rules me out of ever owning such a specimen.

In the coming weeks I would like to introduce you to other lovely trees, some of them my own. And also just what owning a bonsai really means…

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