Macro Monday… and #Poetry

Image by Gaby from Pixabay 

A Butterfly Remembered

We fly, we dance, we live.
We are fleeting, our beauty remembered.
There is double power in reflection.
If you see us hovering over water
Make a wish, it will come true.
Foolish thought, you’re thinking.
How do you suppose I became this way?
My wish was to fly.
Here I am in blue splendour.
Before my time is up, I will wish again
To be as I was, with a life of a butterfly remembered…


Macro Monday…

Image from

This might be as close as I would get to the owner of these pretty scales!

Macro Monday… #White Feather #Poetry

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay 
After falling, captured, they have taken her wings
Greatness achieved by the sweep of a special feathered pen
Advance given, sales soaring to number one
Train journeys, ending in murder, mystery
Hunting for clues as to who the murderer might be
All evidence leading them on a goose chase
Circle back, check every piece of evidence
Holding on to the key, someone hiding in the shadows
Rain brings strange footprints along the corridor
Inside the carriages faces lined with worry as to who might be next
Seated in the dining car, a man with a white feather in his cap
Turning to his companion, he said
“Inside each white feather,
Every word lies hidden, clever the hand who writes the stories…”


Macro Monday… A Frozen Soap Bubble…

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay 

How do you freeze a soap bubble?