Silent Sunday…

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Today, I have much to think about, and thought this would help…

The Light… #Poetry

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The Light

I am stabbed.
My life blood ebbing from my body
Seeping through the floorboards
I see a lighthouse before the room goes dark.
I walk on illuminated water,
up the steps, there is no one there.
It’s just a large rock with a lamp on it.
I walk back toward the shore,
wondering when I will sink beneath the waves.
I cannot feel the sand beneath my feet.
People walk through me; I feel their electricity.
My body falls to the floor like unwanted clothing.
Yet, I am in front of a mirror.
People gather round, looking at my naked body.
They turn their heads, trying to find me.
I am not there.
I turn back to the water and sink beneath the waves.
I see the light before the dark takes the last spark,
that once was David Turner…


Memories… #Poetry

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Slip sliding through life in circles
Torn, shredded, this paper on the wind
Under dark skies, waiting for rain, thunder
Memories of the past haunt the present
Better to forget, get out from under the cloud
Let love into your life, move forward
In hope of better days, I pull up my boot straps
Never again to look behind myself
Grab every moment, as if for the first time.
           Remember that first kiss…


Rose Tinted Worlds… #Poetry #TheSundayWhirl #Wordle586

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Miraculous Things… #Poetry

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Miraculous Things

When miraculous things happen 
the mind screams in disbelief. 
While lying in a meadow 
the summer sun striking the daisies gold
There he stood, the unicorn from my scrapbook
Alive in splendour, his flowing mane and tail
white and gold, blue eyes that cannot be forgotten
He moved towards me his thoughts inside my head
Come follow me, stay awhile in my world.
That's when I heard the warning bell…

The land of the fey is no place 
for mortals to stay too long
To eat their food is to lose your soul, 
lose time in your own world
Your family thinking you lost move on, 
grow older while you stay the same
Should I risk one minute 
in this Alice in Wonderland moment?
My heart said yes, my mind said no
Keep your childhood wonders in picture form
Get up, run for home…


Moon Dust… #Poetry

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Moon Dust

Late February, a cold moon hung in the sky
I could feel moon dust in the air
The stuff that dreams are made of
Once in a while, a dream lingers
Demanding to be remembered
Turn the page to a darker side
Nightmares can haunt for weeks
When a walk in the woods becomes a horror movie
When a hand shoots up from the ground
Dragging you under through the roots
On either side of the path, they whisper to each other
A strange place where flowers grow in the dark
Beautiful to look at, don’t touch they bite
Being bitten by a rose is no fun
Don’t go near the tall grass, they whip your skin
Like an overgrown task master
I expect to see welts on my skin when I wake
Thank God, they are never there
I am grateful for the night terrors
Working on my mind
Now, I have a new novel to write…


Is it snowing where you are yet?