Friday Flowers… #Photography

Image by Alexa from Pixabay 

Before anyone says it, I know these are technically not flowers, but they were once…

Memories of some of our #Six on Saturday’s…

I wanted to post our version of #Six on Saturday today, but unfortunately, I could find nothing to fit the bill in our garden. There was something that caught my eye but will save that for a special post.

I was disappointed and thought to find something else to post about. My brain had ideas of its own and started to remember some of the beautiful flowers we found in our garden over the year.

Apologies for number four, but it was near the window!

Looking forward to Spring like you wouldn’t believe…

Jaye xxx

#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge ~ Tastetherainbow

#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 292, 10/4/22: #Tastetherainbow-Color Poetry

Image by Joëlle Ortet from Pixabay 

of rage is
like a red rose
yet never as sweet.
purple to black temper
I go, when all things go wrong
love is soft, inside a white cloud
why not live like a cloud, soft inside…


This week I chose a red rose to go with Anita’s nonet poem for #Tanka Tuesday

The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 569 ~ #No Regrets ~ #Poetry

Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay 

There can be no regret
With a life rocking back and forth
No longer agile, no teeth
My face a road map of all my yesterdays
I hope I have never wasted my time here
At present, my great journey
Is to climb the stairs to my bed
Hoping to wake one more time
To see the bees busy in my roses…


Macro Monday…

Image by GuangWu YANG from Pixabay 

I have a good feeling about this week, and already pleased with several problems I have ironed out this morning. More puzzling updates, I’m afraid. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if companies took the trouble to explain the changes they create, so we don’t automatically think something is broken because we can’t do what we have always done?

Maybe that would be asking too much…

Wishing everyone a very good week!

Six on Saturday… #Flowers

I think this is a wild rose, but not completely sure…

This is a Myrtle. It grows in my front garden, and people often stop to admire it!

This is a very old, friendly beetle and he seems to have made himself at home in our garden…

The tomatoes are flowering, we are looking forward to homegrown tomatoes!

The dwarf sunflowers have decided to flower after all…

This has to be the flower of the week, as we are really pleased with this display of sweetpeas!

#SixonSaturday is a lovely way to enjoy flowers. Learn all about it on The Propagator’s website.