Time for Memory… #Poetry

Time for Writing…

Today, I am spending time with my WIP, hoping to discover the magic that I know hides between the pages…

Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend, and we will see you on Monday…


It’s been ages since I wrote a WIP Wednesday post. So when I saw this POST this morning by Staci Troilo, it prompted me to share a little of what I am currently writing.

The way Staci does this is to choose a random word and then find a passage that fits. It can be the actual word, a synonym, or a theme.

The word of the day is WHITE.

And here is the passage I chose:

This is currently a mystery and I am loving it, time to get back to writing it, I think…

Stepping into Spring…

As yesterday was the spring equinox, I decided to take a walk in our garden.  My dizzy problem had returned, and I hoped the fresh air would help. This problem is a regular visitor who usually gives up after a day or two.  I had given up trying to write as wearing my glasses made it worse, so I took them off and was stumbling around the garden like an idiot. But every time I saw a flash of colour I took a picture.

I am dictating this as the keyboard is a blur, so I apologise for any discrepances.

The first flash of colour I spotted was the yellow forsythia, which for some reason, is growing in the hedge that runs down our garden, separating us from the neighbours. I rather like it there.

This Japanese quince is a bonsai, currently awaiting repotting.

Not sure what these are called, but they appear all over the place.

Such a lovely colour…

And finally, I must add my little orphan, this white azalea. I have had him for a long time; he never seems to grow but always blooms around Christmas. These flowers are the fourth to arrive; all the others were knobbled by the weather!

Serenity… #The SundayWhirl ~ Wordle 595

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 


I see her face, familiar yet unknown to me.
Her voice, a whisper, gentle sighs
I stand on a timeless place,
I feel my mind quiver.
leaping over new thoughts
The killing fields far behind me
I see a halo above each fallen soul
A twig from the Judas tree
caught in my clothing.
I turn a page in my bible,
my mind numb
As I walk towards a low lying cloud
I feel serene, as the blanket of white
covers me, taking me home…


A Game of Two Halves… #Poetry ~ MINDLOVEMISERY ~ Wordle #312

Image by Sergei Tokmakov, Esq. https://Terms.Law from Pixabay 

A Game of Two Halves

I sit in court looking at my hands.
Listening to the racket 
made by the official law giver.
Passing judgement on love
a game of two halves
There is more than 
a single string to the heart
Love goes where it is most needed
He tried to make his point
as to the fault of my crime
The forbidden touch, he called it.
A double back hand 
threw the score in my favour.
Boos and whistles from the public gallery
Shouts of ‘It’s a sin, the Bible says so!’
From early childhood
I have known I was different.
The heart wants what the heart needs.
Now I am free to love again…


Details of taking part in Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie can be found HERE

A Written Conversation ~ Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Wordle #311 #Fiction

Image by Kati from Pixabay 

Looking in the Mirror… #The Sunday Whirl #Poetry

Image by Marat Mukhambetaliev from Pixabay

Looking in the Mirror…

This morning I realised I say sorry far too much.
It’s time to change, take time for me.
Find something to be proud of
I owned that thought for the rest of the day.
Nothing else mattered
First my job, my clothes
Here I am, a whole new me.
After a few days, I looked at myself in the mirror.
The penny dropped, I had lost something special.
The person who is not afraid to say, ‘I’m sorry’…


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie… Wordle #309

Last night a medieval knight rode through my dream

A noble face, yet weary from the fight

Had I kissed a frog in his watery pond?

Have I found my forever man?

Do I trust my judgement, strike while the iron is hot?

Take a chance that joy is not fleeting.

Keep the rosebuds until they open.

To smell the roses, I will attend the ball,

find that place beneath the armour.

Alas, all dream bubble burst.

The shiny armour, the hero inside

Returned to his pond, a frog after all.

I blew him a kiss and wondered what could have been…


Carrot Ranch Literary Community: February 6: Story Challenge in 99-words #99WordStories

Image by Silvia from Pixabay 

February 6, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story as a love letter to nature. You could reach back to more pastoral times of writing or enter into the future. Who is writing the letter — an ant or an aunt? Is it a lifetime of love or eons? 

So long since last you were here.

The memory of warm summer days

grow dim as our patience thins.

brave new shoots compete with bitter frosts.

cruelly bitten for their haste

their dreams are on hold, ours yet to be born.

Mother Nature sleeps

Her time will come when the warmth.

Of the sun reaches down into the soil

Visions of rainbow hues

Hold back the silver ice.

Its days are numbered.

Packets of seeds promise the moon.

My fingers itch to ready the pots.

And dream of glory’s fragrance

Days of sunshine fill our days.

With sweet expectation…