Moon Dust… #Poetry

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

Moon Dust

Late February, a cold moon hung in the sky
I could feel moon dust in the air
The stuff that dreams are made of
Once in a while, a dream lingers
Demanding to be remembered
Turn the page to a darker side
Nightmares can haunt for weeks
When a walk in the woods becomes a horror movie
When a hand shoots up from the ground
Dragging you under through the roots
On either side of the path, they whisper to each other
A strange place where flowers grow in the dark
Beautiful to look at, don’t touch they bite
Being bitten by a rose is no fun
Don’t go near the tall grass, they whip your skin
Like an overgrown task master
I expect to see welts on my skin when I wake
Thank God, they are never there
I am grateful for the night terrors
Working on my mind
Now, I have a new novel to write…


Is it snowing where you are yet?

# A Week in Flowers ~ Something to look forward to in 2023 ~…

These three plants are the ones I look forward to the most, every year…

I found this idea over at…

What do you look forward to the most?

Mindlovemisery Menagerie #299 ~ #Challenge #Poetry

Feeling under pressure to adopt
Temporarily, a family from Ukraine
To offer warmth, heartfelt cuddles
To appreciate the pain and loss they are going through
To be thoughtful, when speaking about their homeland
I became a defender of the blue and yellow flag
A symbol of freedom
The right to live on the land their forefathers trod
I filled my house with rosemary, for remembrance...


Image by jhenning from Pixabay 

The Glass Bridge… #Poetry

Image by Kathleen Handrich from Pixabay


The Glass Bridge

Sunlight illuminates the glass bridge
that hangs between dark green foliage
Too high, too delicate to walk upon
Yet I must take my first step.
There is magic calling
I feel it tingling against my skin
Each step releasing angelic music
The wind carries it forward
Teasing me to follow
Come see what lies beyond the last step
My feet now on solid ground
Yet the vibrations tell a different story
It snakes up my body, daring me to move on
Should I turn back?
I look over my shoulder
The bridge is no longer hanging there
I am looking at a solid block of dark green trees
My fate now lies ahead.
Here the foliage is soft, a warmer shade of green
A welcoming warm breeze
washing small fears from my mind
A gentle voice telling me there is no pain here
We have been expecting you
Welcome to Shangrilah…


Bonsai: My Other Love ~ in Portland…

My bonsai have had a rough time of it lately, and they are not looking their best, especially now most of them have shed their leaves and are ready for a long sleep. I worry about the amount of rain we have had lately and if they have a good enough drainage system.

Early this year, at repotting time, I had changed their soil for a new mixture, one I haven’t used before. They seem to be coping well with being constantly drenched, but only time will tell. I will have to wait until spring to see what happens.

I came across this lovely post the other day about a bonsai garden in Portland. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and seeing all the wonderful trees.

Twelve acres of stunning Japanese garden, nestled in the Washington Park in Portland – and with a wonderful Bonsai collection on display – the Portland Japanese Garden is stunning! In this video we tour the garden, but of course we focus on the Bonsai collection first! If you want to learn more about Bonsai, consider enrolling in one of our Online Bonsai Courses. For the curriculums and free lectures, go to:

Again, in Dreams… #Poetry

Image by Neil Morrell from Pixabay 

Again, in Dreams

A black hood slipped over my head
I was pushed gently forward
Each step slow over cobbles, my feet slipping
The sound changed
Walls shot up either side of me
My thinking as muffled as my breath
The smell of damp mould an assault to my senses
I can hear the dark wet walls breathing, 
whispering insanities
Names waiting to be snatched from the air
I was pushed on, falling
My feet found no purchase
Hands held my arms until I felt them drop away
I was suspended for a while
The hood removed
I stood on the hallowed ground of the Tor
The waters stopped their whispering
I would walk this land again, in dreams…


A wonderful poem for a very special place.

One of these days we will go back to Glastonbury and climb the hill to the Tor…

The Mountain… #MLMM Wordle298 #Poetry

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

The Mountain

Imagination writes the tale I tell on this dusty road
I stood captivated as I observed the glimmering light
I walk forth, knowing there could be endless possibilities
With the sun setting, the mountain lay under a pink cloud
I was finding it hard to believe my own eyes
My personal belief now suspended
I stood in front of an unidentified flying object
wondering at the mind of the engineer
I have never seen silver so polished, no nuts or bolts
A small door slid open, I blinked
There she stood, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen
She beckoned, without hesitation I walked to her
Knowing I would leave this earth, 
And go wherever she would take me…