Better Than the Rest… #Poetry #Fiction

Image by Batatolis Panagiotis from Pixabay 

Best, better than the rest, 
     that was the beautiful lie you told
after all we have been through
running, hiding from the law, 
because of the time we were born into, 
    a love we cannot speak
every glance a giveaway, a prison sentence
remembering not to touch hands in public
evening under dark skies, 
     we dare to hold hands, laced with fear
long years later, we can speak, say I do
love wins out, the world can see us
after all these years 
     we can smile at one another in daylight…


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 565 ~ #Poetry ~ #ASharpSword

No filters from the mind of a child
Truth can stab like a sharp sword
The ground can be swept 
from beneath your feet
Leaving a puzzle for you to think on
The film you watch, all too familiar
The artwork on your wall, stolen
Breeze from the open window
standing the hair on the back of your neck
Judging your own misdemeanours
Mindful now, as if your life feels 
as if you walk on a thin wire
Still, you tell yourself, 
one last job couldn’t hurt…


Inside a Snow Globe… #Poetry

Image by ornella sannazzaro from Pixabay 
Falling through darkness, no sound
After time fades, the earth is still
No bird sound, nothing exists
Tomorrow’s children have yet to be counted
Afraid, I continue falling through black velvet
Startled by the light, the slowing of my descent
Taking hold of my senses, 
      waiting for my feet to hit land
I find myself inside a snow globe
Catching the light as I swim in circles…


Macro Monday… A Frozen Soap Bubble…

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay 

How do you freeze a soap bubble?

Another Day… #Poetry

Image by Elias from Pixabay ~ Poem by A Dawes

Abandoned by the Gods at birth
Bitter twist of fate left a scar
Avoiding relationships, she drifts alone
Never knowing love, her heart stops feeling
Drifting on a sea of unknowing, she courts death
Over high peaks, she skis on soft snow
Never once looking at warning signs
Eager to reach the bottom
Down the soft slopes to safety, another day…


Silent Sunday… Glorious Rain!

Image by Gosia K. from Pixabay 

This is my version of a rain dance… and tomorrow it will rain…


Make Your Own Blessings… #Poetry

Image by Janusz Walczak from Pixabay 
Evening comes too soon
Never enough hours in the day
Tomorrow, I take time to tell
Hurry, run, leave this place
Under the bridge to save time
Staying would bring disaster to all
In times of troubles
Amen, a good way to go
Saying a prayer
Mum said, make your own blessings…


A Dream Space… #Poetry

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay ~ Poem by A Dawes

A Dream Space

Inside time there is a dream space
Never has there been a time like now
For dreams to come true
Afraid to sleep, don’t be
Memories fade into shadows
Often repeated in a new life
Under warm covers, you must dream it first
So that you can be reborn...


#Empty Rooms… #Poetry

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
I found my sisters artwork hidden 
in the shadow of her empty rooms
An old sketch caught my eye
Bright sparks, stars, orbit over our house
Damp air from my open window
made me hold my breath
A sudden swirl, lifting dry leaves
The rustle made me think of her footsteps
Something I haven’t heard in over a year
Harsh words had passed between us
Christmas coming up, I keep my fingers crossed
We can make things better around the family table
I breathe slow, as we pull a cracker together
Fingers crossed; we can put the harsh words behind us…



Colleen’s #Poetry Challenge ~ #Specific Form ~ 4-11 ~ #Dreaming

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Will we meet again
When I’m dreaming
My heart beats loud
Like the ocean
Rushing to shore
Searching for you
Are you dreaming
Waiting for me
Hold the dark nights
I’m on my way
Will we meet again?