#The Sunday Whirl ~ #Wordle 408

You cut me, leaving me to bleed

On rough granite ground

Each toll of the bell ringing my life away

I spin with the earth, having swallowed this bitter pill

The stars above fade in and out

Like someone playing with the light switch

I feel my body quiver, as memory slides into darkness

I see a garland of flowers floating on the water

The last kiss from my father.

He often spoke to me of the dogwood

with its pink or white flowers

His fancy being it was one of the few plants

to have only four petals

He liked to think they represented the four elements

Earth, wind, fire and water.

My father had many strange notions and I loved him for it

I hope now, as my life floats towards the dark empty space

I meet with him again…


#The Sunday Whirl ~ #Wordle 407

Wordle 407.png


Is it possible to be born without a soul?

To walk through life backwards

Vulnerable to the talk of careless lips

Whispers like a constant mantra

She will amount to nothing

To struggle with the stories told about her family

Bad seeds, the lot of them.

Life had been messy

Fuelled by the downward thoughts of others

With no exit in sight

Lisa’s life spiralled deeper into the mire

The road ahead paved with dark shadows

Whispering, this way.

Lisa’s damaged mind had no positive thought to lean on

No shoulder to lay her tears

No one to help her find new courage

A dark blue pebble picked from the kerb

Kicked a memory back to mind

Of old magic, healing waters at Glastonbury

Her mother had spoken of before leaving her alone

Lisa returned home with the pebble in her pocket

A seed, hope like a flower growing in her mind…


#Writephoto ~ Choices #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Choices #writephoto



So small do I stand of soft grey waves

The gentle whisper of many voices as it reaches the shore

Choices I made washed out to sea

On my walk through to town I see



A strange gargoyle, face hidden by fingers of stone

Small brood of ladybirds paint empty eye sockets red

A gift of life to see through rose-coloured hues

I move to walk away, is that a smile I see?



To grey forest I walk to find one large ring doughnut tree

A small opening where I can see

Far more than lies beyond its shape

Tiny creatures dance with lanterns lit

Bird song joins in peals of laughter

I walk away as if from Celtic dream


Old snapshot found when I reach home

Blue sea mountains, lush green valleys

Pastures new, where I might roam…



#Blog Battle @RachaelRitchey





This is it! Blog Battle’s Glorious Return

We’ve all heard how writing is a lonely business. Well, I think we’ve all heard it. And if not, now we have. But in the world of the internet, writing doesn’t have to be nearly so isolated a pursuit!

Blog Battle isn’t your typical writing prompt. At our core, we want to create relationships, build life-long writer friendships, and encourage each other to become better writers than we were yesterday.

Admittedly, this means a little extra work. BUT! It is worth it. People are worth it. The value we gain from connecting with other writers who are on the same journey we are cannot be measured by analytics or the next best thing in social media marketing.

That brings us here, to Blog Battle. When you take up the monthly prompt, write your short fiction, and then share it with us, you are entering into a community. Don’t think of this as a “post and pray someone reads my stuff” writing prompt. That is all well and good (Truly it is. We all want to be read.), but the idea is to go out and read your fellow writers, share their work, share each other’s work, comment, connect, make friends, encourage, help and learn something new along the way.

So, what d’ ya say? Ready to join the battle against the writing machine? Ready to become part of our legion of writers?


Here is our comtribution for this month!


Finding Light

When the earth covers the sun,

leaving us with old age magic

As thought so many years ago

Today, I see it as the earth claiming

her full crown rather than a tiara

The Corona, Earth’s full glory

A light so bright we dare not look without protection

Reminding me of the beautiful colours

that surround the pupils of our eyes

A corona of sorts.

Eyes have long fascinated me

Many and varied, some with the most exciting patterns

They say more than the sound of the voice

I listen to both.

My neighbour’s window, first thing in the morning

When the sun hits it, there is a corona of light

A perfect circle reflected on the old flint wall

opposite my living room window

My eye on the world

The Sun plays tricks with the light

Even though Mercury is said to be the trickster

The halo around the head of a saint

Shows me his head is in the way of the light

His personal corona

We all have a light around us

Kirlian photography can show this

As beautiful as any made by Earth or Moon

Yet late at night when the clouds are just right

The amazing coloured halo around the Moon

Is by far the best corona

Search for the light, after all it is magic

The first thing called into being…



The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 406




Street Light

Old yellow streetlamps shine

Children play in sunlight’s glow

The noose that hung their life away

Now enters into play

They take their turn to swing

From lamplights shine

Their laughter falls on cold deaf ground

To late they learn of love

The crown of life made to swim through time eternal

A sign will tell of their return

Their noise and laughter will ring once more

No hand nor voice to scoot away

The weekend calls to County Fair…



#Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry



Strawberries and ice cream

Under the summer sun

With ice cold lemonade

And a sprig of mint

The best seat at Wimbledon

Venus and Serna playing at their best

Throw in Boris when he was young

Andre Agassi, not forgetting Martina Navratilova

Turn back time, watch Pat Cash climb the stands

Andy Murray, fight year in and out

Henman Hill should be called Andy’s hill

He has earned his place in history

When day is done, I sleep to dream

I am playing each one on hallowed ground

Centre Court

The crowd grow wild as I slay each one…



My First Moment of Madness…

Doing my best to install my new computer with the least amount of hair pulling, I found myself remembering the first time I challenged my brain cells. The post that follows, is five years old and signifies how far I have come since then…

I did something stupid today. In fact it began a few weeks ago, when the tiny germ of an idea slipped into my mind and wouldn’t go away.
It was something someone said about how they wrote and blogged from the comfort of their bed. Often too ill or uncomfortable to get up, but still wanting to do what they love most, which is writing. I have this mental picture of this person, snug and comfy in her pyjamas, ensconced in bed with her trusty laptop, and the idea just took root in my head and began to grow.
Not that I want to write in bed, but with my ever increasing workload, I have to make even more time available to me. Who knew the writing and self publishing world would create this much work, I certainly didn’t in the beginning.


For a long time now I seem to spend most of my evenings with puzzles and Sudoku while the family watch television. I love most of the programmes and it is good to relax at the end of the day, but find it increasingly hard to see them properly as my distance glasses make me so very giddy and ill I cannot wear them. Consequently I find myself just listening and limit my eyesight to things I can do on my lap as my reading glasses are fine.
I have discovered that I cannot read while the television is on, but can manage other things, like writing notes. You can see where I am going with this, can’t you?
The thought of having a laptop has interested me ever since the family members bought theirs, but always dismissed the idea as pretty stupid as I am basically a technophobe. You know, someone who hates technology with a passion, usually because we are hopelessly unable to grasp the basics, let alone all the clever stuff.
I have struggled to learn how to use a computer, my mind obviously not properly equipped with the necessary bits to understand or implement the information that I do eventually manage to discover.
This is where it has paid dividends to be one of the most stubborn people on the planet. Something I am more than proud of, as because of this, I have achieved much more than I think I would otherwise have done.
Computers are brilliant but confusing, time saving but frustrating, and I am more than sure they lead to insanity, at least in my case.
But… I have mastered my computer, how hard could a laptop be?

I saw one I like the look of, a combined laptop with a tablet which made it very versatile. Just what I needed to make better use of my evenings.
It arrived yesterday. As I unpacked it, the shiny red alien exterior gleamed in front of me. I looked at it and thought, ‘Now what do I do?’
The instructions were sketchy to put it mildly, apparently all the information is on the machine and you learn as you go. (That’s if you get as far as switching it on) I was instantly terrified. What on earth had I done?
I ignored it for over an hour and went about my business, but found myself sneaking looks and wondering if I could possibly…
To cut a long story short, I did finally pluck up the courage to turn it on, and for several hours I blundered about, pressing this and swiping that, until I had a rough idea of what to do. What made it worse for me I think was that it came with Windows 8, where I am used to Windows 7, but having said that, it is a marvellous piece of equipment and I should be able to accomplish a load more work with it.
Once I have ironed out all the wrinkles, both its and mine of course!

See you soon,


#Writephoto – Yearning #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Yearning #writephoto


a channel of water flowing out to sea, with the sun reflecting on the water.

Image by Scvincent.com



Sunlit Water

The lonely river runs across the dark land

Searching beneath blistered coloured skies

Sunlit ocean waits below

There is an urgency, a beckoning

To be wanted, welcomed, swallowed by a loving embrace

before Spring winds carry more parts away

To join the circle of return

The river needs to reach the ocean

Before being carried upwards, to return again

An old yearning to leave part of self behind

Safe in the oceans embrace

A place where all things are remembered

Water holds its own with memory older than time

There are many parts of the same body

Water will always find its own

May you also find your loving embrace…



Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge @ColleenChesebro



Colleen is not back yet, but cannot stop writing these etheree poems every week!



Is it

That watches

In the darkness?

A pale ghostly moon

Hangs above the rooftops

Darkness itches your damp skin

Long old words echo in your mind

Old friends lost to a dark, storm-tossed sea

Death illuminated by a ghost light

Taking mind through a sea of dark starlight

To be awoken by time waiting

Old souls crying to be born now

To leave all darkness behind

Too few will be called forth

Darkness holds its own

By old fear gripped


To lose




What do you See? May 28/2019


Weekly challenge


Weekly Challenge  (May 28 to June 3/2019)

How to join: write a post on your own blog,  your choice of poetry or a story.

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Image by Willow Poetry


Blue stars shine

Baubles, ribbons, wrapped gift box

Tantalising, waiting to be opened

Hands itching to get inside

Mind whispering all kinds of wonders

The hope of that which lies within

Will wish be granted?

Of hints, you have given, anticipation mounts

Within the box lie two more

The third a charm, inside, a gift of gold

A small bell. The card reads

When you wear the charm

and hear the bell ring

I am there waiting with you

Watching, guarding all you do

The sound of love, lost

but never forgotten…