#99 Word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community…

December 5: Flash Fiction Challenge


December 5, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes a key lime pie. How can you use it in a story? Is it about the pie? Or about characters making, eating, or otherwise engaging with one? Go where the prompt leads!



Beautiful Florida Keys, a string of pearls on warm blue water

So named from the Spanish Cayo, meaning little island

Small sweet key limes said to be the best

Now grown in back gardens, never leaving the islands

As for myself, I know nothing of this famous pie

I have never tasted it, maybe I should give myself a treat

Thing is, I am not known for my cooking

But I know someone who is

I will ask Jaye to cook the family a Key Lime Pie

And having done so, I have to report

Let life be evergreen!


#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Community #Poetry

November 28: Flash Fiction Challenge


November 28, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about winners. Who are they, what’s the mood, and what did they win? Express emotion or subdue it. Go where the prompt leads!



I couldn’t win a raffle,

if I bought every ticket, they have for sale

The prize is a 4-inch gold cup and

It would have been nice to win

Alas, I tried to cheer myself up

with a stroll around the charity shops

with ten to search through

I stopped for lunch in Poppins

Opposite is the Heart Foundation charity shop

In the window, I could see a small cup

Nipping out to take a closer look

Hidden in the corner, I found it

Green glass, dark rim, orange base

At last, I could declare myself a winner!

DSCF3302 (2).JPG

Image by Jaye Marie


Smashing Smashwords!

Feeling mighty proud of myself today, as I have beaten the dreaded meatgrinder!

For those who don’t know, this is the complicated system that all books must go through to be included on Smashwords.com and Silent PayBack made it on the second attempt!

The first time, the cover image was too small and that was easily fixed.

Now, you don’t have to buy a copy, just read a bit and say what you think. Pretty please?





#99 Word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community

November 21: Flash Fiction Challenge

November 21, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a romance. Focus on the relationship between two people. Build tension and end on a happy(ish) note. Go where the prompt leads!



My parents are the stories of poets, romantics

Married fifty-six years, they still hold hands

I hope some of that love has rubbed off

That I hold my husband’s hand as long

I remember years ago, asking mum

How she knew dad was the one

He was persistent, for three weeks he sent flowers

With a handwritten poem

Until I agreed to our first date

The rest is history,

dad was the romantic one

I asked my dad the same question

His answer, She’s my star

Without her there’s no light in the world

What more can I say…


#Writephoto ~ Light #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Light #writephoto


Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a woodland scene with a dusting of snow and the sun, rising as a rayed orb through the boughs of a tree.

This week, Sue Vincent has given us this beautiful image prompt, and this is what Anita has written…

Sun frosted leaves folding in harmony

Boughs crossed in blessing to an ancient time

Snow faced sun rising, a pale orb

A gentle reminder of Holy sites remembered

Snow covered land melting

Yet the old ways remain

Safe from church builders

Pagan ground hidden from Papist hands

Many still gather to give thanks

To the great perhaps…


#writephoto #writingprompt


Please share your thoughts before you go!

#Flashfiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry

November 14: Flash Fiction Challenge


November 14, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using storm windows. It can be literal on a house, but also consider other portals, even spaceships or submarines. Can you make it into something new or build a story around something historical? Go where the prompt leads!



In England we don’t have storm windows

We have triple double glazing

Which distorts the view outside something terrible

They’re only good for keeping out the cold and sound

Looking at the moon at night, you will see three

I can’t imagine needing them for the kind of winds

That sound like an angry animal

Trying to take the house brick by brick

Tornados, snowstorms the size of mountains

Whiting out the familiar, trapping families

In their homes, enforced imprisonment

By the local weather

I watch Chasing Tornados on TV

Wondering how it would feel to be up close…


#Wordle ~ 429 #Poetry







Looking at the thick diamond crusted sky

It’s true what they say about the dark

It moves, there’s something living within

Slowly marching across my lawn

Holding my warm glass of milk

I like to look at the world outside before bed

The edge of my glass tasted salty

I wondered if Mrs Mack had been

Preparing her supper before bringing it to me

I knew she would take a glass of her favourite brew to bed

No looking at the stars for Mrs Mack

That would be a waste of good sleep time

How much beauty does she miss with her practical mind?

The way my luscious green lawn looks almost black at night

Standing there, reminding myself to write the cards for the gala

By rights, I should have written them yesterday

Clouds fell away from the face of the moon

Changing the lawn from black to silver

Chasing some of the dark shadows away…


#BlogBattle: Harp #Poetry


November 2019 Blog Battle

Our word this month is:


You can start writing at any time, but make sure you post your story by the 30th of the month to have your story shared here and on social media.

Once you’ve posted your story to your blog, put a link to it in the comments section, and we’ll add your story to the Battle Stories Line-up post.

Make sure to check back and read some of the stories of your fellow battlers. Leave comments to encourage these writers, and share each other’s stories!



From the Heart

I was waiting for mum to tuck me in, tell me my bedtime story

She never read from a book, at times I wondered if she could read

The best stories come from the heart she said

Tonight, I want to tell you about the sacred willow tree

The fey folk make their harps when the moon is full

The goddess making sure that enchantment graces the strings

Building a mystic bridge between heaven and earth.

One night, when the full moon hid behind dark clouds

the chief harp maker discovered his golden harp had been stolen

This harp was never designed to be played by human hand

Should they be foolish enough to play the magic strings of the twilight harp

Like that moment between dark and light

They will find their souls struggling to stay in their own world

So, be careful when buying a second-hand harp

The music you play may be too painful for heart and soul to hear

You may find yourself in the land of the fey…


What Do You See prompt November 4 2019…



What Do You See prompt November 4 2019


what do you see x2.jpg


Dark Moon


The white witch tree

Sails across the darkness

Driven by lightning

Waiting while the ghost moon

Devours the light

Trying to reach the world of man

Soft white clouds

Hide a darker purpose

To bring evil into being

To tear down your walls

Destroy what man has made

To break the children

Before the light claims them

No good can be done

When darkness lives inside their souls

The white witch must break free

from the spell she is under in time

to see the world of man with light

until then, our world remains in half-light…


November Fiction Prompt from Carol J Forrester… #Poetry

November Speculative Fiction Prompt


Image by Carol J Forrester


An abandoned garage

A temple to youth, their artistry

Dark painted columns speak of moments past

The hissing sound of spray cans

Mingled with laughter

Has anyone noticed it’s a place of two halves?

Beautifully rounded columns on the left

Lit, not by the distant window

On the right, the columns are in shadow

A lonely figure of a man walking through

His gait seems heavy

He’s searching for something in the graffiti

A message from a lost sweetheart

Her initial plain to see, a large B

Was she here, did she leave more to be found?

A reason for leaving.

Continuing his slow walk

her beautiful face shining behind him

The reason for the light, his heart heavy

Her message has gone unnoticed…