Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #Etheree #Poetry

This week, Anita has excelled… not just an ordinary Etheree for she has attempted a double Etheree poem! I am impressed, how about you?

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Double Etheree:  TIME



Lost dark star

hands held slow dance

Love song remembered

Time flies and we grow old

Dark empty space left behind

To love lost long ago, tears shed

Slow handheld time rhythm left alone

Let no soul remain to cry at windows

As I am passing by this empty life

I stand all alone to shed my tears

Tears shed too long in fruitless pain

Vacant phantom I once said

Sunken life is depressed

Void the empty shell

I left outside




©Anita Dawes


#Writephoto: Bone

Another #writephoto challenge from Sue Vincent…



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Bones whisper, from the desert sand

They whisper from the ground we walk.

We dig them up, their stories told

Graveyards planted, bones of white

Long lost souls lay still at night.

Some will walk again, their day not done.

No help among the living

Their bones will call them back.

Fortuneteller bones in hand

Will tell what you need to hear.

In the end, bones will be

All that’s left of you and me…

©Anita Dawes

#Wordle 371



Wordle 371.jpg


On Golgotha Christ did make his stand

Did hear the knock as nail hit wood

Mary’s face full of tears

On bended knees, she waits, to watch her Son

Before He goes, she hears the soldier’s awful plans

To do the same again in days to come.

A fact of life in Roman times

Here guilty bodies line the roads

Blood mixes with the earth below.

Mothers worry about their sons

They know their plans to change the world.

Roman law, not for everyone

Life is bland for women living on desert sands

No sex planned, no life renewed

Until men come back from freedoms fight.

Rome ruled for many years

Leaving blood and tears in their wake.

England shakes beneath the spear

Some will stay, while others return to Rome

Where mothers wait.

How many sons are lost by pagan rule

Now England’s left to stand alone,

A blend of old and new.

©Anita Dawes

99 Word Challenge forThe Carrot Ranch Literary Community





The birth of a Nation is hard, as any mother will tell you.

It’s new, shiny and fragile.

It must be nurtured, fed at regular intervals

Like a garden, it needs water, love and guidance.

All easy to say.

You let it grow, wait for the day it can stand

Take the rain. Will it weather the storms?

Yes, if it was built on firm ground

Strength comes with unity

Invisible hands holding everything together

A strong chain will let no rust in

You know what is said about one weak link

Never take your eye off the ball…

©Anita Dawes

#Wordle 369




In the valley of shadows, I lay her down

A love that could not stay.

As I drive away, instinct reminds me not to speed

Her letters in my back pocket would give the game away.

The only child of a poor Bedouin, cursed at age ten

To never stay for more than a year and a day.

There comes a stage when life’s raffle takes all breath away

Your numbers up, the spirit calls

The buzzer sounds and down you fall.

Before my strength is gone

I will finish what I started.

My words blow across the valley floor

I tell her that I will not leave her there

I will wait a year and a day

Find a way to break the curse.

I promise her we will live together

For more than a year and a day…

Anita Dawes

“Flash Fiction 99 word Challenge for the Carrot Ranch Literary Community

This weeks prompt is a Broken Fence…




Late one night after having a skin full, dad drove through Mrs Mack’s front garden. Breaking the fence was bad enough, but he took out her favourite roses too.

Dad said he was sorry, that he would fix the fence first thing.

Mum brought roses, but there was no answer when she knocked on the door. She left the roses on the step but watched to see if her friend would take them in.

They died where mum left them.

After a week, mum told us that some fences cannot be mended. That she had lost her best friend…