Patience of a Dead Man Book Review

Stine Writing

By Michael Clark

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Patience of a Dead Manby Michael Clark is a 20thcentury ghost story set in rural New Hampshire. When Holly sells Tim a run-down fixer upper, neither of them has any reason to question the inexpensive property, eventually learning more than a fair share of the local history.

Fresh out of a nasty divorce Tim needs to start over, but after losing just about everything to his ex-wife, he must find a way to do it quick and to do it cheap. The plot starts quickly and moves swiftly, engaging the reader from the first page. The mystery surrounding Tim’s new home quickly unravels and as soon as you think you have it all figured out, Clark introduces another thread to the plot.This is a tale with many twists and turns as the characters dig deeper and deeper, until you aredyingto get to…

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Not Just Grapes…M&S Grapes

Caramel (Learner at love)

I have been shopping at Marks And Spencer’s Food Halls more this year than ever before. During the height of the shopping chaos that this spring was…I found that I had to find different locations to shop. When I arrived at M&S I found that they had a lot of fresh produce, whereas some of the other supermarkets had very little.

Grapes, Sun, Sunbeam, Fruit, Vines

Well…during the past few months I have fallen in love with the selection of grapes to be found at Marks And Spencer’s. They are not just grapes…M&S grapes are delicious. Currently I have a packet of “Strawberry Grapes” in my fridge. They are tiny little red grapes packed with sweetness, a little bit of a strawberry flavour.

The first grapes I was hooked by were there Muscat grapes – yummy yummy yum! But then every week I would nip in to the local store to investigate what was on…

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Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! It’s my pleasure to welcome Craig Boyack back to the blog today, and this time, it’s a two-fer. He’s here to talk about a new mystery anthology called MURDER THEY WROTE, in which he has a story. But in addition to his installment, our Story Empire colleague, Mae Clair, also has a piece in the collection. And there are several other talented authors’ offerings. So, I guess it’s really a three-fer. Or a many-fer. Whatever you want to call it, two SE authors and some of their writing friends have a new murder mystery anthology out, and Craig’s here to talk about it. Please join me in giving him a warm welcome as he talks about this release.

Staci, I’m honored to be back at your place to promote my newest project. Honestly, you have to let me pay some of this back if you ever want to…

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And how Mistress Bete became a lady of property.

Tallis Steelyard

I’ve known Mistress Bete for many years. If I may take the liberty of calling her a sensible young woman without seeming to insult her, I shall avail myself of that privilege. She was born into a class which accepted that a daughter would have to work for a living, at least until she married and started a family. Thus her family had done their best to ensure that she had such education as they could afford.

To be fair, she was one of those pupils who, once they had been taught to read, plunge into the maelstrom of learning, leaving their teachers far behind. She read voraciously.

Her first employment was as a maid in a large and respectable house, and the housekeeper soon learned not to allow her to ‘dust the library’. Still, the lady of the house, once she realised the girl could be trusted, was happy…

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Eternal Road ~ New Release by John Howelll @HowellWave

Joan Hall

Hey, everyone! I am super excited to have John Howell as my guest today. This is is first time here, but I hope not the last. He has recently released a brand new book and is here to talk about it. Please welcome him to my site.

And now, take it away, John!

New Book Launch – Eternal Road – The final stop.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Joan, and thank you for helping me launch this book. I know you are busy with your own projects so I’m happy you could help with the launch. Speaking of the book, let me describe the kind of book it is. Eternal Road is the story of two people finding their way through the selection process leading to the place where one will spend eternity. Yes, it is true. They both have passed away. James Wainwright just…

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Two journeys, one destination (2) – Inverness

The Silent Eye

It begins in Inverness, that beautiful confluence of water, road and mountain. Like any journey through northern Scotland, it will be dominated by water…

The year 2020 will be etched in all our memories. It was not a good year to try to hold the kind of workshop we run: three days of shared travel, feeling the landscape, and thoughts about the nature of consciousness; that most precious jewel every human carries. Add to that the possible extension to visit the archipelago of Orkney, and we had something very difficult to achieve.

Covid had caused us to cancel three of the planned workshops of the year. We hung out for the September one, hoping that the physical heartbeat of the Silent Eye could endure for at least one annual pulse in these challenging times. Bad news after bad news threatened it, but the core bookings had been made and we…

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The Connection, #Haibun

Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry

This week’s Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge was an Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt provided by Lisa Thompson.

Image credit: Unsplash, and the photographer is Wolfgang Hasselmann

The Connection, #Haibun

My walk resulted in a surprise this morning. I found a toadstool growing on the north side of a Palo Verde tree where the sprinkler had sprung a leak. It’s unusual to see a toadstool in the desert, so I suspected there was magic afoot.

The late summer sun hung in the early sky, an angry red orb smothered by wildfire smoke. Cool air currents swirled around my legs, mixing with the warmer currents above. I followed the winding path along the wall that edged the sprawling desert surrounding my housing area, listening to the sounds of the birds in the trees.

Ahead, a woman and her dog, dawdled. She’d tug his leash to suggest a turn in the path, but he’d have nothing to…

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