New rules


Artist Richard Diebenkorn had some rules about the way he should approach his work. I can’t remember where I got these, but I was inspired enough to copy and paste them at the time. I was also inspired enough to come up with a few of my own. When the going gets tough, it’s always good to have some reliable aphorisms you can fall back on.


1. Attempt what is not certain. Certainty may or may not come later. It may then be a valuable delusion.

2. The pretty, initial position which falls short of completeness is not to be valued—except as a stimulus for further moves.

3. DO search.

4. Use and respond to the initial fresh qualities but consider them absolutely expendable.

5. Don’t “discover” a subject—of any kind.

6. Somehow don’t be bored but if you must, use it in action. Use its destructive potential.

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New Release: Lunar Boggie by C S Boyack

Joan Hall

Hey, everyone. I’m happy to welcome back friend, fellow author, and Story Empire contributor C. S. Boyack to my blog. Craig has a brand-new release in his Lizzie and The Hat series. If you haven’t read any of those books, I highly recommend them. You all know my affection for full moons, so it goes without saying the title of this book intrigues me.

Let’s hear more about it from Craig.

Thanks for the invite, Joan. I’m out promoting my newest book, “Lunar Boogie.” This one is a paranormal adventure, and it’s the fourth book in an ongoing series. I worked to make sure people could read them out of order without feeling lost. If this is your jumping on point, I think you’ll fare just fine.

I’ll let the cover and blurb tell you about the story. I want to talk about my main characters. “The Hat Series” is…

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Love note…

Cyranny's Cove



Her pen was waltzing on the paper, but her thoughts were elsewhere.

She tried to focus, but the butterfly flutters just wouldn’t let her. She just wished he could be there, sitting next to her, sipping on his coffee. Of course it was new, but she really felt he was her soulmate. Silly? Maybe… Or not.

Scribbling a short message, she tore the page out of her notebook, folded it clumsily and ran in the corridor to slip it under the bathroom door.

A virile giggle resonated on the other side.

 Her words simply said ”Poop faster… I miss you!”


I might just be stubborn, given my past fails, but I am giving a shot at the NYC Midnight Challenge, again. This is a practice for the 100-Word Microfiction challenge starting in two weeks. The prompts for this story were Romantic comedy / Sliding something under…

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Ina Vase on Monday: Shabby Chic

Rambling in the Garden

My vase today is simple: a clutch of faded blooms from Helleborus ericsmithii ‘Winter Moonbeam’ in a vase from my collection of Caithness Glass ‘Ebony’ pieces.

I had begun cutting faded hellebore flowers last week to allow clumps of fresh leaves to take centre stage, but after trimming half the blooms from this plant I realised they were too striking to consign to the compost heap, so left the rest to cut for this week’s vase instead. The original and numerous blooms were white flushed with pink but have now aged to green, this time flushed with a deeper almost burgundy pink. This floriferous variety of hellebore carries a series of blooms along each stem and there must be around 50 flowers in the vase, perhaps half the total produced by the plant. Highlighting their shabby chicness is a vintage handstitched patchwork quilt.

If you would like to join in…

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Biding my time

luna's on line

Concealed behind that plain façade
silently observing yet unobserved
you creep along obscure corridors
listening at keyholes, capturing confidences
pocketing intrigues and salting them away.

Green mantle cloaked, you traverse the town
sniffing out secrets, ferreting for indiscretions
licking spoons that stir the pot
snatching skeletons from cupboards
to one day share and spill.

Nothing escapes your inimical attention
under your watch, people scarcely sleep
they mind their tongues, mind other people’s
but blank of countenance and with eyeless innocence
for now your secrets stay safe with me.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #81 photo prompt.

Image credit: Victoria Strukovskaya @ Unsplash
The image shows a closed wooden gate with the number 28.5 written on it with chalk. The gate is surrounded by thick green creepers.

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To schedule writing time or not? #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

In a writers’ forum, I was recently asked how a person can go full-time as a writer. I don’t have a good answer for that as you must be able to pay your bills, or no books will ever be written.

MyWritingLife2021Most writers are hobbyists. This is because if one intends to be a full-time writer, one must have an income.

I am a full-time writer. I have regular office hours for writing, and I’m retired from my career in Corporate America.

For many years I was a hobbyist, writing when I had a chance and devoting my life to my job and raising a family.

Some people manage to fit short bursts of writing into their daily schedule, writing at work while on break or at lunch. Others must schedule a dedicated block of time for writing by either rising two hours before they must depart for work or…

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