Can You Hear Her… #Poetry

Can you hear her crying late at night?
Over the loud music, I hear her tears
You and I watch as she carries her pain
Nothing we do can change the beat of time
Tomorrow, the clouds remain dark, full of tears
Down the rabbit hole, the music has a merry beat
Over the river, sits the King on his throne
Waiting to greet new visitors to carry their tears
Evening starlight removes her pain
Never again, would her tears last through the night…


Raindrops trump the scowls, apparently

Rantings Of A Third Kind

“There is just something about rain, I dunno, but yeah” Gun Roswell

Raindrops trump the scowls, apparently

The rain banging against my window in the middle of the night, well it’s morning, but I’m not really counting, cause the loud clanging kept me from my beauty sleep, not that it was really ever that deep, just the same, I would like it to blame, for the lack of my extension span, being quite low, in the early hours of the day, as starting with little of now sleep a day, surely a permascowl plastered now and there to stay, for the duration at least, but the I see, the tiny droplets gathered onto the leaves of the flowers I had bought cheap, and an involuntary smile creeps up towards my cheeks and ain’t that just creepy, but I like it just the same and the rain apparently is to blame!

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Today’s Quote

Soul Gatherings


… It is our duty to matter.

~ Alexander Chee ~


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#Empty Rooms… #Poetry

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
I found my sisters artwork hidden 
in the shadow of her empty rooms
An old sketch caught my eye
Bright sparks, stars, orbit over our house
Damp air from my open window
made me hold my breath
A sudden swirl, lifting dry leaves
The rustle made me think of her footsteps
Something I haven’t heard in over a year
Harsh words had passed between us
Christmas coming up, I keep my fingers crossed
We can make things better around the family table
I breathe slow, as we pull a cracker together
Fingers crossed; we can put the harsh words behind us…



Colleen’s #Poetry Challenge ~ #Specific Form ~ 4-11 ~ #Dreaming

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Will we meet again
When I’m dreaming
My heart beats loud
Like the ocean
Rushing to shore
Searching for you
Are you dreaming
Waiting for me
Hold the dark nights
I’m on my way
Will we meet again?


Today’s Quote

Soul Gatherings


The fountain of beauty is the heart,

and every generous thought

illustrates the walls of your chamber.

~ Francis Quarles ~


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Jagged Feathers ~ Book Two of The White Rune Series ~ #Military Romance @JanSikes3

Vann Noble did his duty. He served his country and returned a shell of a man, wounded inside and out. With a missing limb and battling PTSD, he seeks healing in an isolated cabin outside a small Texas town with a stray dog that sees beyond his master’s scars. If only the white rune’s magic could bring a happily ever after to a man as broken as Vann.

On the run from hired killers and struggling to make sense of her unexplained deadly mission, Nakina Bird seeks refuge in Vann’s cabin. She has secrets. Secrets that can get them all killed.

A ticking clock and long odds of living or dying, create jarring risks.
Will these two not only survive but find unexpected love along the way? Or will evil forces win and destroy them both?

Our Review

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, Ghostly Interference, so I knew I would love Jagged Feathers.

Vann Noble is a wounded ex-service man, doing his best to adjust to a life he didn’t think he would come home to. A life he wasn’t sure he wanted anymore.

But life hadn’t quite finished with him.

What follows is one of the best many-layered love stories I have ever read. Heartwarming and affirming, reminding me that love can always find a way, one way or another.

The two leading characters, Vann Noble and Nakina Bird, are both damaged and hampered by past experiences. They were not looking for love, just a little peace and time to heal. Add an adorable dog to the mix, one who also needs time to heal, and you have a very good combination…

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Wordle #282 ~ #Poetry ~ #A Strange Friendship

Softly, she hunts under an overcast sky
followed by a bald badger
The same pattern each night
The first star dots the sky
The large ginger cat sits by the open window
Beside him, his mistress leaves her milkshake
No fangs needed, so he takes advantage
Whiskers cleaned, he leaves 
through the open window
To follow behind badger
through leafy lanes, 
they march on into the night
A strange friendship, that works
and needs no communication…


Today’s Quote

Soul Gatherings


One must work, nothing but work,

and one must have patience.

~ Auguste Rodin ~


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Yesterday’s Dream… #Poetry

Image by Kate Cox from Pixabay 

Mouth full of words with nothing to say
Empty promises that should never have been made
Tie them all together, what have you got, nothing
After a lifetime of dreaming, there’s a red flag
Perhaps I should have turned around and started again
Have one dream at a time, make it come true
Yesterdays dream was one of the best I ever had
Sitting at my piano, hands poised I freeze
Inside my mind, I am playing, note perfect
Concert hall full of people, seated in silence
Applause, loud in my ear for the music in my mind
Like I said, one dream at a time…