I can see clearly now………………


or at least we will in a couple of weeks.

We had another double glazed panel blow over the weekend and made a call to the company we used to replace the others to come and give us a quote………………..
And since our call, we have been thinking.

So far, we have replaced two panels on separate occasions, one in the kitchen and one in the main bedroom at a cost of £70 each. The other pane in the kitchen had been replaced by the previous occupiers, and it turns out that one of the smaller panels in the lounge bay window had also been replaced, so that makes four. Double glazing is guaranteed for ten years, so as the property is now 12 years old, it’s not surprising they are beginning to fail.

Last time, we calculated that it was more practical for us to replace the panes as…

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Bermondsey summers


What is it about memory, that makes us remember summers as being better in our youth? Ask most people about the weather, and they will almost always agree that the summer was better when they were young.

Six weeks of unbroken sun, school holidays spent outside, with perhaps the occasional thundery shower, that helped to clear the air. Given that this might span a time period from 1958, to 1998, it cannot really have any basis in fact. Although I do not have the real statistics to hand, (and cannot be bothered to look them up) I am sure that we didn’t always have fabulous summers, with weeks of Mediterranean heat, and unbroken blue skies. So why is it that this is how I remember them?

Before we moved to Kent, when I was fifteen years old, I spent my summers on the streets of Bermondsey, a South London district…

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#Throwback Thursday ~ Blessed Mayhem by Sue Coletta @SueColetta1 #Crime Thriller

Throwback Thursdays, a brilliant way of seeing our favourite books/reviews again!



A chance encounter …a deadly predicament …a lethal decision.
The infamous Mr. Mayhem is not your average serial killer. Reminiscent of the beloved Hannibal Lecter, minus his thirst for flesh—because eating humans is just plain rude—Mr. Mayhem storms on the scene with style, grace, elegance, and a zest for life unlike any other. Impeccable manners also help. He may commit murder, but there’s no reason to be impolite about it.
Accompanied by his loyal crow companions, Poe, Allan, and Edgar, his crimes strike fear in the hearts and minds of folks across Massachusetts’ North Shore.

When Shawnee Daniels—cat burglar extraordinaire and forensic hacker for the police—meets Mayhem in the dark, she piques his curiosity. Sadly for her, she leaves behind an item best left undiscovered. Or is it serendipity by design?
Color him curious, but he yearns to examine the psychology behind her life choices, tough girl routine, witty banter, and unique double-life. In a different time and place they may even become friends. But unfortunately, their predicament defines the risk.
The stakes are too high to stop now.
For reasons authorities cannot fathom, these seemingly unrelated murders will go down in history as the most impressive killing regime of all time. His coup de grace, if you will. Even if it means permanently erasing Ms. Daniels from the equation. All the pieces are there if the authorities look hard enough. The question is, will they? The only new wrinkle is Shawnee Daniels, and she may be his toughest opponent yet … if she’s clever enough to play the game.

Our Review

This is the second book in the Mayhem Series, starring the inimitable Shawnee Daniels in another brilliant crime thriller set in Massachusetts, USA.

Shawnee is an unlikely hero, with a heart of gold and a vocabulary to shame the devil. She encounters a serial killer during one of her rare nightly forays as a burglar, triggering both his interest and his fascination.

What follows is an unusual relationship between them. Fast and witty, the dialogue between them will make your head spin. Mr Mayhem, as Shawnee calls the killer, is a remarkable man. Intelligent, elegant, with a wicked sense of humour. Totally, unlike any serial killer I have ever read about, and the perfect foil for the smart and quick witted Shawnee Daniels, occasional burglar and computer specialist for the Police Department.

You are not supposed to like serial killers, but you will love this one, especially the relationship between him and Shawnee. There are so many good things in this story, from the hilarious antics of Mayhem’s three pet crows, to the detailed description of the intricate world of computer hacking.

This book has it all, fast action and twisting plots that will literally keep you gasping for air as the tension grips you by the throat.

The ending was intriguing, but slightly disappointing. This only made me want to read the next in the series!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review…


#The Sunday Whirl ~ #Wordle 408

You cut me, leaving me to bleed

On rough granite ground

Each toll of the bell ringing my life away

I spin with the earth, having swallowed this bitter pill

The stars above fade in and out

Like someone playing with the light switch

I feel my body quiver, as memory slides into darkness

I see a garland of flowers floating on the water

The last kiss from my father.

He often spoke to me of the dogwood

with its pink or white flowers

His fancy being it was one of the few plants

to have only four petals

He liked to think they represented the four elements

Earth, wind, fire and water.

My father had many strange notions and I loved him for it

I hope now, as my life floats towards the dark empty space

I meet with him again…


Colleen’s Weekly #poetry Challenge

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 132 #SynonymsOnly




Here are your two words for this week:

Influence & Perception

HERE’S THE CATCH: You can’t use the prompt words! SYNONYMS ONLY! Except for the first challenge of the month ~ then, the poets get to choose their own words. ❤




Is sketchy

Of God more so

Imagine my shock

When I open my mail

An invitation to tea

I have something for you to do

What can I do, that God cannot?

The force of his words was simple, believe…


Just keep knocking

writers co-op

 – by Jim Webster

Have you noticed how there are people who never get the attention they deserve? Obviously it can work both ways. I know one or two people who really ought to come to the attention of the hangman, or perhaps that of a philanthropic assassin wishing to square his account with society. But there are also perfectly decent people who get overlooked or even ignored, often from the paltriest of reasons.

Take Morn Willit. A young man, handsome enough, intelligent, courteous and kind. Not only that but he had prospects. There again, there were unfortunate disadvantages as well. Firstly he was painfully shy. So shy that his two sisters feared he’d never pluck up the courage to speak to an eligible young lady, never mind ask her out to dine with him. Secondly he walked with a pronounced limp, from the time when a Partannese mace had…

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Atonement in Bloom

Author Kevin Cooper

“Atonement in Bloom” continues the urban fantasy from the point where “Atonement, Tennessee” ended.The quaint town was stranger than Ralda Lawton could have imagined. The local population included supernatural beings of the fae variety. Although only she and a few others knew about that.In a past life, Ralda ― Esmeralda had been involved in something with those supernaturals and it had carried into her present life. In Atonement, Tennessee, that almost got her killed. Now she has new problems, and new supes to complicate matters.Atonement in Bloom continues the misadventures of Ralda, her friends, and neighbors in the small (but far from peaceful) town of Atonement, Tennessee. Her old house and cemetery are still there, along with Lilith the cat, quirky townsfolk, and assorted supernaturals.Now Lilith the calico sniffs out a strange beast.Fae foolery backfires. A friend is abducted.On a cold December day, Atonement, Tennessee comes into bloom.

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Rejections and Acceptance

A Crack in the Pavement

The Beginning

First Draft 3The first time I tried to write Dempsey’s Grill it was your typical mess. The idea was there but the story line was off. I could tell there was something missing and I could see the characters were not well written.

But it was a start.

By the time it was complete I knew I had something. It wasn’t because I wrote it, it was because I wrote something I wanted to read.

No is not the final answer

QueryAt the time I had no idea if others would agree but I knew I had to find out. For the longest time the answers were the same.


I think it was rejection 100 when I stopped counting. Who am I kidding? I counted every one. But no matter how many publishers or agents said no I kept going.


Because I wrote a book I wanted to…

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