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What do you see # 23 – 30th March, 2020




Another very topical prompt from Sadje this week…



Photo credit: Leah Kelly on Pexels 

( For visually challenged reader, the picture shows a girl holding a book which is hiding her face. The title of the book is not clear.)


Run Free

You can run but you can’t hide

There are only a certain amount of words

Sooner or later, you will reach the end

How many books can you read?

Before you want to shred the pages

Open the window, let the pieces

Be caught by the wind

Watch them fly free

Counting down the days

Until you catch them, like a lost balloon

Free from the four walls

that held you in lockdown…

©anitadawes 2020

#The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 449 #Poetry




Bright Days Ahead

I crawl through the wreck that is my life

Armed by despair

Hope lies trapped in a dark corner

Where my hand cannot reach

Through the maze of grey matter

That is my mind

I hear the chatter of many voices

At last, I make my way back

To a stash of bright smiles

The land survived without me

The corners are no longer dark

I am free to walk outside

It feels as if my feet

Are touching new ground…

©anitadawes 2020

I’m Going Away

lotus-2154146_1280 Image by Sunmo Yang from Pixabay

I’m going away to my happy place
I’ll be back in a little while
Don’t bother searching for me
It’s far from physical reach
But close as a beating heart

I will fly through the clouds
Play like a dolphin in the sea
Sit as a blooming lotus on water
Breathing deeply of smokeless air
Basking in the suns warm spring

When I do come back home
The transformation will be complete
Look deeply in the soul of my eyes
You will find a clear tranquil pond
And a lotus I brought back with me

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tales told different

Fate creeps upon us all
It spies and it sees
who knows what secrets it has beheld
the ones it will reveal
and the ones that it will hold
What power, what pleasures does it seek
a voyeur upon lovers meant to be
a vigilante, wielding callous justice
carrying vengeance from pasts long forgotten and lostOh! cruel kind fate
Are you evil or benign
like a storm upon the horizon
with promise of healing
and threat of destruction
Your guillotine hangs over the wicked
your hope dangles before us all

Do you believe in fate? that concept of karma? of reap what you sow? Or do you believe the universe plays by its own rules- A random giver and a random taker. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this.

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The Past Two Weeks – School Then and Now, Part 1

A Teacher's Reflections

I am missing the children.  I know they are missing me.  Learning will always happen, these tender moments won’t.  In the past two weeks our class has completely changed.  Yet, change can be a good thing.  Resilience is born.  Let me start at the beginning, two weeks ago.

March was incredibly exciting at school.  We have been learning about France, with great interest in our Big Book Atlas.  Geography is brought to life.  Oh, how we love to learn about new countries.  Better said, oh how we love to learn.  Our big atlas often gets us sidetracked in the best of ways.  Sometimes we learn about north and south, the poles and the equator, and temperature.  Sometimes we learn about oceans and volcanoes.  Our satellite map makes it visible for children.  Sometimes we get sidetracked on the map of the United States.  Before school closed we found Wisconsin.  That was…

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Stevie Turner

One thing our present situation has taught me, is that we all have to learn how to endure.  Some of us are better at it than others.  Some can do it without any support, and others need a helping hand or twelve.  We’re all in the same boat, and the sooner we can face up to the fact that Cyrus the Virus isn’t going to disappear any time soon, the better equipped we’ll be to face whatever the future throws at us.

To that end I’ve composed a little poem to help us all on our way …

ENDURE, BY STEVIE TURNER (copyright Stevie Turner 2020)

Keep a social distance

To add years to your existence.

How much isolation

Can you stand?

Wash your hands.

Cabin fever rife,

Couples full of strife.

Nowhere to go,

And no toilet roll.

Life ain’t grand.

Wash your hands.

Sanitiser shortage,

Can’t pay the…

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at mercy hospital

Does writing excuse watching?

my heart took charge this morning and my mind did not fight it. i dressed, had a light breakfast, and rode my bike to the mercy hospital emergency room. there was already a line. i was a candy striper at mercy in high school and i still have connections there. the staff was glad to have me but did warn me about the infection rate among those exposed to the virus. i spent the day bringing donated coffee and pastries to those waiting and listening to their concerns, both the ill and their families. we’re all in this together.

for Flash Fiction Challenge

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I saw it when I was a child, a castle with stairs that went high,

At the top, a suit of armor like a knight from centuries long ago.

Why was I there, I do not recall such a place, the snow, many a face,

When I was young it was very real, was this a dream that I did feel?

A hall with many rooms from my eyes I did see, a ghost in white,

It wandered within this place, was it a thought as I slept on a night?

I went to sleep one night when I was seven, In my dream, God was a child,

My fingers were bones, never did I see such a scene ever again.

Knocked on my neighbors’ door, what appeared was never before,

A witch with such laughter, made me rise into the air, not so real.


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Chai And A Chat #77 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 1

But I Smile Anyway...

Wow! What a week. Things are still changing, as I type… Let me tell you how week one of the new normal has gone for me…

  • I rolled up to work on Monday, having made lunches for the kids and Hubby, as. I wasn’t sure what time I was going to be back, but it’s best to be prepared, isn’t it? Their online learning wasn’t starting officially until Wednesday, but they had plenty to keep them occupied. School was a strange place. There were more adults than children, as the majority of folk had managed to get care for their kids, but there were still children of key workers in. Some staff had been assigned to be working with them. The rest of us had different duties to complete around the school and in our classrooms. A few colleagues had brought their children in. with them too. After a long…

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