#Poetry: Empty



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No child at play, the swing stands still

This hallowed ground of childhood

A vacant lot, no entry here

Tomorrow’s sale board will soon appear

How can danger be imagined

When laughter still lingers here?

The voice inside screams

Let the children play once more…

©Anita Dawes

#Wordle 370




The cat- o’- nine– tails flashing through the night

A distant memory, a crime, yet not mine

Are the Gods telling me of a time long ago?

Or one yet to come?

What crime holds my mind in thought?

I cannot change what has been done

Still, I fear it is yet to come.

Silver chains bind me

To something yet unseen

My back aches with memories long forgotten

Its root grown back in time, a cosmic hand

Some strange design, are they my thoughts

Or from another’s mind?

How many lives do I get, is it nine?

Some back in time

How many left, no one can tell

I fear strange magic is afoot

99 Word Challenge forThe Carrot Ranch Literary Community





The birth of a Nation is hard, as any mother will tell you.

It’s new, shiny and fragile.

It must be nurtured, fed at regular intervals

Like a garden, it needs water, love and guidance.

All easy to say.

You let it grow, wait for the day it can stand

Take the rain. Will it weather the storms?

Yes, if it was built on firm ground

Strength comes with unity

Invisible hands holding everything together

A strong chain will let no rust in

You know what is said about one weak link

Never take your eye off the ball…

©Anita Dawes

Guest author: Sarah Brentyn ~ Be the Grain You Were Meant to Be

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Pixabay

In one day, I saw three negative opinions about indie “authors”. (I use quotes here as these opinions implied indies are not actually authors.) One was a blog post and the other two were strings of tweets on Twitter.

They were of the mind that all writers who self publish completely, utterly, and in all other ways suck. They gave “proof”. (I use quotes here as my opinion implies that what they offered was not actually proof.)

Their “proof” (there are those pesky, sarcastic quotes again) is as follows…in a nutty, nutty nutshell:

  • If indie authors could write a decent book, they would be picked up by a traditional publisher. Period. Full stop. End of story.
  • “Real” authors (who are traditionally published) think indie authors suck, too. So there!
  • Indie authors are mucking up the world! Pigs are flying! Hell is freezing over!
  • Indie authors are so bad…

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2018 Summer Holiday – Part 3: Cancelled

Widdershins Worlds

The temperatures dropped and a little bit of rain fell. Mist-waith, or dragons-breath, as it’s known in the West of Ireland, (and probably other lands where dragons are known to frequent) tangled itself within the sides of our little mountain.

What cute little dragon arms you have What cute little dragon arms you have

The last of the strawberries, having survived the smoke and heat, then the slug onslaught when the rain did finally start falling, tasted divine.

All by myself, don’t wanna be ... wait a minute ... All by myself, don’t wanna be … wait a minute …

The strawberry plants are in the same bed as Hardcore Parsley and they weren’t going to be outdone by a mere parsley plant …

Hardcore Strawb says ... “Autumn? What Autumn! ... it ain’t over ‘til we tell you it’s over!” Hardcore Strawb says … “Autumn? What Autumn! … it ain’t over ‘til we tell you it’s over!”

And finally, the garden underneath the Summer Tree in the front yard managed to produce this little jewel…

Hanging with the bread ... (a ring-in from the compost heap) Hanging with the bread … (a ring-in…

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North-easterly: Sidetracked by poppies…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

While the story of the recent Castles of the Mind weekend will be shared on the Silent Eye website, our ‘extra-curricular’ adventures during that trip will be, as always, told on our personal blogs…

We had arrived in the north, checked in at our accommodation, and, after a coffee, as we still had a couple of hours to spare before we were all to meet, we decided to stretch our legs and explore a little of the village where we were staying. The pub in Beadnell, The Craster Arms, would have to be visited at some point, especially as it is housed in a sixteenth century pele tower, whose five-feet-thick walls were designed for the watch tower to warn of approaching danger, and as a refuge when it arrived.

With the Walk and Talk weekend ahead, we stayed clear of the inn; these things need to be approached with a…

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Before, During, and After Publishing: A Marketing Checklist

Story Empire

Shout from your soapbox.Ciao, amici!
If you’re like most writers, the actual writing process is fun(ish) for you. The launch, on the other hand, is probably a soul-sucking, frenetic nightmare. There’s nothing worse than feeling like the people in the graphic, standing on your soapbox announcing to everyone in earshot that you have a new book for sale.

Yeah, that’s a horrible feeling, especially when no one cares.

I’ve been releasing a lot of titles lately, one under the Staci Troilo brand and a few as Keira Beck. So when I tell you I’ve been in launch-mode for months, that’s no lie. While it’s foremost on my mind, I figured I’d share my checklist for before, during, and after the nerve-wracking publication process. Much of what I’m going to share won’t cost you anything but time. But remember, time and money (when you’re talking promo) tend to have an inverse relationship. The more…

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Just work

Entertaining Stories

I’m a fairly regular blogger. People come here to learn something interesting, have a laugh, and hang out. There are times when there just isn’t anything all that fun to post about.

Part of being a writer involves a lot of things that don’t aren’t research, or drafting new material. It still has to get done, and that’s what this weekend was all about for me. It isn’t all robot girls and talking yaks around here.

I wrote one more micro-fiction for my Macabre Macaroni event, then assembled and scheduled all five of them. To top it all off, I did an intro post for these stories and scheduled it too. (Six posts.)

I updated this site Friday night, and then there is this post. (Seven posts.)

I also wrote, assembled, and scheduled something for Story Empire on October 1st. (Eight posts.)

I already mentioned scheduling the interview for Thursday…

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Butterfly Sand

Do you feel entitled?

” . . .believing oneself to be inherently deserving

of privileges or special treatment.”

There are so many things that we have that we take for granted but do we deserve them? Short answer yes and no. There are things written in law that if we attain ‘ this’ we are entitled to ‘that’. That’s a good thing for a community, a society. But there are those who believe that they are entitled to more simply because they are alive. And that is both sad and annoying.

There will always be those who believe they deserve more than anyone else. There will always be those who don’t take what they deserve simply because they don’t want to be greedy. I think most of us are in between those two. But what are we entitled to?

It would be easy to say fresh air and clean water…

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