Wedding Crashers (Why—what did you do your first night in India?) #India #humor #travel

Barb Taub

Guess what, India? We’re baaaaaack!

I’m back in India to get into trouble with my two old friends and fellow travelers, Janine and Jaya. While we’re busy rushing for new disasters, I thought I’d share some memories of a few trips ago. [For even more elephant frenzy, parathas, temples, palaces, monkeys…and the kindness of Indian strangers—please click on the image above.]

Nobody who knew the three of us believed it a year ago whenas old friends since our university daysJanine, Jaya, and I actually managed to meet up in the middle of India. So obviously, we just had to push our luck. (Actually, that bit nobody had any trouble believing…)

This time, Janine and I were supposed to meet up at the Mumbai International Airport. But due to a tragic annual event we have up north (winter), both our flights were delayed.

I’d been traveling from Scotland for…

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Smorgasbord Health Column – Size Matters – The Sequel – Candida Albicans – Eliminating its favourite food – Sugars by Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Last week I looked at Candida Albicans and how it can become overgrown in our gut for a number of reasons that include over use of antibiotics:

This week the first part of eliminating the overgrowth and creating a balanced bacteria in your gut by eliminating sugars

There is a ton of dietary advice out there on the net about the “correct” diet to get rid of an overgrowth of Candida, some of which is pretty drastic. Of course, you need to adjust your intake of certain foods, because even if you are prescribed anti-fungal drugs, the pathogen itself will always be present in your gut waiting for another opportunity to take over the body again.

Remember that Candida Albicans exists in all of us at normal levels in the intestines and it can just take a two day stomach upset, which causes an imbalance of healthy flora, to…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Gardening Column – The best thing to come out of a Chicken by Paul Andruss

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the Gardening Column and in this post Paul Andruss is about the nether regions of a chicken…….

The best thing to come out of a Chicken by Paul Andruss

An egg?

An egg!!!

Why on earth would I with an egg? It’s a gardening column!

I’m talking about chicken shi… poop!

Yep, that’s the word POOP!

For hundreds of years guano was collected from rugged barren islands hosting sea bird colonies, to be used as a garden fertilizer and in the making of explosives. But these days you don’t need to row out during an Atlantic gale, you can buy it pelleted and sanitized in big plastic buckets quite cheeply (sorry, cheaply).

It is entirely natural and contains the three major nutrients plants need:

  • Nitrogen (N) – used for making new leafy green growth
  • Phosphorous (P) – used for making new roots, seeds fruits and flowers
  • Potassium (K)…

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The hoover? Damn…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The dog has got me sussed, it seems,
I can get nothing past her…
No matter what approach I try
She’s always thinking faster.

“I’ll hoover in a minute, girl”
‘We’ll see,’ I see her thinking…
Then launches into mad-dog mode
Without so much as blinking.

We spend the next half hour or so
In play and rough and tumble,
“I really must clean up, now girl…”
‘Oh yeah?’ I hear her mumble.

All innocent she drains her bowl
And looks to me for water,
So dutifully I oblige
And fill it as I ought to.

But she, no longer thirsty,
Is now waiting in the hall,
She grins at me pathetically
And offers me her ball..

Another half an hour gone,
The daylight is receding,
Her eyes are wide, her cheeks sucked in…
Okay, it’s time for feeding.

I can’t disturb her as she eats
The housework is still…

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Colleen’s 2019 #Book #Reviews – “Just an Odd Job Girl,” by Author, Sally Cronin, @sgc58

The Faery Whisperer


At 50 Imogen had been married for over 20 years, and was living in a big house, with money to spare. Suddenly she is traded-in for a younger model, a Fast-Tracker.
Devastated, she hides away and indulges in binge eating. But then, when hope is almost gone, she meets a new friend and makes a journey to her past that helps her move on to her future.

Title:Just an Odd Job Girl

Amazon Author Page:Sally Cronin

Publication Date:July 1, 2014


Genres:Literature & Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance, Contemporary



When fifty-year-old Imogene Smythe (Baxter) is replaced by another woman (a fast-tracker), the reality of her divorce to Peter sends her life into a tailspin. For the last twenty years or so, this middle-aged woman has dedicated her life to raising her family.

After the divorce, Imogene’s left…

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Consummate Artistry–A Guest Post by Jim Webster

Musings on Life & Experience

Consummate artistry

There are times when a chap finally begins to feel put-upon. Benor rolled
the ten alar piece across the table from his left hand to his right, and
then back again. He watched the light glinting on the gold coin.
“Benor, stop it.” Shena’s voice cut through his musings. “Tallis and Mutt
are sitting there watching with their tongues hanging out.”
Benor looked up; both Tallis and Mutt were indeed fixated on the coin.

“Sorry. I was thinking.”

“Meks a change,” Mutt muttered.

Benor ignored him, “It was that note our clerk friend saw. I wrote it down,
but I can damned near remember it word perfect. ‘So if the two lilies will
die from salt water, how are you going to kill the little dragon? I trust
that too will look like an accident.’ Well are the two lilies the
Chevaleresse of Windcutter Keep and her daughter?…

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Serial Saturday: [Horror] I’m Watching You #7

Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

A Sinister SixGood morning (if you’re in the UK)!

Serial Saturday again and time for another instalment of ‘I’m Watching You. Last time, after leaving work, MIKE had dropped into a local shop for some beer that he thought could be the answer to his problems, only to encounter the EYE staring back at him from a painting. Increasingly confused, Mike is well on the way to getting himself very drunk, but has decided to head back home to his wife. On the way, there is time for one more encounter…

You can read the first part HERE and the previous part HERE.

Now, on with the show…

Mike popped the cap off a fourth and slipped the remaining two into the pockets of his overalls. By now he realised he was already on his way to a hangover and probably headed for a night on the sofa as…

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A Hobbit’s Guide to Launching Your Book…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Excerpt from a post by Author Dan Blank on the Writers Unboxed site:

A great book launch relies on word of mouth marketing.

Today, I want to share advice I tend to give authors for setting the foundations for word of mouth marketing.

This work tends to begin well ahead of the actual launch of the book, oftentimes a full year or more before publication date.

I’ll explain why throughout the post.

To have some fun with it, I am going to frame this into the universe of The Lord of the Rings.

To continue reading this fun, but informative, post, click on the link or Dan’s photo below:

A Hobbit’s Guide

Dan Blank

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Street Teams: How to Run a Smooth and Successful Campaign – by Angela Ackerman…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on The Book Designer:

There are many strategies and tools an author can use when launching a book, but one of the most powerful resources to leverage is a Street Team.

Directed by the author, the team works to use their contacts, personal resources, and social reach to ensure the book has the best chance of being noticed by potential readers.

Find out more HERE

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