The Wonder…

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

The Wonder

In dreaming, I have sailed the seven seas

Seen shadows hiding on the dark side of the moon

I was there when Solomon said, cut the child in half.

It felt wonderful to see the real mother

Offer her child to the other.

I watched in wonder as Moses turned the sea red

I stood beside Jesus when the devil tempted him

Feeling his pain, the struggle within.

Blood filled arenas as gladiators fought for their freedom

I have never witnessed anything as beautiful

As when the first light split the darkness

bringing our blue planet into being

And the many wonders that live here.

I thank God for dream time…

©anitadawes 2020

#Not so SilentSunday…

I walked down to the bottom of my garden this morning, the jungle, as it has become affectionately known. Hiding among the undergrowth, I spied a purple flash of colour and moved closer…

Fighting for its life was the glorious purple rhododendron that I vaguely remember seeing before in the distant past. I felt so guilty at leaving it to fend for itself and made a promise then and there to do something about it… and soon… Nothing that beautiful should have to struggle so much!

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Writing Romance? Check Out This – 5 Things About Writing Kisses @KileyDunbar #Romance

Lucy Mitchell

I am so excited about this post. As a huge fan of all things romantic and someone who gets very carried away at the sight of any romance, within a ten mile radius, this blog post is going to leave me lying on my sofa with a cold compress on my forehead. Today we are talking about how to write a good kiss.

Now, back in the day, when I was looking for love in Leeds (in the 90s) kissing was a big thing. Especially since most of my dating was done in Ritzy’s nightclub and once a male suitor had impressed me with his dance moves, surrounded by clouds of dry ice, we’d go in for the kiss.

The kiss was animportantstage – because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone whose kissing skills reminded me of:

  • My washing machine on…

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Thursday photo prompt: Gaurdian #writephoto

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Hosted by Sue Vincent

Thursday photo prompt: Gaurdian #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a flower-strewn cliff-top above the sea, where a rocky outcrop, seemingly shaped into many forms and faces, looks out over the waves.

Hide and Seek

by Teresa Smeigh May 2020

“This is boring,” Carl said, wiping the sweat off of his face with his shirt.

“Oh, Carl, you are always bored. What do you want to do?” Susie said, also wiping the sweat onto the bottom of her shirt. “I am tired of coming up with ideas on what to do. You choose today.”

“Let’s head down to the sea wall. Lots of places to hide, and we can play hide and seek. I’ll even let you hide first.”

“I don’t know, my parents have always stressed that it was too dangerous down there to play.”

“Oh, Susie, you…

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Eyes to See

The Silent Eye

“By virtue of Creation, and still more the Incarnation,
nothing here below is profane for those who know how to see.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I remember one hot, summer’s day as a child, laying in the long, tickly grass of the field behind my home, watching the clouds race. All around me I could hear the bees and insects buzzing away, drowning the distant traffic noise and the passing train. As I write I can smell again that particular perfume of hot earth, sweat and new mown grass, with a little tang of melting tar hovering as an afternote. I watched as a ladybird and a very strange caterpillar made their way to the tip of the burdock, neither bending the leaves, but moving lightly as if that was where they belonged.

I knew, even then, that I was lucky. I had been raised in a family where belief…

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Escaping Man’s Insanity in Nature’s Sunday Morning – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Ugly events happen in dark hours. Horrifying images assault my senses and threaten to overwhelm my mind. Disgust churns in my stomach, and I feel the blackness consuming me. Hope flees, depression rises, and I fear the future of humankind. Sleep is a hard-won escape.

Contrast rises with the sun, revealing a magical quality to early Sunday mornings. Bright red cardinals compete for fat sunflower seeds. Red-winged blackbirds, chickadees, goldfinches, and a downy woodpecker flit between the feeder and the evergreens. Squirrels chase each other through the yard, oblivious to the hawk floating in lazy circles in the crystal blue sky. It may not be Walden, but it is my slice of nature carved from a suburban landscape.  

A gentle mist rises in the chill air as the sun promises hope. A deep breath, a hot cup of coffee, and a soft breeze eases worry and clears the mind…

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Presenting My poetry ebook – Blossoms and Foliages


My poetry ebook- Blossoms and Foliages🌷🌞☘️

When you’ve always been an avid nature lover and scribbled your musings in your daily blog, It’s happiness writing. But when life throws an invincible opportunity to convert that blog into a book- your dream poetry bouquet, it’s blissful writing!!

I recently participated in the May 2020 blogchatter ebook carnival launching my ebook- a poetry bouquet- Blossoms and Foliages. Life has never been the same again. It’s an enlightening successful feeling of being published and getting accomplished. A big thank you to the blogchatter platform for this riveting success.

The central message of my book is nature and it’s paraphernalia. I echo the sentiments of Vincent Van Gogh who quoted

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty in everything “

I believe, if you stay close to nature,it will never fail you. When you walk the woods drinking through your…

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Things I’ve Learned From The Canterbury Tales Part Two

A Writer's Perspective

In the description of the the franklin, one of the pilgrims, I came across a term I’ve skimmed over in the past when I’ve encountered it. I didn’t really have much of an idea of what a knight of the shire was, but the notes of my edition of The Canterbury Tales told me that it was a member of parliament and that Chaucer had been one. So I did a bit of reading.

Two knights were chosen to represent each county at a parliament. They were supposed to be elected, but usually they were chosen by the county’s sheriff. As representatives of people in a certain location, rather than invited directly by the king, they were in the Commons. Parliaments were called by the king, usually when he needed to raise money by means of taxes. They could meet anywhere in the country, depending on where the king was…

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