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A glittery surge of white laced wings

rose from the dirt around my feet

tiny angels born from the dust I walk on

my body still, feeling closer to God

soft lace wings kiss my cheek

I heard my heart cheer

felt the air churn around me

Trying to brush away the memory

Of my brief trip into a world

So few are privileged to see

I shuffle my feet, reluctant to walk away

The five barred gates ahead of me

Stood open. My stride lighter

I felt lifted…


Chill #writephoto

Trent's World (the Blog)

snow-chill Photo by Sue Vincent

“Great, now it’s snowing.”

A chill sent a shiver down to my spine.

No use worrying about it. I trudged on.

The last month ran through my head, the misunderstandings, the angry words. Perhaps this was for the best.

I kept my head bowed as I plodded along, as much to avoid seeing the familiar landmarks as to protect myself from the frigid wind.  The ground was just ground, one clod like any other, one rock no different from the hundred thousand I had just passed.  But it was changing as I climbed higher, for snow began to cover the trail.

Perhaps Driman was right, perhaps I had stayed far too long. Most of my youthhood companions had settled down long ago, but I was different.  Restless. I was not made to be a farmer!

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Na'ama Yehuda

Photo: Sue Vincent

They were cold to the bone, but it did not matter once the light broke out to illuminate the edge of clouds.

“We’ll be home soon,” he breathed into her neck.

“I know,” she whispered, her teeth no longer chattering. She’d stopped feeling her toes so long ago she almost forgot she had ones.

It would have worried her, in the past. The risk of frostbite. Amputation. Loss of the ability to walk.

Not anymore.

They were beyond all these things now.

They were going home.

For the rest of time.

“How long?” she asked, fretting a bit in spite of herself. She never found transitions as easy as he had. Especially such big ones. Especially those that were irreversible.

“Soon,” his voice was barely audible but she felt it reverberate through her chest. The finality of it.

The knowledge.

His strength.

She sighed, and though he…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Christmas – Festive Stories – Snow Storm by Carol Taylor

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Most of you will know Carol Taylor from her Food and Cookery Column here on Smorgasbord as well as her own eclectic blog located in Thailand, where she shares the wonderful food on her doorstep and recipes that turn them into delicious meals.

Carol also is passionate about the environment and has some down to earth things to say about our contribution to the state of the world, and the loss of habitat leading to the extinction of far too many species. You will also find her quirky and whimsical sense of humour coming through in all her posts..

Connect to Carol via her blog and enjoy posts on healthy eating, conservation, waste management, travel and amazing recipes: Carol Cooks 2

Carol also writes short stories and contributed tothe Phuket Island Writers AnthologyAmazon US

Which leads me to the reason you are here today, which is to…

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15 Blogging Tips For Beginners

boy with a hat


Blogging isn’t hard, and once you get the hang of it, it can certainly be a treat. But when you first create a blog, it can be challenging to publish  new posts consistently.

Maybe you are all excited about your blog. But if you don’t channel that energy into creating posts and interacting with readers and other bloggers, your effort may come to nothing.

Your blog could then end up like one of those forgotten construction projects — a house beautifully envisioned but which, due to the mismanagement of resources, has been abandoned to the whims of the weather.

Don’t get me wrong – WordPress.com offers us one of the easiest ways to create a blog. But after that, after your blog has a name and a theme and the Hello World page greets your eyes, it’s up to you to choose topics, create posts, and find your pace.

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Scam! by Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner

Here’s the first part of a 20,000 word novella, which I thought I’d share with you all so that you can see my writing style.  I’ll add some more parts as the days go on…

Scam! by Stevie Turner

Copyright Stevie Turner December 2020


Lauren West and Ben Hughes are saving frantically for their forthcoming marriage and mortgage deposit.  When Lauren sees an advert online from a firm of brokers extolling the profits to be gained by buying and selling Bitcoins, she is interested enough to pursue it further.

Lauren clicks on the advert.  She is soon contacted by Paul Cash, a knowledgeable stockbroker whom Lauren trusts straight away.  He is affable, plausible, and seemingly genuinely interested in her welfare.  Lauren looks forward to making enough money to be able to surprise Ben and bring the date of their wedding forward, and also to put a deposit down on…

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How I feel after 5 days with no Facebook

Across the Land

My account became active about eight years ago. My Facebook memories are good ones. The platform and the friends have not left me disappointed. I have felt overwhelmed for some time and finally made a decision to put something down.

My behavior seems like it borders on being obsessive at times, and this move feels really good.

Having some down time is becoming extremely important to me, and should have been all along.

Life is Good . . .

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