Why I am reposting Broken… #Poetry



Broken coloured shards of light

inside a kaleidoscope

caught inside a tumble dryer

that’s how my life feels.

Broken, trapped inside a bubble

waiting for someone to burst it

let the pieces out, try to put them back together.

How can one life be so fractured, splintered?

How can I have wasted so much time

on a fool with no eyes to see?

Was he blinded by the shards of light

from an ancient woodland?

Did the light remove part of his

knowing, his ability to love?

Can my love remove the blind?

I am reposting Anita’s lovely poem today because I am broken.

Somehow, I have become a virus victim. I don’t think it is THE  virus… but today all bets are off!

my temperature keeps soaring, but not having trouble breathing, so not really sure of anything yet. I do feel a little better today, so maybe it is on the way out!

Thinking of you all,





Weeping Statues…



Image by Karen Smits from Pixabay


Weeping Statues

I hide in a dark corner of the church

Watching the weeping statue of the Virgin Mary

Silence, as deep as the graves outside

A miracle or trickery, I couldn’t tell

People wept their own tears

No sound emanating from their bodies

Almost as though they wept while holding their breath

They hold out small scraps of cloth to catch a tear

A sacred relic to take home.

Some have claimed to be healed

From one ailment or another

Stories, Chinese whispers

Should I step out of my dark corner?

Out of the doubt that held me there

Would I receive a gift from an unknown source?

Would my twisted foot be straightened?

Would I walk as others do, without the daily taunts?

I had no scrap of cloth with which to catch a tear

I edged closer to the Virgin, kneeling as others had done

With my hands held open towards her

I caught a tear in my palm

Pressing it to my lips, making way for others to kneel

I left the church.

As I stepped outside, I felt my foot twist in the other direction

It felt as if the ground itself had played some part

Slowly, I walked home with my own special miracle…

©anitadawes 2020