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Magic comes in unexpected moments

Patiently waiting to blow your mind

With wonder, the beauty of lightning

Striking beside a rainbow

Two great luminaries appearing together

Was it planned by Nature, or magic?

waiting behind the scenes, giving pleasure

to those lucky enough to see it

The timing of such an event must be astronomical

I would place such a happening alongside

the seven wonders of the world

An unexpected gift from the Universe…

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Colour Me… #Poetry


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Colour Me

My thoughts take on a different colour

Depending on the words or who is speaking

A child can come across as pink and fluffy

Other times crazy, like a kaleidoscope

Full of wonders, possibilities

Speak too fast and the colours spar

Like a fuse about to blow

Angry voices bring dark storm clouds

Across windswept seas, lightning flashing

Lovers whispering on a park bench

In purple twists of blue swirling patterns

Joined in harmony, floating like smoke on the wind

When they kiss, I see a river of lights?

A festival of love

Bird song, a touch of stardust laced with moon beams

I care not that people think me a loon

This is how I see my world…

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#Macro Monday…



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Anita saw this image and promptly came up with a poem to go with it…

Blowing Bubbles

Soapy bubbles, rainbows made

By tiny wizard on water’s edge

Reflected time within the spheres

With village green

a lighthouse towers

to guide the way

People yet he must find

A string of pearls lies in his wake

Each shining soul he will make

bubbles blown with love in mind

an eco-system on the lake

no bubbles burst with magic made…

A Slip in Time… #Poetry




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I find myself lost in a wonderland and time

Wrapped in old magic, a kiss to the mind

To be lost in such a world is like being reborn

My heart knew this world to be free of darkness

Washed with strange things, the eyes seek to find more

Every fruit you have ever eaten, grown on one large tree

Rivers run with ever changing rainbow colours

Feathered friends whistle by, their metallic colours flashing

Flowers bow their heads in morning greeting

Rain falls around you, watering the ground

Nurturing this strange place

I see a house beyond the woods with diamond glow

Dare I knock, find who lives here?

My heart beats so hard,

I thought the occupant heard my approach

The golden feathered knocker lifted, banged down once

Before I could reach my hand to it

For a moment I believed the door opened by itself

For I saw only a bright light

I closed my eyes in silent prayer

Please let there be a friend standing there

On opening my eyes, my mouth flew wide

Her hair of gold like a summer corn field

Grew to her waist, her eyes a mixture of blue and green

Her smile welcoming, her beauty would wear no words

I seem to be lost, I said in a voice I hardly recognized

“You are exactly where you need to be.

Welcome, you are in time for tea.”

Would food be as I remembered?

I stepped inside and it feels like home…



The First Thing You See…


There has long been a standing joke in our house, that it is impossible for me to leave anything alone.

Never satisfied, that’s me.

They just don’t understand. I constantly wonder if a creation, doesn’t matter what it is, could be better. It’s not really my fault if something inside of me instinctively seems to detect less than perfection in almost everything I do.

This habit, unfortunately, does include people, but on this occasion, I am talking about those things I can possibly improve!

If you have followed my trail at all, you will probably know all about the countless changes I keep making in my endeavours to create the perfect book/cover/blurb.


Again, not my fault if these improvements present themselves to me. I have never been one of those ‘that will do’ people, and my antics drive me just as insane as anyone watching.

But there is one thing I constantly change and I love doing it. Not because I am looking for perfection mind you, but simply because I can.  And as it is a constant source of inspiration, it is well worth the bother. I am talking about the screensaver on my PC.


I found this site on the web called ‘WallpapersEveryday’ that allows you to change your screensaver image every five minutes if you wish. You can even have a slideshow of all your favourites, but these tend to make me giddy.

They have thousands of images, something for everybody, and I have found some truly beautiful images on there to inspire me.

I firmly believe that one of the first things you see every morning should be beautiful and inspiring… No peeking in the mirror then!



When… #Poetry




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When she loved me,

midnight was never dark

The moon always full,

 my bed never cold

My heart ever full,

the touch of her lips

Never fading, a permanent reminder

Of when she loved me.

Now I care not for midnight skies,

The stars have fallen

from their velvet mooring

Music has no melody,

ocean waves crash

against lonely shores, soundless.

The sun has lost its warmth

The smile on a strangers face

 no longer delights me

I am outside my body looking in,

As I sit remembering

when she loved me…