Butterfly Cinquain by Anita

We noticed a lovely Butterfly Cinquain on Colleen Chesebro’s site this morning, you can see it here further down the page.

Anita liked it so much, she wrote one of her own…


Image by Karsten Paulick from Pixabay


Butterfly Cinquain

Soft hands

One touch, last touch

Love lost in memory

Cold pillow wet, by midnight tears

Heart broke

Only touch again in dreaming

Lips to meet in shadows

Sunlight removes

Lost hands


The Inbetween… #Poetry




The blue hour, when colours blend

Creating a strange place


Yet the mind holds on to something known

Between the space, we call day and night

Not awake, nor sleeping

Running from the dream maker

Towards daybreak

Sunlight full of promise

If only that one nagging thought

Did not remain

What did I touch?

In that moment between

That my heart remembers

Is it something lost to all of us?