A slip in time…

A slip in time

“What’s your name,” I ask the old man, sitting on the park bench feeding the pigeons. I liked the look of him. Small, with a slight hunched back. White hair and the beginnings of a beard.

“My name, do I have a name?”

“Everything has a name.” My reply did not fuel the conversation. Something about the way he moved his hands, the way the small bag of seed did not empty, the way the trees around us held their breath. The silence and the sharp pain at the back of my head, stirring, waking something in me.

“You are Merlin.”

“Am I?”  His blue eyes sparkled with the mischief of a five-year-old child. “Yes, yes, you could be right. My memory is not as it should be these days. I have little to offer you, young man. You are wondering who you are.”

“Not true, I know who I am.”

“Do you know when you are?”

“Yes, I am here, in the park, talking to you.”

“Look around you, do you see what lies before your eyes?”

I did look around me and the trees parted, like an ancient curtain being pulled aside. Wondering if I had named him wrong. Could he be Moses with no sea to part, he split the trees. I see a castle, dark jagged rocks surrounded by vast ocean. I look again at the old man. I could see a tear in his eye, the smell of apples filling the air.

He vanished. The air had taken him. It looked for all the world as if I sat there, talking to myself.

I cried out, “Merlin, where are you?”

Rushing through the trees, calling again, I heard his voice.

“Here I am, look again…”

© anita dawes 2020

Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community ~ #Poetry

November 5: Flash Fiction Challenge

November 5, 2020, prompt:

In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about lost time.

Humans would call me a bad fairy
They don’t know much about my world
I am known as a Too Tak
I need to steal time
In order to feed the hunger inside
Without this, my kind don’t live long
Let’s face it, humans get plenty of time
To lose a little won’t hurt
Half an hour here and hour there
What harm can it do?
They think the clocks are wrong
Running slow or fast
They blame the time loss on bad memory
When my time is done
They get the borrowed time back
As a lost memory…

©anitadawes 2020

Time Slip… #Poetry

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

On my way to Balham High Street
I stood with my back to Barclays Bank
Opposite the train station
In the middle, the public toilets.
The light changed colour, darker than usual
The air stopped as if sucked by a vacuum
Sound muffled, something told me to run
Behind me, came a loud bang.
The bus turning where I had stood moments before
Vanished into the hole that once was the public toilet
One of Hitlers bombs had dropped.
Had my life been spared by a whisper inside my head?
Later that week, I found a library article
With a photo of a bus tipped into a hole
Whose footsteps had I been standing in?

©anitadawes 2020

#Keep it Alive ~ #What do you See ~ #WDYS ~ #Poetry

Keep it alive

What do you see # 51 – 12 October’20

Image credit; Adrien King @ Unsplash

( For the visually challenged reader. the image shows an hour glass sitting on a small table. The sand has run through the glass. Two hand are reaching for it from opposite ends )

If I could reverse time
as easily as turning over an hourglass
Placing a spotlight on time
Holding it to account before the sand runs out
Trap the last grain, hold it to ransom
Demand time work in harmony
with the way I feel
The days never too long or too short
I would sail through the perfect twenty-four hours
Never moaning there’s not enough hours in the day
Don’t let that last grain of sand get you down
Time is as trapped as we are…

©anitadawes 2020

Double Edged… #Poetry

Double edged

Time is a double-edged sword
It makes slaves of us all
Even when we’d rather sit and read and a book
it’s there, pushing at the edge of your mind
I really should be doing the washing
The grass needs cutting.
You can’t get away from it
Pushing you forward
Poking you in the back
If you could freeze one moment of your time
Which would you like to play over again?

©anitadawes 2020

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Worth Waiting For…

Image by Pixabay.com

Worth Waiting for

I fell asleep in my own bed, woke in another
Spent the night with a beautiful woman
Too soon, I found myself back in my own bed
Hugging air, wishing there were a way
to make the dream world a reality in my own time.
Realising this would take more
than the magic wand of Merlin to accomplish
My footsteps became heavy, my day dull.
The voice in the back of my head
A tormenting whisper, telling me
There is a way to stay beside her
That is when I remembered the date
of the newspaper on the side table,
two years from now, I will meet my future wife.
All I need now, is a way to speed time forward…

©anitadawes 2020