Silent Sunday… #Time

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We did remember to change the clocks this morning, all six of them. With each one we altered, we bemoaned the loss of that precious hour, as all time is precious without having it stolen from us. And before you mention it, we know we get it back again in October!

It’s probably something to do with old age, but time does seem to be speeding up at an alarming rate. It seems we only have to blink and that’s another month gone. It’s as if we are racing to get somewhere, and if that is the case, a few clues would be nice!

Image by Thought Catalog from Pixabay 

19 thoughts on “Silent Sunday… #Time

  1. We are speeding towards the /end/ of daylight savings, thank heavens. I truly don’t know anyone who actually likes it. Do governments get something out of it? Do corporations? Or has DST simply become this holy cow we dare not mess with?
    Oh..and I really like your avatars!

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  2. Our province voted almost unanimously, TWO years ago to end daylight savings, but because the US, not Canada, hasn’t got it’s shit together on a federal lever over the issue, we, a province in a seperate country from the US, can’t (read, ‘won’t’) change anything until they do.
    Living in Australia for all those years I was far enough away from the ‘american influence’ for its influence to be watered down by the Pacific Ocean, but sharing an 8 thousand kilometer border with them is a bit, trying, at times.

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  3. We always put the clocks forward before we got to bed, so we don’t feel we have lost an hour just gone to bed later, not that it stops us from being cranky when we get up.
    As regards the tempo of time these days, I have noticed a number of people who would qualify as our grandchildren commenting on how quickly time is going by.
    There is either something happening to our pace of life, or mischievous temporal pixies are sneaking hours out of our days for their own purposes.

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