Silent Sunday… I think!

Image by zhugher from Pixabay 

This is my virtual walk today. It’s raining, but I won’t get wet…

A long walk off a short pier came to mind, but I’m not quite ready for that… yet!

All morning, I was convinced today was Monday. Not sure if finding out it was a good thing or not!

#Silent Sunday… A Time of Melting…

Image by experimentMR from Pixabay 

I am feeling much like this poor rose.
The relentless frost has wilted me too
I am having trouble keeping warm
I have watched the flowers and plants
in my garden end up like this
melting, like ice cream
on a summer's day


Silent Sunday…

Are we getting ready for Christmas? No, we are not; too busy trying to keep warm! There is still time though!

Image by Frauke Riether from Pixabay 

Silent Sunday… Autumn in waiting…

Image by yoshitaka2 from Pixabay 

Today will be a good day… I am writing the new WIP!