Ancient Love… Revisited… #Poetry

Image by David Mark from Pixabay
Sadness holds all
Grey eyes see the life below
Blowing time on those it finds
Dancing smiling faces
With life, they glow
Silver moon stands high above
The mountain screams of ancient love
Time to let them know
That love of a different kind
Is love after all...

©AnitaDawes 2020

Anita needs a rest, so I found one of my favourites from 2020…

A Chapter from my Past… #Poetry

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Chapter – January 6, 2022

Image from ~ Poem by Anita Dawes 2022

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge ~ #Poetry #FFFC

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #98

The image is from the Google Photo Frame.

For the visually challenged writer, the image is the drawing of a girl’s face. The girl appears to be lying on her side.

So young, so wide eyed
From pencil scratching comes so much
Does she see her future?
Is it filled with the sadness?
That welling in her eyes
Has she been left to lie alone?
For too long that hope has died
Look deeper, there are no tears
She cannot cry
Dark days, evil hands
have stolen her childhood away…