The Long Walk… #Poetry


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The Long Walk

I want to dance

To swim the warm waters

Run barefoot through fields of yesterday

When you were there

I have lost more than my soul mate

There are no sunsets, no moon rise

The breeze no longer moves through the trees

The leaves are still

You have taken the air from this world

I can no longer breathe without you here

I wait, drifting like a slow-moving river

Until I can walk the path you have taken…


Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 156, #Poet’sChoice




You stay

One more day

Turn on the lights

Vanish the darkness

Don’t take Christmas with you

Words were spoken, yet we mend

Don’t wrap my tears beneath the tree

If you must go, leave the dog, she’s mine

Don’t close the door one last time, stay with me…


#99 Word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community

November 21: Flash Fiction Challenge

November 21, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a romance. Focus on the relationship between two people. Build tension and end on a happy(ish) note. Go where the prompt leads!



My parents are the stories of poets, romantics

Married fifty-six years, they still hold hands

I hope some of that love has rubbed off

That I hold my husband’s hand as long

I remember years ago, asking mum

How she knew dad was the one

He was persistent, for three weeks he sent flowers

With a handwritten poem

Until I agreed to our first date

The rest is history,

dad was the romantic one

I asked my dad the same question

His answer, She’s my star

Without her there’s no light in the world

What more can I say…


Love remembered… #Poetry


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Love remembered

Something familiar disturbs my sleep, my thoughts

Knowing is not enough to reveal all

It feels old, far away out of reach

Yet demanding, needing to be found

Understood, remembered

Music I don’t recognise steals part of my day

Strange scent assails the air, faint, almost recognisable

The way of passing someone wearing perfume

as if walking through a half-remembered fog

Leaving sticky fingers on my memory

Nails clawing the dark corners of my mind

Where the knowing hides

My dreams like the dark spaces

I remember him, but sunlight washes it away

All but his voice, my name whispered from his lips

Wait for me, I will return

This voice I know from the many lifetimes past

Why must love be lost like ships passing

Can destiny be tricked to let us love again…?


Empty Space… #Poetry


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Empty Space

I need you here in my world

How do I claim a soul taken too soon?

If I slam on the brakes, fly through the windscreen

Would I find you in the dead zone?

In my half state, would I be able to hold on to you

Bring you back

Does the memory of me live with you still?

Do you hear me calling late at night?

For one last moment

One kiss, one touch of your hand

Our daughter is calling

Daddy, I’m hungry

I am called back to my own world

By the sound of her voice

There is an empty space walking beside me

An outline of you I cannot touch…