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Grow Damn It! is a captivating work by Cheryl Oreglia, who uses uncommon honesty and arresting humor to draw you into her cantankerous life, forty-year marriage, and revolving empty nest. She claims the space between past and future is where our potential is created or destroyed.

If you don’t like where your life is going, dig deeper, and write a new story. By weeding out the things that clutter her life, she invites you into a refreshing space with some of her most popular posts from her beloved blog Living in the Gap.

She surrounds herself with a gaggle of intriguing friends, along with a large and rambunctious family who challenge both her and the reader to live fully in an ever-changing world. Her provocative writing dares us to confront our lives not only with optimism, but courage, and uproarious laughter. Oreglia uses her experience to explore what matters most in life… the degree to which we love and are loved.

About the Author

Born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cheryl Oreglia hosts a lifestyle blog called Living in the Gap, which appears weekly as she corrals the time to write and reflect on the mundane. Oreglia says, “I do have a life outside of my head, and it squeezes between me and my keyboard like a frightened child. What can you do? On the surface, my life is common, I’m married with children, even grandchildren, a retired educator who lives for weekends at the lake, but just below the surface is a unique voice, one that I hope will resonate with you.” Grow Damn It, is a customized, over-the-hill, gritty, compassionate view of life. Oreglia says, “we’re not going to bloom where we are planted, we’re going to break the damn pot.”

Cheryl Oreglia is in the prime of her life, she claims this is not up for debate, a recently retired educator, married for forty years to the guy she met in high school. Together they have raised four exigent children, along with a couple of dogs, and one sassy cat. Oreglia entered a masters program as she was entering menopause sweating her way through a MA and into a second career. She has been hosting a blog entitled Living in the Gap that was acknowledged by Krista Tippett and five thousand followers on Twitter.Grow Damn It is a compilation of her most beloved essays tackling not only the frivolous, but the more challenging aspects of life. Oreglia lives in California with her husband. 

Our Review

The introduction to this book could have been written by me.

All of my thoughts and feelings from the last few years were all there, written with humour and more than a little chagrin. Cheryl Oreglia’s sense of humour shines like a beacon throughout.

I loved the chapter about Cheryl’s relationship with the magnolia tree. To realise that trees probably know us better than we know ourselves was enlightening. How many of us regard the trees in our gardens as treasured members of our families?

I love all trees, and this chapter moved me to tears.

In short, this is the story of one woman’s life, beautifully and insightfully written. It will steer you from laughing uncontrollably to emotional wreck status several times over.

I know I will read this book again, as in not so small a way, it makes sense of all the chaos in the world…

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  1. I will share this over to Cheryl so she can read this beautiful post and review for her clever book. Like you said, I know that I will also read Cheryl’s book again. It’s a masterpiece on life! <3

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