Our Midnight Visitor…

I mentioned a mysterious visitor coming through our cat flap a while ago, much to Milo’s annoyance.

Despite being unwelcome, this visitor has continued to sneak in to help himself to Milo’s food.

And I still hadn’t managed to catch him in the act.

Late the other evening, we were relaxing in the living room when all hell broke loose in the kitchen. It sounded like fifty cats screaming the odds, a most disturbing sound.

By the time I rushed to the kitchen, expecting to see blood everywhere, all I found was Milo, looking very annoyed but undamaged. I grabbed a torch and went outside to check there wasn’t a strange cat bleeding to death in our yard.

Milo accompanied me, leaping about and following the torch beam, eager for another confrontation. I checked everywhere, but there was no trace of any cats, bleeding or otherwise.

Yesterday, this story became very real and sadder than ever.

I was on my way to the kitchen to make coffee when I heard the sound of the cat flap closing. All I saw was a long black tail as our visitor escaped. As I stood there, the cat turned around and looked at me. A big black tabby that I had seen before but never like this.

Our eyes locked, and I think he was appealing to me. This was upsetting for there wasn’t anything I could do. As I looked at him, I realised his face seemed all wrong. It looked crooked somehow, and his right eye was at the wrong angle. As I realised what must have happened to him, my heart sank.

Did Milo do this? Our sweet, affectionate, crazy, mixed-up, bad-tempered fur baby?

Having seen his temper once before, with that white cat earlier this year, I think he probably did.

This black tabby must be desperate to risk life and limb to keep returning, and we wondered if he was a stray. I hoped that this experience should prevent him from trying again. But later that night, he came back again. Luckily, Milo was having a nap.

The strangest part of this sad story is that Milo loves dogs; the bigger, the better. I just wish he could make an exception for the black tabby, for he needs a friend, too…

22 thoughts on “Our Midnight Visitor…

  1. We’ve recently had a stray cat come over but surprisingly our ginger cat Kabira tolerates him quite well (as long as he just hangs around in the parking lot). The stray is very mild mannered and was afraid of humans but he’s becoming very friendly now that we regularly feed him. Hope you can find a solution for your midnight visitor soon.

  2. I suspect your black tabby may have been a homed cat once because real strays don’t know about cat flaps. A stray cat used to monster my cats, but it never came in through the cat flap despite being as bold as brass, even when I went outside to chase him away.

    As a cat [and dog] lover myself, I wonder if you could leave your stray some food away from the house?

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