Darkness… #Poetry




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How can I speak of a time of darkness?

My soul is not yet born

It waits for the light to bring the world into being

To build oceans, land, and people.

Then I can take my turn on this planet

I am still waiting, remembering the dark place

The cackling voices whispering

Of a time before the darkness

When fate was hidden from man

Given and taken by an invisible presence

How man can have more than

One fate thrust upon him.

How luck can be thrown

Like a handful of sand on the wind

Letting it fall where it will.

How some are born with extra luck

Without the help of scattered winds.

How the soul can be destroyed

Leaving an empty space

For the darkness to grow.

For cruelty to make its voice heard

Before I was pushed into being

I heard the whisper, the secret, the key

To make your life the way you want it

All I have to now is remember as I grow.

Time has a way of taking what thoughts it will

The way some dreams fade come morning.

Do they journey back to their original place

Are they gathered up, sent out and used again?

Does this account for dreams repeating?

Is the source of all things running low

On all kinds of material?

Is that why so many people feel

Their lives are the wrong way around?

That they do not belong.

Can I change it, did I hear the secret right?

Would I remember how to

Drive away sadness, despair

Bring the light where it is needed

Keep the darkness where it belongs…


#Writephoto: Imagination #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Imagination #writephoto




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Lady of Glass

Who is this strange lady made of glass

The wall behind her holds no answers

With its church-like window with flames of red

Have I fallen in love?

I see the red fire in her head

Her thoughts shielded from me

I see her bones

There is darkness where her heart should be

Did some evil hand steal it from her?

Could I find it, return it, make her whole?

The glass tulips splinter, lay broken on the ground

She doesn’t move, her face unchanging

My glass butterfly wears a halo of green

The last vestige of a life she once knew…




Taken… #Poetry




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I felt my heart shrink from me

I had fallen into her spell

Her beauty plain to see

Her eyes held my mind

Black, like the castle walls

They spoke of something old

Her hair the colour of ravens wings

To touch her skin would be like

Drowning In babies milk

I stumbled like a child in the dark

I should never have walked

Into this broken castle

Can I find the way out?

Will I be seen again?

Do I want to?



#Just Words…A Challenge from a Challenge… #Poetry

While we were working on Colleen’s Poetry Challenge last week, Anita remarked that it was a pity to waste all the synonyms I had given her.

Colleen gives us two words for her challenge, but we cannot use them. We must find synonyms instead. Colleen’s words were mystery and attract. It is my job to find these synonyms, and I always give Anita a list to choose from.  She decided to create a poem using all twenty of the synonyms I gave her!




Just Words

A mystery wrapped in an enigma

One question lay shrouded in darkness

I need the charm to break the spell

Held in secrecy, the allure

The sound of sweet music

Drew me in, I let it seduce my mind

With a whispered secret

I feel myself engage with the riddle

The words tempt me in

Invite me to solve the puzzle

Entice me to see there is no problem

Have I let myself be led down a crooked path?

To enchant, to attract me with the promise of gold

By default, I am led further on

The castle stands alone

Its walls are made of words that

Fascinate and terrify my mind…



No End… #Poetry



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No End

Sleep my pretty one

I will be right beside you when you wake

To look into those beautiful blue eyes

That touch my heart with invisible hands

Planting seeds of love

The kind that needs no watering

And never dies

Otherworldly kind of love

Born from Eternity

That kind of love that lives forever

Returning to new young lovers

Waiting to meet

That first kiss, that first touch,

That speaks of something long remembered

There are no words to speak its meaning

A comfort, a warm blanket on a winter’s night

When lightning flashes and storms rage

Washing the earth, a life remembered

This is why time goes in circles

Love does the same

A new body, time and space

The same love returning

There is no end…


#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry


This weeks prompt for the 99 word challenge is Enrichment





My life became a whole lot better

When my father found me sleeping

In the street, after mum died

Now I sleep in a warm bed

Eat my food from a plate

Coffee served in a china mug

My father explained why

I had been left with mum

This was news to me

My father explained his part in this

He fell in love with someone else

His football partner, a childhood

 Love they had to hide

Until my tenth birthday

When mum caught them together

This was when she ran, taking me with her

Now I am found…


No Wings… #Poetry



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No Wings

Did Heaven send you

When the sky broke?

Did the angels let you fall?

Did I catch you in time

To see your wings unfurl?

Did the light blind me

Mangling my thoughts

From a time before?

When sound had meaning

Words spoken held true

A time when spells

Were written on the wind

To change the fate of those outside

When Knights rode on white horses

And maidens changed their fate

With a token hidden beneath his sleeve

Of silk and lace

A whisper of hidden promises

Should the Knight be bold and win the day

The lady’s hand would be his to take

No knight’s ride is planned today

It is only I that stands in your way

With a token held, my promise sealed

Within a ring of gold…