A Turn for the Better and Flower of the Week…

After a very confusing week, ending with a coming together of my senses and work skills, I spent Friday afternoon working on the WIP! Yay!!!

This morning, feeling so much more like my old self, I decided to change the battery on my iPhone…

I successfully changed the battery in my laptop last year. A complicated procedure that had my heart in my mouth and my hands shaking. So although the phone is a much smaller proposition, I thought I could do it again.

Nothing ventured, I tried to do this several times, but none of it was easy. I had the new battery and full instructions, but couldn’t even open the case.

Several Youtube videos later, I managed to get it open. Then I was faced with some of the smallest screws I had ever seen in my life. Of course, none of the tools fit the screws. I checked with the sender, who assured me the tools were correct.

I ended up buying two special screwdrivers before finding one that worked.

They said you could do it in three minutes, but took me more like half an hour. As I write this, the phone is good as new, fully charged in ten minutes and holding. Nothing quite like a little success to make your day!

Today, we are teaching Milo to use the cat flap to access the backyard. We didn’t realise before just how nervous he is. For all his tricks and bad habits, he is really just a big baby. We thought he was desperate to go out, but it might take a while…

While doing this, I noticed what I thought was a weed growing in the crack near the wall. On closer inspection, it was a Forget-me-not. These are springing up all over the place this year…

Now, what can I get up to this afternoon…

Monday… in a Muddle…

Image by Antonio López from Pixabay 

My mind is not in a good place this morning. Usually, on a Monday, I gather ideas and plan my week, but that hasn’t happened. I am trying to keep calm (sort off) while I wait for Thursday’s appointment to arrive, but on the inside, I feel a bit like the fellow in this morning’s image. Alone and lost in a strange situation that is beyond my control.

I hate not knowing my fate. I can cope with anything and have done on many an occasion, but this uncertainty drives me nuts.

I have tried everything, from housework… which failed miserably. Do I really care right now if the floor needs a wash?

Then writing… I struggled with it like a stranded fish, making me antsier. I can usually forget everything when I write!

By then, all I had left was twiddling my thumbs, driving the family nuts or knitting. An almost-finished sweater for my great-niece found its way onto my lap. I do a lot of thinking when I knit and have sorted out quite a few world-class problems that way.

I did manage a lot of knitting last night, but disappointingly, hardly any thinking occurred.

The only good thing at the moment is that my autopilot seems to be engaged, so routines are being followed after a fashion. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon that I wish I could cancel. I need new teeth, so I must turn up. The sun is shining today, although it is freezing out there, but the walk might do me good.

Thursday seems to be getting further away…

Friday Flowers…

Image by JL G from Pixabay 

I have been trying to write a post, but today has been determined to ruin every chance I get.

I am here in thought at least… guess I will see you all tomorrow…

The Joy of Blogging…

Image by John Hain from Pixabay 

After weeks of frustration, nothing working the way it should never mind used to, I am extremely happy to report that changing our browser has wiped the slate clean, and the joy of blogging has returned!

I have just spent all morning visiting everything and practically everybody and have not encountered one malfunction. Every like button responded, every comment was accepted, and passwords were always ready and waiting.

I didn’t meet any hitches, delays or errors of any kind.

Riding high on this wave of euphoria, I went for broke and went back to Buffer, a site I have used for years to schedule posts and promo stuff. For some reason, and I can only guess it began with a tinkering, they have been refusing to connect with our Facebook account.

I pressed the button, held my breath, and voila! We were instantly connected.

The transfer from Firefox was painless too. Everything transferred to Edge in literally seconds. I say everything, but I did have to replace those emojis on Twitter, but that was all.

When I think of all the frustration I have been putting up with these past weeks, I am kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner…

Off to wrap up the ending of Ghost of a Chance in a much better frame of mind!

I’m in shock!

Faux Pas of the Week!

I wanted to do so much yesterday. My head was buzzing with enthusiasm, eager to get started.

So why I found myself knee-deep in my store of images, defies logic. This is something I have long been meaning to do, but sorting all of them will probably take another lifetime. I just wanted to put Anita’s poems in one folder, and this would take minutes.

This wasn’t on my list and could have waited for another day, but something made me want to do it, and I saw no harm in what should have been a quick job.

I have never been brilliant at copying and pasting, but I don’t know a better way of doing it. All was going well when the PC suddenly decided to be awkward. It allowed me to group copy several poems but wouldn’t paste them.

I persevered, wanting to finish the job and move on when the highlighted images and the waiting folder simply vanished.

I stared at the screen, wondering what kind of game it was playing this time. My heart was in my stomach, fearing the worst and I couldn’t figure out my next move.

I didn’t know whether to be upset or angry, so I did neither. I put the matter out of my mind and moved to another job, secretly hoping that didn’t vanish too.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, thank God.

This morning, I was determined to have a good look, to see if I could find the missing folder at least, as I could probably find the poems online if necessary.

I looked everywhere. In the downloads, documents, Word, and a host of likely folders, with no luck.

Then, that small voice in my head suggested the recycle bin.

And that’s where they were, all of them…

I was hoping for a better day today, but Anita has just mentioned that the TV is playing up again!

Jaye’s Week, such as it is…

Jaye’s Week, such as it is…

My brain is so unfair.

It knows I am having trouble, but it wants to get cracking anyway. Keeps coming up with interesting and brilliant writing and promotion ideas that simply vanish before I have the time to get my thinking cap on.

Only five minutes ago, for example, it came up with a cracker. I told myself (and my brain) that I would check it out in a minute. But before I could finish reading the last email on my list, it had left the premises, gone for a walk. Vanished completely. This is what I put up with daily, it’s a wonder I manage to do anything these days…

not sure what these are called, but I love them!

Spending more time away from the computer does have its advantages, however. The recent lovely weather and the arrival of signs of Spring have sent me out of doors. I have discovered that gardening does not give me trouble at all, arthritic knees notwithstanding (or bending for that matter) and I am loving every minute!

Today I will be organising seed sowing. Tomatoes and dahlias. Next week I intend to finish repotting the bonsai that I didn’t get around to last autumn.

I must go now, for the words on my screen are swimming away from me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you again on Monday…

Jaye XXX

Helpful Hands?

Image by kiquebg from Pixabay

This was then…

April 2017

We were looking at our website the other day, as you do… and it was decided that the small slide show of all our book covers looked a bit puny. We decided to remove the offending article and reinstate our book covers down the sidebar, complete with clickable links to Amazon.

Should be easy, I thought. I had done it before and remembered how to do it. A little fiddly, but not too difficult. We have eleven books between us so it would take me a while.

I managed to upload four of the covers before the trouble started. The fifth cover uploaded okay, but somehow it removed cover number four. How was this even possible, I thought?

I tried again, and the same thing happened. I kept on trying, because I’m stubborn, but couldn’t get it to work. I swear something happens whenever I try to do the simplest of jobs but thought I would retreat and see what happens tomorrow before I lost it completely.

The following day, it seemed worse, so I decided to have a word with WP so-called ‘happiness engineers’, and it makes interesting reading! At this point, I wanted to show the actual transcript of our conversation, but it refuses to convert.

This is how it went

Me: “I am trying to add some images to my sidebar, but they just don’t appear…is there a limit to how many images you can have?”

WP: “Hi there, let me take a look…”

WP: “Is this the site you’re referring to? https://jenanita01.com/

Me: “Yes.” (We only have the one…)

WP: “And you are trying to customise it here, is that correct?” https://wordpress.com/customise/jenanita01.com

Me: “I get an image from media and then go to widgets and images, I fill in the boxes and save, but then they just vanish…”

WP: “I see that one of the images is not displaying. The URL appears to be incorrect.”

Me: “but I get the URL from the media screen…”

WP: “Is this the image?” https://jenanita01.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/nl-kindle-x1.jpg

Me: “That one was successful, so was the Simple cover, and Bad Moon. I would like to add more.”

WP: “I don’t think ‘The Ninth Life’ is added correctly. I don’t see it on your page. Do you see it at https://jenanita01.com/ ?”

Me: “Yes.”

WP: “I see a broken image, like this: https://cloudup.com/cLWUMnMMqRV

Me: “I don’t understand, it looks all right to me. Why am I having a problem adding new images? I just clicked on the previous link and the image is not there. This happened a lot yesterday too.”

WP: “You should be able to add more images. I’m unaware of a limit. I’m testing right now and don’t see any problems. Can you tell me the steps you’re going through when you have problems?”

Me: “Something is wrong. Images that do appear suddenly vanish and others won’t upload at all. I choose an image from media (haven’t I said this already?) then I go to widgets and image, add the URL from the media page, fill in the boxes and save. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes it works but removes an image already there in the sidebar.”

WP: “Are you using the media browser at https://wordpress.com/media/jenanita01.com ?”

Me: “Yes.”  (Slowly losing the will to live round about now…)

WP: “It’s important that you open the image and by selecting the image and clicking ‘Edit’. From the image editor, you can copy the URL (gosh I would never have thought of that…) Is this the process you follow?”

Me: (trying very hard to keep my patience and my sense of humour) “I don’t usually have to click on ‘edit’ as the URL is in the box already, so I just copy and paste. Is this wrong?”

WP: “The image for ‘The Last Life’ didn’t have the correct URL. You may need to change how you get the URL. This is how I get the correct URL: https://cloudup.com/clX8WY03S8V

ME: “That one didn’t upload at all. I will try this and thank you for your help. Going now…”

WP: “Ok. If you have any more difficulty, we’re here to help. Have a great day!”

I love using these new ‘live chat’ thingies, so much better than an email, especially for a thick head like me. You see, not only do I hate technology (because I swear it hated me first) I have trouble understanding it too, even when someone tries to explain it to me. So having someone on the end of the line is usually better. I can keep asking the same question until something clicks into place.

I must add, WP was very helpful when we first joined, often hitting the nail on the head when I made stupid mistakes, so not exactly sure why it was different this time.

This is now…

February 2022

Shortly after I wrote this post, I gave up asking those ‘Happiness Engineers’ for help, as even with copious amounts of screenshots to show them what I was on about, help was spasmodic at best.

Now, apparently, they are busy changing things again, resulting in mass disappointment and confusion. I haven’t experienced all the changes yet, but if this continues, we may have to find a less complicated way to blog and promote our books…

Jaye’s Week… still waiting…

The days are dragging by with no word from the hospital. They say that no news is supposed to be good news, but that’s not the over riding feeling in our house. Hopefully, it means there is nothing serious to report.

And just when I was sure life couldn’t get much worse, my arthritis decided to prove me wrong. It is always there, but usually nothing a few pain killers and analgesic cream can’t control. Over the weekend, it decided to test the waters, so to speak. I didn’t mention it, as I didn’t want to complain or worry everyone, but my sister’s eagle eyes miss nothing.

We have been lucky over the years, never managing to be out of commission at the same time, so if I wasn’t feeling bad enough already, every time the pain screwed my face up, I wished it were mandatory to wear a mask indoors!

We have always wondered which one of us will shuffle off first, and these days, I wouldn’t take any bets on it!

Another kind of lockdown…

Two days before Christmas, my computer hub started flashing orange instead of the reassuring steady blue light I am used to. My heart sank, knowing all hope of working had just gone up in smoke.

After a healthy rant and several phone calls later there was nothing to do but switch off and leave the office until normality could be restored.

The office felt alien this morning, but I switched on the computer, just to see what I could do, if anything. I must wait until 8am to telephone anyway. Turns out I can still play solitaire… Yay!

Checked into the fault line and ended up talking to a very pleasant young man called Derek. When he said it would take days to fix the problem, he must have heard the despair in my voice, for he offered to send me a mini hub so I can get back online while we wait.

Sounds good to me, but will it arrive tomorrow, as promised?

I was expecting a dismal day, twiddling my thumbs and all that but I try to think positively, and ended up sorting out several jobs that have been waiting for an eternity for a quiet moment. We don’t get many of those these days, do we?

After lunch, I put on my writing hat and forced my brain to come up with something, anything really for I was secretly getting desperate. Possibly some sort of email withdrawal pains!

True to his word, the mini hub arrived the following afternoon. All I had to do was plug it in and wait for it to charge. I don’t have a lot of faith when it comes to promises or computers for that matter, so when a small blue light started blinking at me, I turned on the pc and looked for the link. One click and I was back in business!

I was now a happy bunny, which is more than I can say for Anita. With no land line and a limited television performance, she was spitting tin tacks! Hopefully, they will fix the fault before she explodes with frustration…

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