Why Do We Dream?

I have never dreamed much, but when I do, most of the time they are the same dreams. Or are they nightmares?

In my childhood, I often dreamed of trying to find my way through a mass of upright metal poles that are barring my way. I feel hopelessly lost and cannot find a way through the poles. I felt like this when awake too, so I think I understand that dream.

Since moving to Hampshire in the south of England, I have been having a different recurring dream, although I suspect the message may be the same.

In this dream, I am going somewhere. I walk around, getting more and more lost and confused. I try to retrace my footsteps, but nothing looks familiar.

The odd thing about this dream, is when I dream it again, I remember being there, but it doesn’t help. I am still lost and very confused. If anything, it makes it even more frustrating.

I think I understand the meaning of these dreams, but would welcome your ideas…

Life is frustrating enough, without dreaming about it…

10 thoughts on “Why Do We Dream?

  1. Sometimes when it feels so real, we can actually astral plane and go to another realm. Often people can meditate their way into astral planing too. That could be why you found it familiar. I never have dream – at least that I can remember. I have night terrors my husband used to shake me gently and wake me out of. Now that he’s gone, who knows what goes on with me when it happens. <3

  2. Sometimes I know my dreams are my poor brain trying to get all the things I made it pay attention to during the day into some sort of order, and sometimes I know that I’m not dreaming, but travelling between all sorts of worlds. 🙂

  3. I have lots of dreams and what is most intriguing is to fall asleep, have a long dream, then wake up, look at the clock and realise only two minutes have gone by. Frequent dreams finding my way round places familiar, such as the seaside, but not any seaside I know. Or I move house, but never to a home I recognise. The first time I was pregnant I was still at school – but only in my dreams thank goodness! I have dreamt quite often about having a baby even now and my youngest (38) occasionally appears still a baby! The worst dreams are what I have since read are probably night terrors, when physically our sleeping body paralyses itself to prevent us acting out what we’re dreaming. I fall into a deep sleep and moments later feel trapped in a dark place of various sorts.

  4. It’s a risky business trying to decipher another person’s dreams even with a full day to day knowledge of that person.
    Currently mine are like the ‘Nightmare Song’ out of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe!
    It’s my opinion that whatever else is happening in our lives the impact of the constant diet of disturbing or baffling news items are bound to have some sort of impact too.

  5. I think dreams like this represent our inner struggles, like you’ve noticed. Paying attention to how you feel in the dream and any symbols or images that repeat can help you determine the roots of your struggles. I have a lot of dreams like yours when I need to heal old fears and wounds.

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