Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge


Are you ready for a theme prompt? Eugi, from last month’s challenge, picked the theme for this month.

This month’s theme is:


Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay
Christmas cheer
children singing
Santa’s reindeer wait
gifts wrapped; ribbons tight
around the world in one night
there is no naughty list this year
each child will receive his heartfelt wish
Santa’s milk and cookies wait by the fire…


The Temperamental Christmas Tree…

Image by Jaye Marie

The Temperamental Christmas Tree

We didn’t want a big tree this Christmas, so when we saw this pretty fibre optic tree in the shop window, we took it home, content with our preparations.

The next time we went to town, we spotted a wonderful tree in a charity shop window. This was a small tree too, although quite different from the one we already had. Old fashioned ribbons and flowers gave it an old-world charm, as if it had come straight from a Dickens novel.

We had to buy it, even though we already had a tree.

It was decided that the Dickens tree would be in pride of place in our decorations, relegating the fibre optic tree to the dining room.

Image by Jaye Marie

And this, as they say, is when the fun started.

On the first night, the fibre optic tree turned itself off at 10 pm. Puzzled, we checked the instructions, but it wasn’t supposed to do that. It hadn’t overheated either. Before we could turn it on the second day, it turned itself on and then off again at 10pm!

We made sure it was switched off, thinking it just a fluke, although it felt distinctly weird. We are quite used to weird in this house. Remember that red light reflecting on our window, the one we never could find the reason for?

The next night, we switched it on and waited. It felt uneasy, as if someone we couldn’t see was controlling the tree.

It was one of those trees that has the capability of a choice of different light patterns. Twinkling, fading and several other combinations. We only wanted the static light, so we were very glad it didn’t decide to muck about with the sequence too.

Despite the weirdness, we have kept the tree… and it has turned itself on every afternoon, and off in time for bed.

What would you have done in these circumstances, chucked it out or run for the hills?

© Jaye Marie 2020

Cold Christmas… #Poetry

Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

Cold Christmas

I recognise the darkness, the chill in the air
The Christmas wish that didn’t come to pass
The lonely streets of London
So many feet rushing by
The occasional clink of a coin drops in my old hat
A kind stranger
placing a wrapped sandwich in my lap
I sit here on borrowed time with one wish in mind
To find a table with space for me to sit
Join in a Christmas feast by a warm burning fire
Christmas crackers waiting to be pulled
To touch the hand beside me in grateful prayer
Thanks spoken for the warm food
The chance to part of a family Christmas cheer…

© anita dawes 2020

Miserable Monday…

My Christmas cactus, a present to myself!

Last Friday, we lost our land line, wi-fi, broadband and the last of our sanity.

We tried not to give up the ghost and retreat somewhere warm and dark, but managed to contact our supplier in the vain hope of a miracle. Our misery deepened when they said it would take several days to repair the fault they discovered. There was a pause on the line, as our details were being checked.

“Hang on a minute,” he said. “You are a Halo customer, that means we can send you a 4G mini hub, so you can be back on line in no time!”

I could have kissed him!

The next day the mini hub arrived and almost normal has resumed. Parts of the system seem to be sulking which is frustrating the hell out of me, but it won’t be for long. Fingers crossed!

Round about then, was when we learned that Christmas has been cancelled for most of us here in the south of England because of this new and nasty strain of this blessed virus. If I was miserable before, it was nothing to how I felt at that moment. No family around the table, sharing a Christmas dinner, no catching up or any hugs and kisses. We have so been looking forward to seeing everyone on Christmas day.

Todays post should have been Macro Monday, where I share my favourite macro photographs. I have cheered up considerably talking to all of you, so I will add the best one this week so far…

A consolation indeed…

Jaye Marie 2020

The Sunday Whirl ~ #Wordle 486 ~#Poetry

My children decorate the Christmas tree
The fire crackling,
shadows dancing, walls aglow
Their noses pressed to the window
Hoping to see Santa fly by
After a while, their eyes stream
Time for bed
Each tiny mouth quiet with sleep
Arms limp as I carry each one to bed
My head in a swim,
checking my list before the big day.
After I tuck the last
of my precious bundles under cover
I trim the tree, tidying earlier efforts
Making sure the last present is wrapped
Taking one last look at the room
Pleased with what I see
It would seem to be time for me
To put myself under cover until morning…

© anita dawes 2020

#Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community ~ #Poetry

December 3: Flash Fiction Challenge

Each of us grows…
Changing throughout the year
Come Christmas,
that would seem to be a lie
if my family don’t get Jaye’s mince pies.
When I say I am cancelling Christmas?
They turn into peasants and revolt
If you could see the looks, I get
Enough to kill the Bah Humbug in me
Can’t we just have Jaye’s mince pies?
No, I say. Cancelled means cancelled
I managed one year
Then a great granddaughter came along
Children to me mean Christmas
So here we go again, it’s game time
Charades, old tabletop games
Screams of you cheated, mum!

© anita dawes 2020

#Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ #Poetry

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Photo Challenge #340

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on

Christmas may well be celebrated
On the wrong day for Christ’s birth
He also may not have been who we think.
Who cares, Christmas is one of the best days of the year
No matter the date
Snowmen to make under fairy lights
We get to be with family
Eat good food, drink good wine
The kind Jesus turned from water, who knows
It’s tastes good because the company’s good
Gifts are exchanged, games played
The young ones fall asleep cuddling a new toy
The old ones nodding off in their armchair
The remaining few whispering now
So as not to wake the sleeping beauties
New years eve we’ll meet again
In between we skype and visit
Remembering each other’s warmth
The one gift that needs no money
Merry Christmas to one and all…

©anitadawes 2020





Image by




Christmas greetings, old friends and new

Baubles, tinsel, bells that ring, lights aglow.

Christmas angel on top of trees

Children’s noses pressed on glass

For snow they wait, then off they go

With hats and gloves, the snowman’s built

From falling snow, a carrot nose, a button vest

Time for bed, with Christmas prayer.

Above the roof of a star burns bright

To grant each wish made this night.

Outside, snow angels whisper good night…