Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #poetry #etheree

This is Anita’s contribution to:

I find these so hard to do, but Anita has no problem!






It be

Know I am

Too amazing

I can study hard

To write with knowledge found

I am told my words fit well

My stories are read the pages turned

Leave a review for today, one star

Or two will do to help me on my way

I need a break to make the top book shelf

Don’t doubt the words you wrote my teacher said

Be sure they mean what’s in your head

I know you have what it takes

Nice words I need to hear

Star in the making

Dad would be pleased

To see me

Reach the




Take it to

Fine lines written

Enjoyable times

Welcome knowledge today

Amazing story to write

It’s time to weave your magic spell

Time given to new flights of fancy

Make your words dance and sing on every page


#Writephoto: Calm


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Happy Places

I live on a very busy street, we have traffic twenty-four seven.

However, I can close my eyes and within seconds, I am on top of Mount Snowden for the morning.

Later on, I will jump a cloud and sail past the moon, blowing kisses to my favourite orb. Then swim in the Milky Way on my way home. One last stop before work. I am off to the coral seas to swim with my favourite clownfish. They make me happy, therefore my mind is calm.

There are so many other doorways in my mind that I first learned to walk through while at school. The trick is choosing the right door for the moment. I have so many places where I can hide, if only for a few moments.

I know there must be many of you that do the same thing, especially when writing. The mind can take you to some strange places…



#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community: Mashed Potatoes #FlashFiction

This weeks 99 word challenge prompt is Mashed Potatoes…





Mashed Potatoes

When I read these words this morning, I was taken back to my childhood, reading the Dandy comic. Desperate Dan with his huge plate of mashed potato with two large sausages sticking out, looking like a bull had landed there.

I have to tell you that no one does mash like Jaye does! The minute she begins peeling the spuds, I swear my kids pick up some strange signal. They come knocking from all over Hampshire, just popping in, big smiles on their faces. They know there’s mash on the go and they say it is just a coincidence…


When? #Poetry #FlashFiction



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When will you love me as you did before?

When will I feel your arms reach for me across the bed to pull me close?

When will I feel your breath on the back of my neck?

When will I feel your kiss good morning, noon and night?

When will we fill that empty space between the sheets?

Tell me, most of all, that you love me again as you did before…


Sound… #Poetry



Sound waves wrap around my heart

Whispering stories from the start

I fill my pages with the words

My candle burns down low

I start again by morning light

Each word I write, I hope to bring delight

To those who read between the lines

Of stories old and new

I write of people to fall in love with

Places you would wish to go

With paper and pencil, my weapon of choice

Long may the sound waves fill my pages

A paperback writer on every shelf

In coffee shops, they weave their spell

Long before eBooks took the air

Paperback writers were always there

A book in hand is better than two eBooks

The touch the smell cannot be replaced

By scrolling light to vex your eyes

No need to plug a book in to read to the end…


Letters… #Poetry



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Letters never written to love never found

Two minds, unconnected, never meeting

Knowing you are out there gives me comfort.

I cannot deny the spark that lingers around me

Love in waiting, like unused electricity.

You haunt my dreams

You are in every love song on the airwaves

You seem to be everywhere.

Unseen by my eyes yet known to my heart

I search along the seashore, through the dark woods

I sit silently in candlelit church praying to find love.

As I leave the church, sunlight bleaching colour from the land

I see young lovers walking hand in hand

Reminding me that one day love will find me…