#Flashfiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry

November 14: Flash Fiction Challenge


November 14, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using storm windows. It can be literal on a house, but also consider other portals, even spaceships or submarines. Can you make it into something new or build a story around something historical? Go where the prompt leads!



In England we don’t have storm windows

We have triple double glazing

Which distorts the view outside something terrible

They’re only good for keeping out the cold and sound

Looking at the moon at night, you will see three

I can’t imagine needing them for the kind of winds

That sound like an angry animal

Trying to take the house brick by brick

Tornados, snowstorms the size of mountains

Whiting out the familiar, trapping families

In their homes, enforced imprisonment

By the local weather

I watch Chasing Tornados on TV

Wondering how it would feel to be up close…


Freedom… #Poetry




Image by Pixabay.com



Gipsy winds painted caravans

Horses that shine like shoe polish

A way of life that many frowns upon

others secretly wish they had

I am talking about true Romany pride

The open countryside they leave clean

like the homes they live in

to be caged by four walls

a death sentence

much the same as it was

for the American Indians.

I would love to go back to a time

when we take only what we need,

to run wild with the buffalo

and live free with nature.

Not just in small increments.

To chase that open road.

Alas, I can only dream…


#Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry


October 31: Flash Fiction Challenge


October 31, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about the Day of the Dead. It can be the Mexican holiday, a modern adaptation of it, a similar remembrance, or something entirely new. Go where the prompt leads!




A day of celebration, joy, painted faces

Sweet scent of marigold

Calling the spirits to join in the moment

Food, drink, sweet candy

after their long journey

For three thousand years the dead have been returning

To dance with their families once more

Many will keep the candy skulls in their home all year for good luck

While others visit the graves placing picnic blankets

To sit a while remembering happy days together

Halloween fits in here,

with the dead allowed to return on the 31st of October

We often forget it’s not just about candy

It’s about love…


Clouds… #Poetry


Image by Jaye Marie


Through purple clouds

I see the world below

People, tiny ants scurrying

Searching, working through

Vanishing life

They need a stop button

Time to see through the purple haze

Take a walk in the slow lane

Rediscover life

As it’s meant to be

The part that does not belong

Under the yoke

Find that something

That belongs to you alone.


Touching hands… #Poetry for Halloween



Image by Pixabay.com

My sister persuaded me to accompany her

And my two nephews on her rounds this Halloween

Not my favourite time of the year

She believed two years was long enough, that

Jack would want me to move on. So, I agreed.

The boys looked adorable

My mind lifted; the night felt warm

The lanterns, pumpkins, the orange lights

Filled the air with old time magic.

The boys collected enough sweets to last the year

On the way home, Tommy,

my youngest nephew held my hand and told me,

“I don’t like the man, Aunt Maggie. I want to go home now.”

I turned towards him to ask, “What man?”

My sister stepped in, saying she would explain later

Turns out Tommy had told my sister

He had seen a man walking with me when I arrived

Tommy had described Jack holding my hand…



Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge…

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 151 #SynonymsOnly




The two words for this week:  Dig & Grave.  Anita has written an Etheree poem.



Have lain


Waiting too long

For the great harvest

break open my dark tomb

the vault of heaven, my shrine

until my bones are found, released

I see only darkness, feel cold earth

I pray for someone to come, let in light…


Fragmented Time… #Poetry



Image by Pixabay.com


I am resurrected from dying dreams


From the ash that surrounds your world.

Like your Frankenstein, I am made from many parts

In my hand I hold the glowing fragments of time

Dark clouds hide me from the sun

Nothing works the same where I am

Rain flows upwards, the stars shine in circles

Wind blows only from the north

The moon rises when and where it pleases

Day is night, night is day

Things change in the blink of an eye

Our numbers are few, our world is fading

In order for me to remain in the universe

I must steal one fragment of time

Hide the remaining parts for humanity to find…






#Wordle ~ 425



Rushing around like a blue arsed fly

I slammed into the finger of fate

And yes, it’s written that I am destined

To collide with many unwanted events

I am free to follow my own path

Barring black cats, I hope to make it through

As a shy child, I was slow to find my own style

With the help of the Gods of light

I will forge moments to remember

No more salt tears for me

From now on my eyes will stay dry

Nothing will make me cry again

After all, this life is mine

Only I can live it…


#Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge…

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 148 #SynonymsOnly



Image from Colleen Chesebro


This week the words are EMPTY & SPACE




Field of dreams

Abandoned place

Where space and time cries

A blank page waits for words

Fill a vacant mind with hope

Time, distance can bring back the lost

Where dreams fill the place in-between sleep

worlds come back to the beginning of time…