#FlashFiction 99 Word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry





Bus Stop

Outside my living room window stands a bus stop

One afternoon, I counted fourteen people waiting

 Watched as a colonnade of human souls were

Swallowed by a red giant.

The two o clock journey had begun

Where are they going?

Will their day be a good one?

This I will never know

I will not see their journey back

The return bus stop is further down

The road where I cannot see

I make up my own stories

About the faces standing waiting

The old lady with her green scarf

She is off to see her grandson…


#Writephoto: Imagination #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Imagination #writephoto




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Lady of Glass

Who is this strange lady made of glass

The wall behind her holds no answers

With its church-like window with flames of red

Have I fallen in love?

I see the red fire in her head

Her thoughts shielded from me

I see her bones

There is darkness where her heart should be

Did some evil hand steal it from her?

Could I find it, return it, make her whole?

The glass tulips splinter, lay broken on the ground

She doesn’t move, her face unchanging

My glass butterfly wears a halo of green

The last vestige of a life she once knew…




#Just Words…A Challenge from a Challenge… #Poetry

While we were working on Colleen’s Poetry Challenge last week, Anita remarked that it was a pity to waste all the synonyms I had given her.

Colleen gives us two words for her challenge, but we cannot use them. We must find synonyms instead. Colleen’s words were mystery and attract. It is my job to find these synonyms, and I always give Anita a list to choose from.  She decided to create a poem using all twenty of the synonyms I gave her!




Just Words

A mystery wrapped in an enigma

One question lay shrouded in darkness

I need the charm to break the spell

Held in secrecy, the allure

The sound of sweet music

Drew me in, I let it seduce my mind

With a whispered secret

I feel myself engage with the riddle

The words tempt me in

Invite me to solve the puzzle

Entice me to see there is no problem

Have I let myself be led down a crooked path?

To enchant, to attract me with the promise of gold

By default, I am led further on

The castle stands alone

Its walls are made of words that

Fascinate and terrify my mind…



Shoes… #FlashFiction




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My son decided he would take me out for the day

He wouldn’t tell me where.

We drove for a while and soon enough

I could smell the sea.

After lunch, we took a stroll down the local high street

Dragging me into a toyshop, crammed to the rafters and I worried I might be buried alive. I found a gold and blue trinket box.

The young man serving said it was a wishing box.

“Write your wish on a bay leaf”, he said. “And place it in the box.”

I had no desire to engage, so I paid with a smile.

Back home, I decided to give it a go. What did I have to lose?

Keep it small, I thought. I had seen a pair of suede shoes, over my price range and was hoping they would come down in price with the help of the wish.

I have my shoes now. The next day I almost broke my ankle when the heel snapped. I wondered, nursing my ankle, was it the wish or the box?

Where did the misfortune come from?


#Wordle 386 #Poetry



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I let the Light in

I was brought up in a dark place

My mother’s mind controlled everything

How you should feel, the way to think, to speak

To keep the memory of this to a minimum

I let my mind become a delicious blank

Like a sheet of white paper.

Let others think of their childhood

I do not wish to listen, for fear my mind

Become permanently glazed.

I find the need to frame each thought

As if filing them away for safe keeping

Lest my mother tells me it is

The wrong kind of thought.

God forbid my mind has become so weak

I need bait to keep it ticking over to my will

A box like Pandora’s where I can hide

My name alongside Hope.

Having let the light in these days

I snap back a lot quicker

These days I let my thoughts freewheel

Walking in the rain, they splash around

Like a happy five-year-old.

Later, I would like to add more names to my box

Husband, children, family

Maybe then, I will no longer wail in the dark

As I try to sleep

It all depends on the kindness of fate…


#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry


This weeks prompt for the 99 word challenge is Enrichment





My life became a whole lot better

When my father found me sleeping

In the street, after mum died

Now I sleep in a warm bed

Eat my food from a plate

Coffee served in a china mug

My father explained why

I had been left with mum

This was news to me

My father explained his part in this

He fell in love with someone else

His football partner, a childhood

 Love they had to hide

Until my tenth birthday

When mum caught them together

This was when she ran, taking me with her

Now I am found…