Carrot Ranch ~ Story Challenge ~ Spiders

September 12, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about the insect nation. You can focus on a particular insect or all insects. Is your story one of acceptance and understanding? Scientific knowledge? Or apocalyptic horror? Get bugged and go where the prompt leads!

Seeing as how we have suddenly been besieged by these creatures, this post was easy!

Spiders are a big problem in my family. Luckily, they seem to know this and rarely put in an appearance.

At least, my family think so. I see them and know all their hideouts. Their webs give them away.

On those rare occasions when one does dare to put in an appearance and either runs across the floor or turns up in the bath, I am the one my family scream for.

They tell me that September is the time when male spiders go hunting for a mate.

All I can say to them is, go pick another house!


Spider Image by Eva Schmidseder from Pixabay

25 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch ~ Story Challenge ~ Spiders

  1. I don’t like spiders. I saw two big ones, one at a time, in our sink of our new home. I think they crawled out from the pipe of the garbage disposal! Now I got a sink strainer to block it. I love to watch them spinning the webs outside, though.

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