#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch…


Not sure how this will work, for Charli Mills from Carrot Ranch Literary Community is having a spot of bother this week. From being snowed in the worst blizzard/snowstorm in history to a complete computer meltdown, we have no link to the Carrot Ranch site.

Charli is struggling to keep going via phone, so massive support for this brave lady please!



Charli’s back yard!



Snowed In…

I have been searching for something

anything to fill the void in my life.

Here I am in a traffic jam, trying to get home

Soft snow falling, and within an hour

I am buried in a tin igloo.

I have water, biscuits left over from lunch.

There is a strange kind of silence.

Maybe it is the whiteness all around me

the sound of my own blood in my head.

How long before I am found?

Five hours to think about my life

Now I am sitting with a hot cup of tea

given by a smiling stranger…



#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community: Mashed Potatoes #FlashFiction

This weeks 99 word challenge prompt is Mashed Potatoes…





Mashed Potatoes

When I read these words this morning, I was taken back to my childhood, reading the Dandy comic. Desperate Dan with his huge plate of mashed potato with two large sausages sticking out, looking like a bull had landed there.

I have to tell you that no one does mash like Jaye does! The minute she begins peeling the spuds, I swear my kids pick up some strange signal. They come knocking from all over Hampshire, just popping in, big smiles on their faces. They know there’s mash on the go and they say it is just a coincidence…


“Flash Fiction 99 word Challenge for the Carrot Ranch Literary Community

This weeks prompt is a Broken Fence…




Late one night after having a skin full, dad drove through Mrs Mack’s front garden. Breaking the fence was bad enough, but he took out her favourite roses too.

Dad said he was sorry, that he would fix the fence first thing.

Mum brought roses, but there was no answer when she knocked on the door. She left the roses on the step but watched to see if her friend would take them in.

They died where mum left them.

After a week, mum told us that some fences cannot be mended. That she had lost her best friend…

Flash Fiction 99 word challenge for the Carrot Ranch Literary Community

This weeks prompt is Sketch…




Looking for something to inspire me, I took a walk through our local flea market and fell in love with a half-finished sketch of a young woman lying on a grave.

I was about to ask how much, when a man standing beside me, said ‘It’s sad but lovely, isn’t it?’

My heart jumped so hard I thought I would join the woman at the graveside.

I turned to see who had spoken, but there was no one standing beside me.

The price was just £40 because it was unfinished work.

Holding it, I could see my grandmother’s signature…

We love doing these, even though keeping to the 99 word rule is a bit of a challenge!

#Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community


(99 words, no more, no less)

I am your ghost, your past. I walk before you on thorny pathways so you shall not walk the path of sorrow.  You shall not see the things I have.

You are ten years old now, so blow out your candles and let loose those balloons with all their wishes attached.

I have received them now; your wishes made from your past come true, they have come to pass. Soon I shall re-join you when adult paths you reach, until then, I collect every balloon and every wish you make.

I wait in shadows until we are one again …

© 2018 Anita Dawes