#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch…


Not sure how this will work, for Charli Mills from Carrot Ranch Literary Community is having a spot of bother this week. From being snowed in the worst blizzard/snowstorm in history to a complete computer meltdown, we have no link to the Carrot Ranch site.

Charli is struggling to keep going via phone, so massive support for this brave lady please!



Charli’s back yard!



Snowed In…

I have been searching for something

anything to fill the void in my life.

Here I am in a traffic jam, trying to get home

Soft snow falling, and within an hour

I am buried in a tin igloo.

I have water, biscuits left over from lunch.

There is a strange kind of silence.

Maybe it is the whiteness all around me

the sound of my own blood in my head.

How long before I am found?

Five hours to think about my life

Now I am sitting with a hot cup of tea

given by a smiling stranger…



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