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A new neighbour moving in is always an interesting event. This time it was a smartly dressed man in his forties.

Within a week, he had alienated half of the neighbours on his side of the street with his constant complaints about the bins not being taken in quickly enough after being emptied.

Thank God I lived opposite. He was a real sweetheart.

Dave, in his seventies, lived next door to him with his Jack Russell terrier. He lost his wife last year, so a few of us take the time to care for Dave. Today, I could see Mr Jenkins, the new neighbour, standing inside Dave’s front garden.  His name was all he allowed anyone to know about him.

Today, having lost his cool, his voice loud enough to hear on my side of the street. ‘If you don’t stop that dog yapping, I will!’

Two days later, Dave was seen putting up posters. His dog, Mickey had gone missing. It didn’t take me two minutes to know who was responsible, after seeing Mr Jenkins digging a new patch in his front garden.

I went to the police station and found out he had been questioned and had an airtight alibi. I asked why they had questioned him, and they said one of our neighbours had reported him bullying his neighbour. I walked home thinking that nothing was airtight. I would find his mistake and put some air into his so- called alibi.

I decided later that night that I would dig up his new patch, so sure I would find Mickey. I was about to turn away from my window when I noticed a young man holding Mickey in his arms. I watched him knock on Dave’s door and saw the joy on his face. His beloved companion was back.

How wrong can one person be?

His alibi was airtight after all…


Helene Vaillant ~ Willow Poetry # Clear Sight…




Willow Poetry
Hélène Vaillant


This week, for the first time, we are writing a post for Helene Vaillant from Willow Poetry.  This amazing prompt insisted on being written about!



Clear Sight by Willow Poetry



Time Again

Tommy waits, half hidden from the world

As he has done for a hundred years

The river runs calm behind him singing

Of the ache in his heart to be seen

Find a family to bring him into being

One special pair of eyes to see beyond time

Past the tree, that hides what will be

Tommy has been lost for too long

His face cannot be seen

His tears flow like the river ever onwards

Today, for a moment, the river stills its wandering

As Annie, picnicking with her family, spies Tommy

Her mother watches as she stands speaking to the tree

Gently, she asks why. ‘I am playing with my friend.’

Annie’s mother could see only the tree

Thinking her daughter had found an imaginary friend

She was happy to let it be.

As Annie said goodbye, she had a funny feeling

Five years old, she tried to tell her mother

that her wish for a brother would come true

Annie’s eyes were the ones Tommy had been waiting for

There will be no need for Tommy’s tears now

Climbing into her father’s car, Annie turned

to wave to her friend who was no longer there

Time would tell Annie’s wish…


#Wordle 402 #Poetry



The River

It was the view from the window

That made me fly from the city to settle here.

I could float here all day

let my small boat drift off where it will

I hear the river sigh, sing a song long remembered

A declaration of love

I am here when you need me

I sense the peace afforded, the charm of letting go

Crows line the treetops

I am reminded that the river also brings death to those

Who don’t respect its ways

When the season is right, it will push back on itself

The tidal bore, a strange sight

A wall of blue water running backwards

As if it is collecting something forgotten

As I glide through the river shallows

I am reminded of where we came from

We are the light that glows above

Holding all together as brothers

We are fallen diamonds

We are stardust...



May Speculative Fiction #WritingPrompt from Myths of the Mirror… #Poetry

Diana, of Myths of the Mirror has a new feature on her blog called, “Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt.”  Please visit the link above to find out more about the challenge, then join in the great fun!

Featured Image -- 48463

Image from Myths of the Mirror and Pixabay.com



Time makes fools of us all

You cannot outrun it, cannot change it

Let yourself ride the wave it places you on

It may push you further out beyond the sea

Where the difference becomes obvious to your mind

To make more of what you are

Let science take you beyond the limits of thought

Let them use their golden mechanical parts

Choose to make a difference

Stand out from the crowd if that is what you need

Wheels within wheels moving space, changing time

We turn; we spin our way through life

trying to keep up with the machines

Let them rebuild your broken body

Become the inner man you were meant to be

Let your mind tune in to the wonder that is you…


#Flash Fiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry




99 words, no more, no less. It’s a simple constraint, an easy-to-master literary art form, and a powerful writing tool for creatives and entrepreneurs. Writers calibrate the usefulness and beauty of 99-words through weekly flash fiction challenges.




Sisu is woven into our DNA

lying dormant, waiting , trapped quicksilver

hoping the day never comes where we will be tested

Do we freeze, or jump into action to save a life?

where we meet a part of ourselves

we would not recognise in the mirror

the hero who hides behind that pinstriped suit

mild-mannered like the man of steel

we would you run into a burning building

because you heard a cry for help?

many think we could go one step beyond

if called upon to act

would you leap without thinking

does quicksilver run through your veins?


#Writephoto ~ Monochrome

Thursday photo prompt: Monochrome #writephoto





My house of black and white chevrons

Sunlight cannot kiss colour into its bones

It glows under the moonlight, a beacon to the past

A time of Shakespeare whose words knit together

as if spoken by a strange tongue

Intrigue walks beside soft meadows along the river Avon

My house of shadows echoes lost stories spoken by the bard

His voice lingers throughout Stratford

Walk the streets, you cannot help but hear

The whispered voice of that bearded genius

May this giant wordsmith’s words echo

and be heard a hundred years ago…



Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge… #Double Etheree #Poetry

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge

Colleen is not yet back in circulation, but we post this double etheree in her honour!





spells I found

hocus pocus

written in red ink

by foolish minds in need

from dark fancy born at night

dreams gone wrong by wish for power

time guards all sorcery that it owns

your mind alone  will never write the spell

your own illusion brings you back to hell

your spell was written with crooked pen

the devil waits to call you in

the wish made while heart was black

returns, a tenfold smack

forgive your mistake

make one right wish

for your life

to turn



Words… #Poetry



Dip your pen in blood red ink

Write your life how you think

Choose well your words

For they have value, most of all weight

Some will sink while others float

Discard those that stick in your throat

Your task to choose, between heart and head

My advice is a blend of two

It rarely done, yet results are true

When troubles come, write them out

Check your mistakes don’t repeat again

Your life will be as told by blood red ink…


The Angel… #Poetry



I am out of step with life,

harmony is missing

A bell rings, I hear thunder

A child smiles, I see bad teeth

I step inside a church, the sun

through stained glass burns my skin

I cannot kneel to pray, I have forgotten how

When I try, the words cut like razor blades

through my mind, blood clouds my eyes

How am I supposed to find

something that cannot be seen

Food rots in my hand before I can eat

I thirst, water boils at my touch

I have walked the land unseen

Like the spirit I seek for too long

Looking for the promise given, yet unfulfilled

To change my role as the Angel of Death…


#The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 401




The paper cut on my finger was driving me mad this morning.

The work I had done wasn’t worth it, and my cat had just dumped a dead mouse in the kitchen. Sitting there with a stupid grin on his face.

On top of that, the last draft I had been working on had coffee stains where I knocked my cup over, making it look like an old manuscript.

I was beginning to think I needed an overseer just to get through the day.

I had promised to have the work in by the end of the month. I needed new ideas, but they must be hiding in the dark side of my mind. Like a coal miner, I would have to find a way to dig them out.

The die has not been cast just yet.

I will not be beaten by paper cuts, unwelcome gifts on my kitchen floor, or spilt coffee. I will not allow these things to diminish one ounce of who I am.

 I am woman, I shall win the day back…