Double Beat…



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Double Beat

Can you feel me dancing

on your heart?

That extra tap keeping

time with the beat?

I live inside you

now we’re apart.

I am there when you sleep alone

I play beside you

in your dream world.

I should have been

with you

the day you were born…


#Wordle 394 ~ #TheSundayWhirl




Running towards a dark passage

My legs were filled with concrete

The Other is right behind me

I hear the sound, heavy clang of metal

The chain he carries, a reminder of pain

This is no Halloween prank

The Other keeps pace with my fear

No place left to run

I lean against the gate

the metal bar pressed to my back

I rub sweat from my eyes

Instinct tells me to jump the gate

I have no plan to defend myself

The sound of the chain, closer

Made heavier by the darkness

The Other steps from the dark passage

wearing my face…


#Writephoto ~ Tranquil

Thursday photo prompt: Tranquil #writephoto



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Beauty of the Moment

I came across a clearing, tall trees,

a small pond glowing red

I was wearing rose coloured glasses

that I couldn’t remove.

The magic of nature, tiny bacteria,

not something  associated with wonder.

The beauty took my breath away

My mind travelled as if taken

 by a time machine to a time of peace.

Twelve years old, on top of the cliffs of Dover

running free, no parents, no brothers to nag me.

The grass damp beneath my bare feet,

the freedom awe-inspiring.

I am alone in the world, I like it.

I found a crater full of crickets

For a moment, peace had been snatched away.

I ran back the way I came

knowing I would never feel it again.

A moment in the scrapbook of my mind.

Here I am, so many years later

Bathing in the glow of friendly bacteria.

It doesn’t sound romantic, yet the tranquillity

stole my thoughts. Words fail me.

How can I describe the beauty,

the magic of this wonderful space?

I want to bottle it, take it home,

selfishly keep it to myself

A different time with the same feeling of peace

Are moments like these meant for sharing?

I think not.

They belong to the secret part of me

My secret, like the day on the cliffs.

Others will walk this way

find this place, have their moment

of tranquillity to carry home…




#FlashFiction 99 Word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community

March 7: Flash Fiction Challenge

Carrot Ranch Challenge


Wrong Mouse

Our cat Merlin loves to bring us gifts

I wish he would leave the mice outside

I told him the other day, it was the wrong kind

Jaye needs a new mouse for the computer

Of course, he didn’t take any notice of me

He loves to catch butterflies in his mouth

He lets them go unharmed

Maybe he likes the flavour of them

I have no clue, as I don’t speak cat too well.

After buying a new mouse, Merlin stopped

 bringing his gifts for a while

was he trying to tell Jaye that

her mouse needed replacing?


Shadow… #Poetry



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What lies behind your shadow?

The light that shimmers

something living, moving, walking with you.

A halo traced around the dark outer edge

Is it trapped, trying to reconnect itself?

A part of you that should not have been disconnected

Is it the real Peter Pan, the side of us that never grows up?

Is it happy living behind your shadow

Like dancing on the dark side of the moon.


My Father…




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My Father

What would I say to my father

should he pop up like a ghost from the past?

I want to know where you were when I needed you.

I wait for his answer, to pounce,

to shoot him down in flames.

“It was the war, sweetheart.”

That deserved a slap. My hand itched

but I didn’t move to land it.

“Have you ever heard of writing a letter?

Sending a photo that I could identify myself with?”

“Time,” he told me, “Life, gets in the way…”

With an ocean between us, it must

have been easy to forget the things done

when age hampers the mind.

His voice, absent throughout my life

Still nothing much to say, now he is in front of me

It would have been nice, growing up

to know which part of my face belonged to you.

My mother did say I had your bottom lip

which isn’t much to go on.

What part of my mind, is from your DNA?

I am left to wonder. There is no answer.

Maybe you truly are a ghost

with no trace left behind…



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Our Entry for Myths of the Fiction Prompt ~Strange Dimensions… #Poetry

March Speculative Fiction Prompt



Strange Dimensions

Why am I here?

This strange world that tastes metallic

where the sun is hidden behind a dark orb

leaving this world in blue shadow.

The air howled between the buildings

searching. I try walking away

a stronger feeling holds me in place.

I need to stay, follow the wind

find what it is searching for.

As I turn to enter this blue dimension

the metallic taste becomes stronger.

There is blood in the air.

Inside the new citadel

the air feels like a heavy coat.

Hands claw at me, trying to remove it

it is stuck fast.

My movements slow to a crawl

no sign of life, no sound

but the wind screaming louder

until I thought my ears would bleed

adding to the metallic taste.

Have I stepped into a world of the dead?

where nothing remains

but the taste of their blood…


All Seeing…




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I read once that priests place ash in the middle of your forehead

to close your third eye. I am not so sure.

Would it be that easy to close off that magical part?

That all-seeing eye. We all have moments when

we could jump in the air and scream ‘Eureka’.

Who knows where it all comes from?

The mind is a wonderful place, almost an unknown planet.

There is still so much to learn about the inside of our heads.

As a species, I believe we are a field of strange and beautiful flowers.

All different and yet the same. A miracle.

As a child, I wore the ash on my brow with pride, head up

As if I had won a great medal that needed to be shown off.

These days I am not so sure why we do the things we do…


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#BlogBattle: Dusk

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That purple glow of evening where

the light of day holds on with an iron grip

Before dying into twilight

where it is neither day or night.

That moment when the world holds its breath

Where lovers wait to kiss under moonlight

For others, it is the dying of the light

Alone, the night too long.

Wishing, hoping, they will find someone to kiss

To hold through the dark hours.

Dusk, that romantic moment

when you leap without thinking

propose to the wrong girl.

That purple glow like the full moon

can addle the mind.

It also holds great moments of magic

where you feel life was meant for you alone

You could leap tall buildings, tackle

Einstein’s equations, fly like Icarus.

If you fall under the spell of that purple hue

hold on to it…