Miserable Monday…

My Christmas cactus, a present to myself!

Last Friday, we lost our land line, wi-fi, broadband and the last of our sanity.

We tried not to give up the ghost and retreat somewhere warm and dark, but managed to contact our supplier in the vain hope of a miracle. Our misery deepened when they said it would take several days to repair the fault they discovered. There was a pause on the line, as our details were being checked.

“Hang on a minute,” he said. “You are a Halo customer, that means we can send you a 4G mini hub, so you can be back on line in no time!”

I could have kissed him!

The next day the mini hub arrived and almost normal has resumed. Parts of the system seem to be sulking which is frustrating the hell out of me, but it won’t be for long. Fingers crossed!

Round about then, was when we learned that Christmas has been cancelled for most of us here in the south of England because of this new and nasty strain of this blessed virus. If I was miserable before, it was nothing to how I felt at that moment. No family around the table, sharing a Christmas dinner, no catching up or any hugs and kisses. We have so been looking forward to seeing everyone on Christmas day.

Todays post should have been Macro Monday, where I share my favourite macro photographs. I have cheered up considerably talking to all of you, so I will add the best one this week so far…

A consolation indeed…

Jaye Marie 2020

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