Macro Monday… and #Poetry

Image by Gaby from Pixabay 

A Butterfly Remembered

We fly, we dance, we live.
We are fleeting, our beauty remembered.
There is double power in reflection.
If you see us hovering over water
Make a wish, it will come true.
Foolish thought, you’re thinking.
How do you suppose I became this way?
My wish was to fly.
Here I am in blue splendour.
Before my time is up, I will wish again
To be as I was, with a life of a butterfly remembered…


Macro Monday… Winter is Coming!

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay 

There is a definite chill in the air this morning…

Macro Monday…

Image from

This might be as close as I would get to the owner of these pretty scales!

Macro Monday…

Image by GuangWu YANG from Pixabay 

I have a good feeling about this week, and already pleased with several problems I have ironed out this morning. More puzzling updates, I’m afraid. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if companies took the trouble to explain the changes they create, so we don’t automatically think something is broken because we can’t do what we have always done?

Maybe that would be asking too much…

Wishing everyone a very good week!