Macro Monday… and a spot of gardening…

Image by AdelinaZw from Pixabay

Despite all the talk of getting an Indian Summer, I am feeling the chill of winter approaching, reminding me that there is a lot to do before the first frosts.

Consequently, I spent a lot of time outside this weekend, desperately trying to tidy up the garden.

I needed to finish cutting the grass, but one of our trees has decided to bend some branches over and most of them were touching the grass. Somehow, I had to remove the worst branch. This was smothered in lovely pink berries and nasty long thorns, and I was surprised by how heavy it was. I’m not sure what tree it is, but we have this problem every year.

Using my trusty garden saw, I managed to reach a happy level, and the branch hit the ground like an earthquake. Trouble was, I still couldn’t reach the long grass!

I pondered what to do with the branch. I call it a branch, but it was the size of a small tree. An idea occurred to me. I could drag it down to the very bottom of the garden, a dark, overgrown place where most of my large trimmings end up. They can biodegrade to their hearts content, and the birds can still feast on the berries.

This left me out of breath and my back complaining, but it was a good job done.

On the way back up the garden, I passed our rhododendron on the side I don’t see very often and the flash of white stopped me in my tracks. Rhodie’s don’t flower now, so I was really surprised to see it.

I seem to be in rather a mischievous mood, which does make a lovely change. So, I wonder what else I can get up to? Of course, there is always writing, as I don’t seem to be getting anywhere near the ending yet. And I am learning how to create a newsletter on MailerLite.

I hope everyone is having a little fun with their pursuits. The cold and miserable days will soon be upon us…

21 thoughts on “Macro Monday… and a spot of gardening…

  1. I too am a firm believer in letting that which ought to decompose alone to decompose, at the bottom of the garden. 🙂 .. the fact that people still think it’s OK to burn their fallen leaves rather than composting them is, is … well, there are no words really.

  2. I can’t imagine living without a garden to potter in. Love your pics. My yellow rhododendron is doing its spring flowering, and I love it. Yours must be getting some confusing signals. lol Lovely to see though.

  3. Solidarity, Jaye! Sounds very much like the day I have ahead. I bought a Japanese saw that cuts on the pull, rather than the push, as conventional saws do. I find it very useful for difficult access jobs. 😊

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