If it Ain’t Broke… #Writing

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Lulled into a false sense of security by everything technical behaving lately, I have been delaying my plan to move my WIP from Microsoft Word to Scrivener. I believe in that old adage that if it ain’t broke, leave it alone…

My main reason for procrastinating is that I honestly believe that joining Scrivener is best done when you start a new story. Because I am two-thirds of the way in, so to speak, it does seem like breaking your eggs twice.

It had to happen, though, and yesterday, they tinkered again, and I had to jump through hoops to find and salvage the new chapter I was working on.

This must be the last straw, as I am getting too old for all this frustration.

Folly’s End is nearly finished, and I dread the thought of trying to format it on Word. I might have to shoot myself if anything untoward happens to it now.

It is weird, though, for I use Word for everything else. Letters, posts, and ideas, and I rarely have any problem. The trouble usually occurs when I want to move a file somewhere else.

I am also trying to create a newsletter on MailerLite, which is much more fun than Mailchimp, so transferring FE will have to wait a while. I will continue to save any progress with OneDrive like I always do.

Life continues to get more complicated than ever, doesn’t it?

Not yet, I don’t!

16 thoughts on “If it Ain’t Broke… #Writing

  1. Word and I have been tussling ever since it tried to lecture me on reflexive pronouns. Its latest trick is to pretend it has forgotten all the fictional words and names I added to the Dictionary and thence underlines them in ‘that’ red.
    It annoys me; I annoy it ( at least I like to think I am)

  2. I did this not that long ago. All my more recent stories are on Scrivener but I have a lot of old manuscripts spread on numerous Word documents. I then took the plunge and created Scrivener files for most of them and started to transfer the scenes into Scrivener.

    I have kept the Word files in a safe place and I make sure that I compile and save Scrivener documents when I’ve been writing in case something goes bad. I’ve used Scrivener for long enough that I do think it’s okay and won’t just destroy my work – but I like to be extra careful. It has made things easier to have them on Scrivener.

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