Frozen… #Poetry

Image by Enrico Hänel from Pixabay

I am sitting in my favourite armchair
The cold wrapped around me like a blanket
Why isn’t it warm?
Through my window, 
I see my neighbours pelmet of icicles
Hanging from the guttering
Snow wrapped around the house
Falling now flakes growing larger
Cold patterns the window
I hear my husband’s voice
Why are you sitting in the cold?
He is about to find out
I had forgotten to turn the heating on
I cannot move, I am frozen
I take his last words with me
As my soul leaves
I have been gone for three days
How long have you been sitting here?

© Anita Dawes 2021

Stolen… #Poetry

Image by Marisa04 from Pixabay


I feel like a shooting star
A bullet from a gun
The moment she walked by
Time froze, I could not speak
It’s no wonder Venus de Milo
Lost her arms, shocked at beauty
Far greater than her own
How could I, a mere mortal compete
Dare to hope she would look at me
Undo time from its frozen hold
Let me speak,
my worth will steal her heart
There is another,
whose silver tongue spoke first
I swear that she will never belong
To one who steals her from me…

© anita dawes 2020

#Tuesday Book Blog – Let it Go…by Anita Dawes

RP.let it go.jpg

Book Description for Let it Go…

You read about families where everyone is happy and life is wonderful.

That wasn’t my family.

My mother coped patiently with a drunken, obsessive gambler of a husband and a daughter with an insatiable sexual appetite.  I loved my father, but he kept us one step away from the poor house.  Loving my sister was harder, basically because she hated me and constantly brought trouble to the door.

Me? I couldn’t wait to grow up and live my own life.

Then everything changed. Unbelievably, Dad won a guest house in a card game and suddenly we were off to a new life in Cornwall. A beautiful place, steeped in legend and mystery.  Would trouble leave us alone now, or was it merely biding its time?



You will probably wonder at my unlikely choice of video, but the words of the song really echo the essence of Anita’s book. At least, I think so. 

What do you think?