Touching hands… #Poetry for Halloween



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My sister persuaded me to accompany her

And my two nephews on her rounds this Halloween

Not my favourite time of the year

She believed two years was long enough, that

Jack would want me to move on. So, I agreed.

The boys looked adorable

My mind lifted; the night felt warm

The lanterns, pumpkins, the orange lights

Filled the air with old time magic.

The boys collected enough sweets to last the year

On the way home, Tommy,

my youngest nephew held my hand and told me,

“I don’t like the man, Aunt Maggie. I want to go home now.”

I turned towards him to ask, “What man?”

My sister stepped in, saying she would explain later

Turns out Tommy had told my sister

He had seen a man walking with me when I arrived

Tommy had described Jack holding my hand…



#Wordle ~ 427 #Poetry




My life has been an uphill struggle

I decided to conduct the spell I read last week

Not having done this kind of thing before

I read each word with care

My salt circle complete, candles lit

I sat cross-legged in the centre

Calling for the light to assist, to protect

I need to ask my family on the other side for help

Hoping the crystal bell, I placed outside the circle

Would make a sound.

Soon enough I heard the unmistakable chime of my bell

Someone had arrived

Would they be able to probe my mind?

Tell me where I came from, where I belong?

I need to know my father’s name

To anchor my life to a space that’s mine

To know if the stories were true

After an hour of sitting, I felt disappointed

Before leaving the circle,

I remembered to thank the universe

Later that night, preparing for bed

I wondered if I had imagined the chime

Sliding between my sheets

Placing my hand under my pillow

As I do each night, I found my answer

In my hands, I now hold a dime

My mother had told the truth after all

I now know where I belong…


Sword of truth… #Poetry



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Sword of truth

Do not venture where the ravens gather

The dark woods hold more than can be told

You may meet the sword master

If your reason for trespassing in his world

Does not please him

He may want your head

The devil he vanquished lies at the tip of his sword

There are many more

He trusts no one, no lie can pass his hearing

He guards the woods with the sword of truth

Speak clearly, have a good story to tell him

If he believes you have spoken with conviction

He will leave you with your head

He may go so far as to grant you one truth

To help with your future

When you leave the woods

Do not take the master’s words for fantasy

He knows where you live…


#Writephoto ~ Balefire

Thursday photo prompt: Balefire #writephoto


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For visually challenged writers, the image shows a hooded figure in the darkness, silhouetted against flames that echo its shape. The figure holds something in its hand that may, perhaps, be a wand…


A young girl beating the signal flame into being

The sound hollow, echoes of broken time returning

She stands like a shadow before the white flame

Drumstick held in hand, conjuring old energy

Searching for answers to yesterday’s dreams

Why the white flame holds her own image?

Light and dark from another time

Memories drum-like distant thunder

Inside her mind

A sound telling her of power only she can find

That one true thought will set it free…



Dreaming… #Poetry


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I am dreaming of a world I cannot see

Where love never dies

Where your eyes never fade with age

Where we walk with the heart of a child

Imagination ever in bloom

Where dark clouds have no way of forming

The sun shines at an even 72 degrees

Rain only falls at night

Where laughter is a soft breeze against your skin

But then again, I know I am only dreaming

Thunder wakes the air…


Taken Back… #Poetry



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Taken Back

The gatekeeper has long gone

From this wondrous place

Few pass this way

Even fewer stop to look around

If you are the brave one

To venture inside the broken walls

You may be the lucky one to experience

A time shift, the veil lifted

To see the castle in all its glory

Sharing the feasting, dance to the music

Hear tales of valour

Meet Arthur and his Queen

Hear Merlin tell you of the sword

Taken from the stone

Let Lancelot introduce you to the Lady of the Lake

Her beauty and magic unsurpassed

Heed the whispered warning that you hear

Don’t linger too long

The veil may wrap you in lost time…

©anita dawes

#TuesdayBookBlog… #Review for Let it Go by Anita Dawes #FamilyDrama

ddr.jpgYou read about families where everyone is happy and life is wonderful.
That wasn’t my family.
My mother coped patiently with a drunken, obsessive gambler of a husband and a daughter with an insatiable sexual appetite. I loved my father, but he kept us one step away from the poor house. Loving my sister was harder, basically because she hated me and constantly brought trouble to our door.
Me ? I couldn’t wait to grow up and live my own life.
Then everything changed. Dad won a guest house in a card game, and suddenly we were off to a new life in Cornwall. A beautiful place, steeped in legend and mystery.
Would trouble leave us alone now, or was it merely biding its time?


This is one of my favourite books from Anita, mainly because I love Cornwall, and reading this story always takes me right back there!

Georgia Rose has written a lovely review for Let it Go, and I am sharing it here…


Georgia Rose

4.0 out of 5 stars

A colourful family embark on a whole new life

21 October 2019

Right from the start of this story, you know you’re off on an interesting journey with a colourful family. The tale is told from the daughter, Mary’s, point of view. She has an older sister called Sally who she doesn’t think too much of because of her promiscuous behaviour. A drunken gambler for a father and a mother with a temper. One day, after the father has gone on a bender and been missing for a few days he comes home having won a guest house in a card game and just like that a whole new life beckons for the family.

Mary loves the new life in Cornwall where she gets to live with her beloved Nan in a caravan at the end of the garden. The village offers her new freedoms and her first fledging attempts at romance but of course nothing is going to run that smoothly. Sally is soon up to her old tricks which brings trouble for the family and Mary finds a diary the alarming contents of which start to take over her life.

I did enjoy this read which sets off at a cracking pace. The characters are well rounded and interesting and the family dynamic worked well. The pace slowed a little in the second half but there was plenty of interest going on in the story and as added intrigue, throughout the whole book, there hangs that little shred of doubt about how the guest house was won in the first place.


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The Devil’s in the Detail… #Poetry


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The Devil’s in the Detail

Between my fortune and dreaming

I am disappearing, sinking in quicksand

There is one dream that lets me know

I have escaped this fate.

I dream it over, trying to remember every detail

The house, her face,

the date on the calendar on the fridge,

circled in red my name inside.

The dream fades too soon, I wake,

the date two years from now my only hope.

I see myself inside the house

Pictures on the wall, my wife my children

I wake happy, knowing I have survived the quicksand

My last dream let me know

I should read the signs with greater care

Laura, my wife had left the calendar on the fridge

For sentimental reasons.

The new calendar hung under the clock

On the back wall

The date circled in red had marked my passing…


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