#Wordle 437 #Poetry



Have I been careless with my life?

There were no takers to give me an answer

It would seem I have to stay in this place.

I thought of my family and knew my life matters

I continued walking, hope high

tree branches slapping my face.

Pushing my way towards the light

I can hear machines popping beside my ear

A nurse stood at the foot of my bed

Holding a chart. I am done for, I thought

Stuck on this weird blue planet

With no birdsong, no sight of people

No traffic outside my window

I felt like a flat pancake against the sheets

All the air taken from my body

I awoke to the gentle slapping of my mother’s hand

Against my cheek. ‘Your alarm has gone off,

you were dreaming sweetheart,

I have made egg on toast for breakfast.’

Thank God for mum

I might have to stay in this strange world

Where I don’t belong…


The Inbetween… #Poetry




The blue hour, when colours blend

Creating a strange place


Yet the mind holds on to something known

Between the space, we call day and night

Not awake, nor sleeping

Running from the dream maker

Towards daybreak

Sunlight full of promise

If only that one nagging thought

Did not remain

What did I touch?

In that moment between

That my heart remembers

Is it something lost to all of us?



The Tree…


Image from Microsoft Wallpapers


I was looking for another image for the screensaver on my pc, as the one I have of ice crystals on a window had ceased to be inspiring.

To be fair, everything seems to have stopped being that lately, but I thought I might find something to lift my spirits as I have always thought it is important to have something to inspire us when we start work every day. Especially for those moments when we stare at the screen for ages, hoping for a miracle.


I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for, the minute I saw the image of the tree standing proudly and regal in the forest. It spoke to me of old age, solitude and peace, even though there was a lot of missing bark and the obvious damage it had sustained over the years.

This lovely old tree was a bit like me, I thought. I too have been around a long time and have been somewhat damaged over the years, but unlike this tree, my scars are hiding.

The wide trunk, firmly planted in the moss-covered soil seemed strong and permanent, despite the nasty crack that almost splits the tree in half that seems to challenge this assumption.


Old age challenges us too, in so many ways and like this tree, we will probably go on for quite a while yet, especially if we allow ourselves to slow down a little.

I wasn’t sure what kind of tree it was, but the leaves were small, delicate and abundant, full of life and vigour. Several qualities I wish I had!

Perhaps I should try to be more like this tree in 2020?



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#Writephoto ~ Fume #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Fume #writephoto

Another inspiring image from Sue Vincent!

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a line of leaf-bare trees outlined against a pall of white smoke, brightly lit from within. The shape made by the smoke looks rather like the head of a mythical beast…


Something snapped

The world broke, turned black

One anomaly remained

Light from a new world

I stood witness to the birth of silence

My body ached,

to scream with joy or fear

I knew not which

Managing to let go of the breath

I had been holding

I heard the crackling of the fire.

My eyes filled with smoke

My beautiful vision of a new world

turned to horror at the sudden cleansing

I held on to the feeling, I had witnessed

Something strange within the smoke.

The feeling lingered

as I ran from the flames

Trying to give voice to something new

Something waiting…




#Writephoto ~ Offering #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Offering #writephoto


The Offering: painting and photo © Sue Vincent at scvincent.com


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a female figure, translucent and rainbow coloured, emerging from mist in which many shapes move. She is holding a bowl. Before her are strange blue pinnacles… which could be close or distant, spires, ice or… something else…


I let the iridescent colours flood my mind as I watched

this ethereal woman holding a bowl towards me

When she spoke, I felt electricity run through my veins

A warm caress of something strange

Half remembered, yet with no name

Had I stood on this same spot before?

Why is she holding the bowl towards me?

That I remember filling in my teens

Long forgotten now

Am I being given another chance to fill the bowl?

With the right things.

Thoughts, desires for the life ahead?

I stood there thinking, be careful what you wish for

A warning flashing like a neon light inside my head

So I asked that the bowl contain

Gratitude for all I have and all I shall receive…


#Wordle 434 #Poetry



A glittery surge of white laced wings

rose from the dirt around my feet

tiny angels born from the dust I walk on

my body still, feeling closer to God

soft lace wings kiss my cheek

I heard my heart cheer

felt the air churn around me

Trying to brush away the memory

Of my brief trip into a world

So few are privileged to see

I shuffle my feet, reluctant to walk away

The five barred gates ahead of me

Stood open. My stride lighter

I felt lifted…


The Unexpected… #Poetry


The Unexpected

I believe the Universe has forgotten where I live

Opportunities pass by, barely leaving a flash

At times I wonder if I might have been born

On the dark side of the moon

Hidden from sight, forgotten

One day, Fate turned her face towards me

Illuminating my footsteps

One of which became caught in a hole

The field newly turned

Freeing myself

I found a hoard of Roman gold coins

I sat there on the dark earth, stunned

I felt the Universe smiling

The touch of a warm hand on my back…