Jaye’s Days… My Perfect Moment…

After what has seemed like a very long time, I have found my perfect moment.

I finally managed to get to the sea, and the sun was shining. A strong breeze from the water created some medium-sized but beautiful waves.

We had visited this beach the week before, but the weather was atrocious that day, and we nearly froze. The weather report was more favourable yesterday, so we made the journey again.

I have been trying to snatch a few precious moments to get my sea fix, and it was beginning to look like it might never happen.

The sea is my soul mate and very special to me. I need to commune with the spirits of the deep regularly.

Seeing how my health seems to be slowly deteriorating, I need to keep my soul happy, or I may give up. So yesterday was invaluable for several reasons.

Once on the seafront, the family were busy fussing about coffee or something to eat, but the sea was calling me, and I wandered slowly down the shingle beach and headed for the water. Almost immediately, the deafening sound of the waves beaching and the sweeter sound of the water filtering through the shingle lifted me out of this world. A world where I was completely at home.

I wanted to sit down, stay awhile, and enjoy the moment, but the shingle was wet, so I perched on a breakwater, mesmerised by the crashing waves.

I managed to film my perfect long-awaited moment on my phone, so I could share the moment with you…

Silent Sunday… Autumn in waiting…

Image by yoshitaka2 from Pixabay 

Today will be a good day… I am writing the new WIP!

Friday Flowers… #Photography

Image by Alexa from Pixabay 

Before anyone says it, I know these are technically not flowers, but they were once…

Memories of some of our #Six on Saturday’s…

I wanted to post our version of #Six on Saturday today, but unfortunately, I could find nothing to fit the bill in our garden. There was something that caught my eye but will save that for a special post.

I was disappointed and thought to find something else to post about. My brain had ideas of its own and started to remember some of the beautiful flowers we found in our garden over the year.

Apologies for number four, but it was near the window!

Looking forward to Spring like you wouldn’t believe…

Jaye xxx

Macro Monday… Winter is Coming!

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay 

There is a definite chill in the air this morning…